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PSO2 Story Guide Episodes 4-5
The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
This section is for Chapters 4 and 5 ONLY. For all the plot before this, see the Story Hub. Because the game is divided up over these sections, the plot will be as well.
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Xiera’s Little Problem
Xiera is alone on the bridge, and “….”-ing at her prickly bow tie. (This means she is somewhat clipping her hands through it) Remember, Xiera wears a pink ‘suit jacket’ type top, which has a literal light blue bow at the neck area. But, it’s a bow shaped structure, with obvious hard edges, that is somewhat polygonal. The lower ‘ribbons’ come to sharp points which come out perhaps a few inches forward over the chest area. (So it’s probably a plastic bow shaped piece of some sort) Also note that none of the characters have fingers, the hands in the game are all set like little action-figure 'handsies' where they are set to a shape that can't move except at the wrist. They have purposely written in a scene where you can't tell what's going on because they are spiting their own polygon-based limiatations.

No we are not going to resist over-analyzing the scene even though it is likely a sex-fantasy-inducing throw-away for promoting men's fantasies and demoralizing girls. There are bits in it that are interesting to think about.

You approach her floating chair, after having come in through the door to the bridge room.

Are You Ok?
What Are You Doing?

If you ask Are You OK? She’s surprised, and not hurt, but she wasn’t doing something important. She was wondering why her chest (that means the boobies!) was made so tiny compared to Ulc. (You should not be able to ‘surprise’ Xiera EVER on the ship. Let alone get in a door that she is behind without her knowledge. It is the nature of her that they ignore here, thus spawning up another pathetic plot hole. She kind of IS the ship, as EACH Xiera is ALSO a ship/she is a cast who is aware of everything on board/ship systems. Again they're breaking down character plot points just to have a scene.)  She aggravates, crossing her arms and tilting her head in dissatisfaction.

You will turn to leave, (because the discussion is stupid, most likely) but she shouts that it’s serious! A real need to worry about this thing! You can’t go! So, you turn back. She explains that we, the Xiera-type High-Casts are stationed aboard each ARKS ship, each one manages the controls of the ships. (So, like a Nurse Joy in pokemon, or a LOU in PSU, there are more of this same person. 1 per ship, doing the same thing, and that’s how it explains how all the ships work.)  Of course….she doesn’t confess if she’s a hive-mind or not. Do they all share each-other’s thoughts in realtime?

She explains we became operational 2 years ago when you went into the Cold Sleep. (So either Ulc or Xiao suggested creating Xiera-Type android people, and then no doubt Xiao carried out their making) By specializing in only Ship Control & Management, we have near zero combat ability. We exist only to manage ARKS ships. But just to be clear, she’s got no complaints, she loves ship management. While it is possible for us to be programmed to think like that…it’s all right because she’s happy. (This is actually really existential?? Being happy to do something, but also knowing you were pre-disposed to be happy to do a will that wasn't your own...but being content with that situation also were made to be content with it. It's actually fairly unsettling for a circular thought-loop-pattern.) But now! This is where it becomes important, she adds. The template used in her personality came directly from Ulc.

(They DID say this earlier, that Ulc is forever optimistic, cheerful, can-do, and determined. She is also pretty smart, and seemed to have a knack for figuring things out. She would be a decent base.)

Normally, such a thing would’ve taken too long if started from scratch, so that’s why Ulc was chosen to have her personality as a template. (But HOW did they do this? It would be super fascinating to learn how they used a brain scan or whatever on Ulc to copy a 'basic personality' out of her--but OF COURSE that'll never get explained/elaborated on--even though it would be relevent in other areas of the plot (Ex. Lisa).) But despite having said that look at the difference! The diff! She shouts. If they used someone as a model, she wanted their physique as well as the personality! She flails at the air around her.
Gloomily, she says she does get it, bigger boobies would cut into the way of development costs, (no it wouldn't--that has no logic--whatever gelatinous ooze they make those out of would probably cost 3 meseta more to change it) and get in the way of desk work (she has no , and will never have, a horizontal desk--stop contradicting your own plot please) As a manager, she accepts that, but as a woman, it is unacceptable so her pride feels like it is being laughed at.

Every time she has a conversation with Ulc, there’s an irritating feeling she gets in her chest, this is unaceptible mental hygene. The other Xiera types agree, time to file the complaint with Xiao! She swivels her chair and begins to make the report, but it sends a message scolding her. She apologizes and says she can’t keep quiet, in that regard she’s similar to a human. You understand her feels, right?? This backs you down a bit, and she goes back to her furious typing. The scene ends.

What was the entire purpose of this?
We didn't have enough high school panties so we need this scene now?
How about this for mental hygene: Get back into your own Incel-laden, shallow, porn-infested dump you damnable clown-plot!

Body Dysmorphic Disorder - If they copied Ulc's 'mental map' of her own body, it could create some kind of disordered thinking in Xiera. "A weight is missing from me" etc. that would lead to never feeling 'right' & meeting the person you were based off of would only make it worse.

It's cosmetic - If it was purely cosmetic she would be complaining about her yellow hair not being brown, the wrong color of her eyes and trying to darken her skin to match Ulc better.

Xiao's role - He's fairly omnicient when regarding the ships, so him snapping back at her as she begins to type is eerie but expect-able. That he'd sit there and deny her without hearing her out is not nice...if it really bothers her.....she should have enough autonomy to be able to choose elective (what? Surgery? Repair?) to alter herself if she truly believes it will make her feel better and more content from then on.

Bad Morals - It is ok to have opinions, but when everyone in a media begins to have the same opinion it becomes a 'bad morals media', (because characters ARE NOT people, they are produced by people and have no will of their own--characters are used to get writers' points across) and of course, here this one goes at it to push 1 poorly opinion. Opinions held by characters like 'short people are ugly' and 'large earrings are always beautiful' are fine because they belong to just that one character. You may not agree--and that's the point. However, this one's moral is always
1. "Girls with small breasts are ugly and inferior, they do, and should, feel ashamed of themselves all the time."
2. "Girls with large breasts are superior to other girls, and they are more beautiful than others."
Which leads to:
3. "Every girl should aspire to have the largest breasts possible, and small-busted girls are always jealous of others. This makes them dour, serious and catty toward prettier girls because they are so jealous of the breasts. This jealousy makes them further unattractive/bad people in general."

(Looking at you, Patty & Tea too, so that's 3 instances of it totaling 6 characters, Patty vs Tea, Ulc vs. Xiera, & Hitsugi vs Kohri) And those are only the ongoing ones, you have more 1-off stuff like Claris Claes vs Sara & that time someone told Matoi to dress sluttier to absorb more photons. You can easily see how if it was just 1 instance for some 'wacky sexy fun time humor' it would be overlookable/normal (OR an honest opinion of just 1 character), but you have like every incidence shoe-horning this topic in and then crapping on people with a bad moral.

Patty & Tea in: We Want A Real Title!
Patty & Tea are in Xiera’s room (in her face really) asking for something. They want ‘one of their own’. Xiera says even if they’re asking nicely…oh, you, come and save me from this!

You walk over to them (as you had apparently been coming to her room anyway)

What Are You Doing?
Gathering Intelligence?

If you ask Gathering Intelligence? Tea says no, it’s just Patty complaining. She just wants a cool title like Guardian, like you other guys have. Patty goes on a bit of a rant, that an exclusive title is so cool, although they call themselves ARKS #1 info dealers, that’s only self-proclaimed. Tea is shocked that Patty knew it was self proclaimed. So Patty again asks for just one favor, while hopping a bit. Xiera explains that those ideas of titles are from Commander Ulc, so there’s nothing she can do.

This causes Tea to wonder why are there titles like that, instead of just assigning people to the Council of 6? Xiera actually answers her with that at first there were talks about assigning Matoi & your character as new members. But, the 6 are those who prioritize their judgment as ARKS, rather than their own personal judgment. But you & Matoi aren’t like that so the decision was made.

Tea surmises that the decision resulted in a new title because it would seem useless to restrain these 2 particular people under the 6 role. This is correct. Tea scowls at you about it though, further accusing you with that it wasn’t a compliment it means that we are stuck dealing with your decisions. (What does this mean? You are literally NEVER in charge of anyone on the ship.) You look embarrassed about it to a degree, so Patty says it must be nice, the role of a Guardian means you’re free to do whatever you want. Tea believes Patty’s view of being free is different from what it really is allowed to express. Patty now wants one too, not being a combat unit but an exclusive title! Something just for her! Xiera says even if she’s pestered like this what isn’t possible…isn’t possible.

This works Patty up, so she shouts and poses that dreams will always come true if you don’t give up! But fine…how does one aquire an exclusive title? Xiera thinks about it and says maybe by doing something amazing like what your character did. So Patty claims that they’re your guide of great intel. Tea says it’s a lie, but if we were to obtain amazing intel that was enough to flip the history of ARKS upside-down, it might be possible…Patty latches on, thinking of something amazing that nobody at all knows, so lets go and find this info! There’s got to be something out there. Patty runs off, so Tea schemes to herself that she’s fallen for it, so hopefully at this rate she takes the job seriously this time. Because she didn’t leave fast enough, Patty yells after her that someone may find it before they do, so hurry!

You turn to watch them go, so Tea asks Patty what she thinks to look for now. Patty’s goal is how to eradicated the PD forever, and she aims to figure it out before Xiao does. Tea starts off with ‘seriously…’ but then must admit that you’d get an exclusive title if you did that. You nod about this thoughtfully.

It’s pretty standard P&T, but sadly doesn’t explain much new.
Your ‘job’ was basically a catch-all for problems, but the council members kind of aren’t. It makes sense not to add you to it, but we kind of already knew this. It would also be pretty obvious Patty would want some goofy title to look cool, so all this is in-character

Why Kohri Laughs
241 4/21 at 1700
In the shops area, Hitsugi is on the 2nd floor when you find her. You can walk up to her and ask

Is Your Body OK?
Still Thinking About Her?

If you ask Still Thinking About Her? To obtain more info, she says you can see right through her. Kohri was a child who couldn’t do anything, she hated sports and studying, and was bad at both and was out of touch with reality. But if even if nothing went right she was always cheery. Hitsugi first met her after she entered HS, through MC. At first she thought she was dull, because she was always following her, she thought she was annoying. She was cruel to her at first, but then she still followed like a puppy dog when she was around. She wonders when it was, it was around the time the two joined the student council that it all started…
Hmm, Hitsugi reveals herself to be a bit of a jerk here.
She freely admits she 'had no friends' and was 'sad about it', then Mother goes to the trouble to introduce a friend, and she decides this friend isn't good enough and is mean to her. Then, desipte her mean-ness the friend is still there, wanting her to like finally she's ok with it? Gee whiz, who would admit to dumping on an awkward shy girl? Hitsugi, apparently.

This causes her to reflect into a sepia-tone flashback.
Kohri was bullied, having her things hidden or pranks done to her desk, which had been going on for a while. Even then, she’d laugh in front of Hitsugi, acting like she was happy. Even though it was Hitsugi’s fault, she would always continue to laugh. Hitsugi then confesses that she was the one they originally bullied. Kohri realized she was being bullied and put a stop to it, but because she intervened, the bullies moved on to Kohri instead. She didn’t realize it at the time, and kept thinking of her as a pest.

*This is often actually true. Some well meaning but ‘background’ sort of person stands up to a bully or bully group on behalf of another, only to become the victim themselves. However, they also usually don’t give up on the first person. So, this makes sense. Hitsugi feels like it’s her fault Kohri is bullied because she didn’t do anything to stop the bullies & Kohri did.

One day, she ran across Kohri being bullied. Other girls were standing around yelling at her. But then Kohri looked her way, saw her, and laughed like she always had. Hitsugi now understood that her laughing meant she was pushing herself. She’s out of touch so she didn’t realize it was a signal saying she needed help. She got into a fight with the bullies, but the teachers found out and scolded everyone but they didn’t do it again. After that, Kohri stuck to her even more but now she didn’t mind. Remember how she laughs the other day on the roof top? It was just like with the bullies, so that means she needs help. She’s suffering while trying to help…the same as before…that’s why she has to help her...she thinks harder.

You bop her on the head!
That’s right, while she’s thinking and recounting the story, she gets to facing away from you, so you bop the back of her head with a hand. This is the first time you’ve ever bopped anyone.

Her shock fades and she says “Sorry, you’re right its not I, it’s we, WE have to help her, right?” Xiera cuts in, in her usual ear phone fashion and is surprised Hitsugi is there too. She then does her ‘huhuhuhu’ laugh and asks if she’s interrupting something private?
Hitsugi says she doesn’t have to try and cheer her up. Xiera tells her it’s just a small joke, you are so mature now just like Enga, a real brother sister pair. Hitsugi is offended at the brother comment, she doesn’t want to become all slick like that in her second year of HS, she’d prefer being a bit more stupid! Enga, who was on the deck above, eavesdropping, says is that so, o stupid sister of mine?

This shocks her, and she asks how he got over there.

Enga laughs and comes down the stairs, saying it doesn’t really matter, but Ms Xiera seemed like she was in a hurry to talk to someone, so what happened?

Xiera explains ESC A darkers have arrived at Tensei academy, Hitsugi’s school!

So Kohri’s cry for help is her fake-laughing and that she was doing it on the roof meant that some part of her was using it through the Ophiel-mind control to call out to Hitsugi.
This paints Kohri as a more sympathetic character, for sure and is much needed exposition on how these 2 get along. Bullies can bully for no reason, so it’s totally believable that either of them were a victim of it. With no support AT ALL at home, Hitsugi would be really vulnerable to stuff like that, so it’s no wonder she was picked on first. No coping mechanism and only garbage-brother there to crap on her and any problem she has…it’s no wonder at all.

Embodied Feelings
The camp ship departs for Japan on Earth.
Chapter 6 My Best Friend: Embodied Feelings

2028 4/21 at 1800 (So, it’s night, and no one’s around)
Kohri drags Gram slowly along the ground in front of the school, then asks why she came here. She stands in its empty 'driveway? coutyard?' No it’s not strange, she’s a high schooler, she goes here, its normal to be here, she says to the empty courtyard. But why does it feel so nostalgic and lonely? She turns and asks Hitsugi if she thinks so too, right?

Hitsugi obviously isn't there. But there are enemies back there, she has asked toward the knees and legs of some Platidorus who are standing right behind her now. There’s also a Ranca Vereze flapping behind them. Interestingly, these Platidorus seem to be wearing shields / armor pieces on their legs. (It’s obviously ARKS-like tech, and not a part of the Platidorus itself, it even has a photon edge glow--of course, nobody ever is going to explain this) Oh yes that’s right, Mother told her Hitsugi would come down if she went on a rampage here…

She talks to the empty courtyard at the gate area. The school is me and her daily life, it’s where we’ll return to, I’m sure she will come to protect the school…so I’ll…destroy it? She questions her orders, and a Bonta Bearatus comes out of a portal. Why am I going to destroy our daily life? Why? She gets more confused. To bring her back, to save her? But to do that I have to destroy this? Why? You can’t do that, Khori what am I saying? This is me and her place of memories. Studying, exercising, laughing, getting mad, and crying, this is where we are all the time.  There is just a tiny bit of static/gray on the screen, and a small sound. It’s unclear what this signifies, other than her kind of being able to break away from the Ophiel control.

A Platidorus charges the school, so she cuts it down with Gram while saying no matter what, you can’t! This school is the place where we belong, I’ll not let you destroy it no matter what! She shouts. Now, she fights all of the enemies that were sent down with her as backup.

Gram is really big, and long for a sword. She can swing it, but not exactly turn it on a dime so when she’s faced away from anything it’s a problem. A Bearatus will hit her with a giant claw slash, but Hitsugi saves her. Hitsugi says to talk later, let’s beat all of these first! You & Enga arrive, and start the fight. You have to battle through waves of Platidorus, Gachas, Ranca Vereze, and Paras Picos. (The toy box that ejects a sharp & fancy cone) Keep in mind that the Beratus now shoot out ‘claw swipe’ blades where the Bonta Bearadda could not. The Ranca also boasts more energy ball blasting.

If you can defeat them all, as Kohri now stands with you, they fall into their cubes, and Hitsugi’s disguise floral kimono thing fades away.
at 1830
Kohri drops Gram, and says she tried to destroy the place we belong. But why? She wonders about that because she knows she didn’t want to do it, but thought you wouldn’t return if she didn’t. Hitsugi shakes her head, saying we protected it, because Kohri helped we protected wehere we belong. Kohri nods and symbols fly into her as she screams and covers her head. More blue glows and swirls fly at her.

Ophiel is doing it, from the roof.
He says it’s rude to lay hands on another patient, to get out of her head, she doesn’t want to fight with Hitsugi. She flails more as the symbols intensify on her. Ophiel regains control of her by blasting her with enough of his symbols. Till finally, she says it can’t be helped, she’ll do it for Mother after all. She has to kill you or Hitsugi won’t come back, so then please die, Hitsugi too, you’ll return if you die, right?

Hitsugi aggravatedly asks just how much do we have to suffer you bastards! And puts back her costume.

Now you have the most difficult of the Kohri fights.
She pulls out all of her bag of tricks which is actually fairly tricky. She has a pink ice modified version of Over-End (huge blade on sword) that’s even larger than anything else. She also uses pink Sonic Arrow (Throw a whirl away from sword) that’s stronger. She also has a kind of tech/sword combined art where Gram flings an absolutely massive line of barta crystals FAR along the ground. If hit by this, you absolutely will freeze.
Other things include homing pink ice spikes to toss around, and her ability to levitate, summon big ice, and then smash it on floral targets which have actual good trace ability for the floor under you. Only repeated dodge-moves can deter these things and she’s got a good several of them. Rangers will probably fare ok, because she is melee however the Sonic Arrow is a menace to all classes. She also favors close work which knocks down the NPCs constantly because even though Enga is supposed to be some kind of a gunner he will rush up to her for no reason.

When she loses, Hitsugi says hah, but Kohri says its not over. Hitsugi says to stop if you keep pushing yourself you’ll…but she cuts her off, to save her, Mother says she has to kill her. Xiera cuts in with that her vitals are dangerously abnormal, the strain on her body is so much that she shouldn’t be able to move but…

Enga says to stand back, he’ll end her life for you. She says it was her fault for not facing her properly, she’ll be the one to cut her down! (really guys? Some friends the lot of you are.) Kohri sasy don’t be upset, she doesn’t want to see her face that way, she wants to see her happiness more and more, the first friend when she was alone, no matter what happens, we’ll always be together! She says in a flashback, but Hitsugi shakes it off,. Then Hitsugi actually DOES go to murder her on purpose. She raises the magic Katana over head, looking like she hopes to cleave Kohri's head in half, but you grab her katana as she holds it over her head.
(What, exactly was her plan? Split her head in half vertically? That’s not very nice…Or easy, actually. Can you imagine if she actually went through with it? Hitsugi would see her friend's head and her brain interior coming out and maybe some splintered teeth on the ground as she collapsed from the strike every time she closed her eyes for probably....the rest of her life. PSTD is no fun kidz! And cleaving a head in half will be super duper likely to give it to you. But, of course, no one was thinking of this when it got written....hmmmm)

Are You Really Going To Strike Her Down?!
Don’t Give Up!

If you yell Don’t Give Up! She doesn’t want to, but as long as it goes on, we just keep suffering, so…you shake your head again, and she questions it, even now, so you nod at her. Xiera says of course that’s what you’d say, it’s what you always say. Xiera explains that the person before you (meaning she talks to Hitsugi now, about your char) is someone who has never given up, no matter what, a real, and wonderful person. So you can’t either, because if you do now, you won’t be able to do anything. Your power is the embodiment of your desires after all, so  you can’t give up no matter what.

Enga says good grief, while it would be easy to quickly kill her it still would leave a bad taste in his mouth. (Just some casual murder, you know...something that leaves a bad taste just like having to scrub the oven at home or perhaps untangle a garden hose hmmmm) Hey Hitsugi, if you’re saving Aru too, so show how to really save them, and show us your power by turning your dreams into reality right here. You nod at her and she puts back the sword, asking it to lend the power, to make her wishes come true, you lend her glittering photons, a warm light that was the power used when saving her (initially) She proclaims she’ll save Kohri with a huge strike of the energy from the katana. This does knock her over, but cubes come out.

Now, she’s in her uniform as she falls down crying. Hitsugi catches her, she apologizes saying she was so scared that Hitsugi would hate her, and then she was gone and and…Hitsugi hugs her, apologizing for leaving her all alone, she did nothing wrong, she’s the one at fault. She was spoiled and should have talked to her properly, instead of bottling everything in, she should have trusted her. Both of our pain…she needed to be more trusting and is a failure of a friend. That’s why, if you’re ok with it, let’s start from the beginning? Let’s go back to the first day we met, so Kohri will give her an enthusiastic hug as they sit together on the pavement.

At 1910
Ophiel’s hand backfires. His Ethering obviously hurts him when it fails, thanks to Hitsugi. He is outraged that she cut nothing but Ether, leaving her unharmed. Ame No Murakumo the magic sword in the legend-- it purified things, so how could the embodied sword do what the legend says? Is that the achievement of a wish, to save Kohri and Aru, did the Ether really answer it? He wonders out loud. Then, as he looks at the moon he is sliced at by Phaleg. She says he has good reaction speed, she thought that’d of killed him. But, he hops out of his cube, and calls her a bastard, what’s the meaning of this?

She says didn’t she just say she was trying to kill him?
Yes but why…(well, this is obvious to want to know) She says there was such a foul smell coming from him, which was arrogance from someone who thinks they should rule the world combined with stupidity, which is a very offensive smell indeed. She glows red. Different from ARKS and mother it’s the smell she does detest. She opens her eyes a bit, proving they are as yellow as her hair. Ophiel won’t stand for this aggression, and cubes out in a hurry. She ‘…’ at him, saying he ran away. Oh well, she can kill him any time she wants. She then observes everyone below, saying they are maturing nicely. She wants to fight them at full power. But, she jumps up into some red wiggles and vanishes.

At 1930
Kohri is still crying over Hitsugi. Hitsugi tries to comfort her, but she snorts into her clothes. Hitsugi gets mad and says she’s blowing her nose into her clothes on purpose. Then, Khori pushes forward which knocks her down and she flops on her. This causes some swatting from Hitsugi so they are partially friendly-type wrestling-ish here. Hitsugi says Kohri has now done this on purpose, and to quit it. Enga says good grief, because the mood is completely different than a few minutes ago. You nod, but Xiera cuts in again, she says details later, just look at the moon! The color of the moon is changing! Everyone stares at it.

Indeed, blue areas are appearing over it, and a twirly tall…manifestation tower? appears off center to one of the poles. It begins to point slowly and twistingly toward the earth, as Platidorus are walking on the surface. They kick up dust as they walk in the airless space.

The Chapter Ends

Darkers/Esc-A Darkers aren't alive to begin with so no air/air-pressure, food or water is fine for them
Phaleg is still trying to bust people who are supposed to be on Mother's team but won't do as she says
Kohri is now back on the good side (And she'll stay there if everyone explains everything to her)
What is Mother doing on the moon?
Where is Boaty McYamato-Face & the Green Man?

This doesn't raise too many questions, which is a nice change. However, Enga casually offering to murder someone for Hitsugi is a little poor taste, and the fact that Hitsugi was actually going to slice off her friends' head (or cleave it in half) because "she couldn't think of anything else to do" doesn't speak well for either of them. Hitsugi also confessing she was handed a friend on a silver platter and then was mean to it also doesn't shine very well on her.

Mother's unclear psychic abilities-
We are always HEAR ing that Mother can psychically talk to characters. But what are her limits? She somehow 'knew' that Och/Phul/Kohri/Hitsugi and everyone were so lonely. But, then, how does she not know that Ophiel is basically off his rocker and plotting against her? How did she not figure out Mr. Movie Director is clinically insane & not apt to follow orders? Why doesn't she use her influence to make Kohri bad again?
Her powers are so ill-defined here.

A time/static / This is another 'you couldn't possibly know'

In the 'Luther portal room' Aratron asks Mother, where are you? But, he is attacked by Esc A darkers. He thinks they're phantoms, and this place is part of Mother, he calls it the birthplace of  ether. He battles them with his hammer, saying there's no time to waste. But, Mother appears from the portal, floating, and kills the more that appear with red/darkness energy blasts. Aratron turns, asking her just what was that?

She says if they're not used to me, don't obey me, then she'll absorb them to force them to obey, so what of it?
He wonders if she can handle the more powerful ones? She tells him to don't worry about it (and is nice about that) but, did you need her? He's got a report, but not something she'll likely want to hear. Kohri has left our side and Ophiel hasn't returned, either he abandoned us or...(he trails it off) maybe now we're the only 2 left. (He is implying here that Phul and Och have successfully killed themselves by creating an earthquake/moonquake on the moon after losing to you & Enga. They were attempting to crack the domes to release the oxygen and suffocate themselves to death)

Mother turns away from him, toward her bubbling portal, and sadly says 'I see'. She says he should also leave, because he's no reason to stay longer. He laughs, and says don't worry, he won't leave her alone, he promised to stay by her side. Being together brings back memories when we first met. It was the day he investigate the moon  She showed new possibilities, and since then, nothing changed, old men don't change their minds. You were the one who showed this old man wondrous possibilities, whatever happened, that'll never change, Mother. Even if he ends up doing something 'wrong'? He was the one who woke her up, she slept on the moon 12 years ago, when he was involved. Because of that, he's obligated to see what happens with his own eyes.

This portion shows you a drawing comic book style of a ghostly outline 'mother' emerging from a blast of light while an astronaut-looking figure looks on. You can't see the face in the dome helmet, but it has to be Aratron, the Ex-Astronaut. He narrates this while the drawing is shown.

He says it's his responsibility, what she seeks to accomplish whether good or bad, he'll be here. History is written by the victors and we'll show what's 'right'. We can only act in accordance with our desires, and mine is to watch over her story, that is all. With her heart, with her mind, Mother can accomplish what she must, and he'll use his power for that purpose

She says he's whimsical as ever. Which he says is a compliment while tapping his head.

He may be misguided, but he seems genuine.
Remember, he likely doesn’t know she wants to murder all ARKS just because the Photoners had something to do with them a zillion years ago before going extinct. He just thinks she wants to protect the environment of Earth & help it with tech while reigning in the bad elements.
It’s interesting to see what his job was. Being an astronaut is no small feat, and he had to have been pretty old at the time of going to the moon (12 years ago) unless he’s very old looking for no reason.

In his office underground, Ardem says that the situation has reached the final phase. From here on out, he can't make any mistakes. For evolution and development of humanity and for a new creation, he must act as well. But someone enters the office, and he looks up. They have on black slacks and black ordinary earth shoes. (You don’t get to see who this is)

New facts:
Mother appeared 12 years ago.
She DIDNT crash on Earth, she crashed on the moon/however long ago. But it took Aratron (probably any life form though) poking around to wake her up. It could have been anybody at all, but she's actually lucky she got him because he's genuine if misguided. His curiosity is placed over safety (of himself and everyone else) but his morals seem at least ok.

It also makes sense that a life form would wake her up because she's some 'created entity' of the Photoners and the moon is actually really hard to get to. *In this era/previous era. Space is largely empty of life so using ‘life form’ as the wake-up signal makes sense.

She has to stress herself absorbing ESCA Darkers or they'll attack her and her room and her minions
They can appear literally anywhere and misbehave
She doesn't care that they lost Kohri
She doesn't do/suspect anything about Ophiel being bad or dead or whatever (why/was he that insignificant?)
Not having a 'minion team' doesn't seem to bother nor affect whatever she's up to

The Moon's Transformation
241 4/22

In Xiera's room, Kohri, Hitsugi, Enga & you are all listening to Xiera and her screen. She shows the odd spiral, and Hitsugi is shocked at ESCA darkers. Enga says it looks like they're making a 'road' toward the Earth. Hitsugi says its gross. If they got there in such numbers, nobody could handle it. Xiera says that even for ARKS, fighting all of those wouldn't work, putting the entire planet under an isolation field wouldn't even be enough. Kohri exclaims about how they're endlessly spawning like that, and that even Mother wasn't used to it.

Xiera thinks that if their spawn point is on the Moon than Mother herself is also there...right Kohri? She says her memory is blurry but she believes she was on the moon. Enga thinks that where we went to rescue Hitsugi should have been destroyed along with those 2 girls. (He means Phul & Och) Kohri fills in with that the area/base was formerly for the Moon Development Project and then abandoned. The place Mother should be, was created specifically FOR her, so it'll be a completely different place. Enga says that's an inconsistency with the Earth Guide Kohri apologizes saying she has a screw loose and is very sorry.

He asks why apologize, he's complaining about the unreliability of the Earth intel. Besides...there are other people she should be apologizing to instead.

*He is basically telling a hostage to apologize for being captured. He blames her for Ophiel's mind control over her. He is the actual, literal, definition of victim-blaming right here, and again, nobody calls him out on it. At no point in the story did it ever imply that Kohri could have done something to go against Ophiel until she is very literally nearly murdered/just about dead. 

This leads her to say she caused so much trouble for you Arks (to Xiera) so,  Xiera reminds her that she was being controlled, don't let it bother you too much. However, Kohri will mind it, a lot, and this leads her on a rant.  If there's anything she can do, she'll do it...any command, or any mission, she will go onit to make up for what she's done. So, just please assign her something!

Xiera tells you to deal with her. This causes you to do a shocked pose.
She'll take responsibility and become a maid, like a person who takes care of all the chores and gets punished if there's a speck of dust in the corner of the room. She will throw herself on a spear, or take all her clothes off to clean the dirt. If you tell her to take it off now she'll obey So Hitsugi...don't watch! That would be too embarrassing.  Why would taking off all your clothes make up for a misdeed of any sort? Xiera thinks this agitation is similar to Hitsugi when she first arrived. Hitsugi says to don't remind her. Hitsugi explains that if you don't tell her something soon, there'll be no end to her delusions.

No Apologies Allowed
Give Hitsugi Your Full Support

You can command either thing, so if you command Give Hitsugi Your Full Support, she says of course! Enga clarifies is stop worrying about the little things, and devote herself to supporting Hitsugi as a real friend.  because if not his stupid little sister is prone to unpredictable rampages . She needs to have the brakes close by. Kohri asks is it ok to help, what if she does something wrong? Or something strange that causes more problems. Hitsugi yells at her that she's going to stop Mother, save Aru, and she'd better keep up with more fighting than ever before! Kohri will nod and 'yes' with enthusiasm. Xiera says now then, the location, target and goal are all decided so preparations are soon complete. This'll be a rough battle, so save your strength because when prep is completed, she'll call. Everyone nods, and the scene ends.

Enga continues to be scummy yet magically nobody notices his victim blaming.
We know Kohri is back to the real self, but not how useful she is or isn't. Can she still summon Gram?

Whenever you take any quest (even eq) whenever you return to the lobby after that, a cut scene will appear. This previous scene triggers that happenstance.