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PSO2 Story Guide Episodes 4-5
The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
This section is for Chapters 4 and 5 ONLY. For all the plot before this, see the Story Hub. Because the game is divided up over these sections, the plot will be as well.
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The opening of the game is now made consistent with the Episode 4 opening. There’s no more “well you joined the ARKS…here’s Afin…etc”, it’s ALWAYS “you get out of a cryo sleep pod and now Xierra is here to explain things to you. If you are NEW (a new character) she will explain that “you did this great stuff in the past” & if you are continuing on, you get something similar where “you had these great adventures and succeeded”.  Note: If you are new, you have the opportunity to go back and do 1 thru 3 before moving on to 4, to play the whole game in sequence.

This opening date is meant to be a surprise because it is TWO years after the last event / story panel that you were able to experience. So, your character has been in that pod thing the entire time.

241 3/22 at 1030
In a metal high tech 'pod' thing, your character is revealed and steps out among a cloud of white mist. There are other pods in the area, each marked “closed” while yours is marked “open”.  Xiera calls to you, and says good morning. Your character is wearing either what you chose at charcreate, or whatever you had on last when you selected ‘episode 4’. You walk up to her, and she introduces herself as “Xiera the personal operator”. You woke up without any problems. She asks if you feel strange, or have signs of darker factor, but you are all right. You clearly 'ask' something with a head tilt, so she asks if your memories are mixed up. She says that it's happened a lot, they got contact from the med unit over it. Though you were just awakened, Xiera will fill you in on the current situation.

Xiera is a female either human or cast (you can’t see her ears, but she has low ear-muff things so newman is ruled out as they wouldn’t fit in there) with yellow hair in high twintails, a tiny purple hat, and mostly mauve themed clothes. She wears the earphones & head mic of an operator.

This triggers 241 3/22 at 1100
Where you follow her to a 'bridge' looking area with many hovering screens, a view of space outside, and room to meet but no table or chairs other than her small, hovering seat. She explains that on 238 at 2/20 you were enlisted as ARKS to go on your first Naberius mission. You completed missions, gained recognitions & had adventures. It shows you PD, Loser, Apprentice Woman, Gettemelder, various bug darkers & the double twins. She says this was a success.

There's an untranslated bit with a picture of the Matoi-corrupt/anga fundarge combo boss.  Then she shows you Matoi falling out of that/back to more normal in her half darkerized 'bathing suit' looking thing. She talks about and shows Persona with the Clarissa rod. It has to be assumed this was a success--because it's another of those that can't possibly be translated. She then says she's amazed that the person from the story is here before her now. (So, this is a recap, to remind you of the episodes really quickly, or something to lure you to play them if you didn’t yet)

It's 2 years since PD, she says, to which you always react with a big shock.  She can't blame your surprise, because it all went by in an instant. After PD you had to cold sleep to cleanse. (Remember, Xiao foreshadowed this a lot, when PD was coming around, it was one of his big worries. Somehow being in the cold-sleep pod makes the 'darker influence' or whatever contamination it is go away but nobody ever explains why that happens. Is it merely doing nothing/not actually getting near any darker for an extended period of time and the stuff 'evaporates' like water but really slowly? Or is the pod capable of extracting darker contaimantion but it's really slow?)

During that time they were still fighting PD, but don't worry, everyone is fine and still fighting. (As you remember, it’ll keep coming back because Persona time-skips it every time it loses) So now is your grand return. ARKS will be ready to go. But, nothing's ever that easy. She realizes you just finished being purified by the cold sleep process, but she awoke you because she has a favor to ask. But before that she has to give you an item. She gives you The Story Board, which will make it easy to chronicle your grand adventures.

This gives you the Story Board Window.
It is SIMILAR to the Matter Board, but it is linear instead, without having a scattering/grid of 'matters'
.  This implies there won’t be / won’t be as much time travel in these upcoming episodes.

241 9/23 at 1100
Somehow now it’s the next day and they don’t really tell you how or why because this follows instantly getting the Story Board. You arrive with Matoi on the Bridge area. Matoi calls out to Xiao that they're there, and now he's more of an adult type person, that resembles more Xion. He's still a guy...but the face with the glasses & same colored hair/eyes really resemble her. Matoi tells him not to worry because we've been preparing a long time to welcome him back. (Where did he go?) He's wearing a white jacket with upturn collar, another 'holofoil' type accented shirt with purple X shapes on it, black gloves, jeans & thick black boots with purple accents. The white jacket is probably to resemble Xion's lab coat. Xiera says that she'll support everyone to the best of her abilities. He tells you it's a strategic operation to save...The Persona!

Remember: Xiao can look however he wants because he’s not really a living thing, he’s the manifestation of Xion’s power/another ship-planet-thing, so him kind of ‘growing up’ to look like her isn’t really surprising.

You are then tasked with ‘getting ready to go on a mission’, after which you have to talk to Xiao again to trigger it. You can now go do MPA stuff or anything else, only returning when you’re ready to activate more story.