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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
This section is for Chapters 4 and 5 ONLY. For all the plot before this, see the Story Hub. Because the game is divided up over these sections, the plot will be as well.
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The Young President
2028 3/28 at 400

In town, at a cafe, Khori is happy she ate a lot of food, but Hitsugi is thinking of the way Aru ate the cake and donuts: it was the same as they did. He's the same, in all the ways as 'us' that means him & that she thinks they catch her spacing out. To cover for it, she asks where's a waiter to get green tea, then to leave. However, instead of a waiter a man appears with DR-logo sunglasses & a fancy looking black business suit. He has 3 different earrings in one ear, spiky sandy tan hair and is fairly tall. He brings 4 green teas, and says that it's on him. Hitsugi asks who he is.

He says don't mind him, he should be thanking them instead of them thanking him for the tea. Young ladies with tea on a fine day stirs his inspiration. Hitsugi quietly asks Kohri that something weird has come their way, does she know him? She says of course not. He accuses them of whispering and that others can hear.
To solve the situation, he recommends the still  in development ”Tora Tora” app. It's full of confidence!  Without talking, you can start the app and it'll send your thoughts to another person. It'll make you feel like a real telepath! It's perfect for trading stories in secret without being heard by anyone, the secrets of high school students, the blooming flowers of the high school girls! He'd like the 2 of them to try it before the release, to test it while he is there. He hands them 2 small tablets and they put their hand on it. (So, this random stranger with a big attitude and big bling/brands appears & offers them tablets that he says can read their mind to each other. They then not only believe him, but AGREE and start trying to be telepathic by Ouija-boarding some rando’s magical phones. Makes perfect sense. NOT. Oh but they’re going to get worse and make even less sense…)

Hitsugi tries it with her statement of what a creepy person we have here, he even gave us these monitors to use. She thinks she's seen him before and asks if Kohri is sure she's not seen him? She thinks she did see him somewhere but says stop asking she knows no one odd like this. Is he a long lost brother? No way he's part of her family….she glowers. Kohri is offended she'd 'compare' her to such a creepy guy. (Being accused of being someone undesirable’s relative is offensive there)

Naturally, he's got a 3rd tablet and has been listening the whole time. Of course, their idiot conversation makes him mad, and he says they're horribly rude talking behind people's back's anyway. However instead of explaining that he's a business man app tester who just wants the 'hip crowd feedback' he does nothing because he is dumb. This point of him is basically that he is a 'wacky' character who has opportunity to solve a problem but he's so wacky that he doesn't.

Hitsugi says he was 'snooping the entire time so the app is useless', as she scowls him down. He says he's the monitor, so of course he heard it, because it was supposed to be a test, he told them that to begin with. He rage-collects back his tablets, saying that high school girls are too blunt these days…. but maybe it's for the best for feedback on a new product. He winks (which produces glitter!) & Hitsugi commands Kohri to call the police by shouting "there's a pervert here!" to make them come right away. (Because though they are offensive toward him and clearly don’t want him there, he sits back down at their table for 4.) However, notice that though he's rude by barging into strangers' conversation to ask them to test his products he's not doing anything sexual or perverted. They're both trying to stain him with the false-flag 'predator' for immideate deadly trouble with the police. It's not right for strangers to intrude, but you can't scream "RAPIST" when a salesman approaches you in the mall and you accept his free green tea, then decide you don't like his product.

Kohri starts screaming about a pervert being nearby. This makes him fret a little, though he says to not be hasty like that. However…he cautions to not waste her breath, Ether communications are restricted here so no one would come. He also says they should wait before accusing because he hasn't done anything perverted.

He claims he's too famous, and draws large crowds wherever he goes. Because large crowds can be a hassle, he restricts communication in the area around him when he's out in public. After all, he is so famous.
Hitsugi guesses out loud that he draws crowds because he's a criminal with offenses against minors? He presents his ID which is what finally lets them know it is Hagith Aine the cutting edge guy at the head of great developments. (They did see him, during the tv interview that's why he looks familiar)
Kohri is impressed because he made the clothes buying app that she loves to use. Hitsugi says he's just a military otaku so if he's that famous what's he want with high school girls like them? He says ordinary girls, really? (As if he doesn't believe they are normal) And Hitsugi baits him for a fight by saying well what of it? He says he looks forward to seeing them again.

He takes the check.

Aru says he has bad vibes. Aru hasn't said anything this entire time. Hagith never addressed him, either. Kohri agrees with Aru. Aru says its bad vibes like Kohris'. Hitsugi agrees. Kohri is offended. But who is he really? Hitsugi doesn't know, but she does know they should tip for the tea.
The scene ends.

Xiera says there's a distortion in the tech levels again on earth. Their comms and tech are on the same level as ARKS but their hardware is not. It's strange, it seems like ETHER is hiding something. And indeed it is, Hagith just told everyone he can basically ‘turn it off’ with some kind of localized suppressor to keep the paparazzi away. The suppressor would easily create the distortion Xiera sees. What she’s clawing at though, is that ETHER is too advanced for Earth, no one there should have been able to come up with it, given the level of everything else they have there.

Stupid Plot Point #1 for this single panel: So, there’s now a guy with a phablet that can read people’s minds. And nobody mentions it. They don't even care.

There is a good bit of stupid garbage to unpack here:
Hagith meets them in the wrong way, but he's eccentric/wacky so fine. Characterization.

Do you know how much it would be abused if someone could just yell "PERVERT" and the cops would come rough up any poor sap? Literally no one could leave their home. Plot hole.

Look how fixated they are on sexual predators of high schoolers, and she right away says that pedophiles draw crowds so that's what he probably is.

Trash-talking the person next to you whether out loud or not is idiotic.

HE SAID IT WAS A TEST: "Oh here I'm a cell phone salesman who will give you a free phone if you test it. Ok I will call my friend on it and smack talk on you about how disgusting you are for trying to give me a free thing right as you stand here and listen! After you SAID YOUD BE LISTENING TO THE TEST! That's the LOGICAL THING TO DO!"


There are no capital letters large enough for the stupidity of these empty headed freaks of nature. Them being eaten by a Bal Rodos would save the earth 500 IQ points & make it smell better. Who in the fresh hell wrote this???? They LITERALLY just psychically heard each-others voices in their heads and then said "it didn't work"??????? And they WERENT IMPRESSED? And a 3rd party heard it too? WHAT.

I literally cannot understand this part. Did they both think they were talking out loud despite not seeing the lips move? Did she say 'it didn’t work' because he was monitoring the test like he said he would? Is she so stupid she forgot something someone said literally under 30 seconds previous? Have they not heard of a conference call between 3 people before? You can't even unpack this bit because it is pure nonsense. She should be too stupid to keep breathing if she can't tell the difference between talking out loud deliberately and just thinking something.

This is actually a real thing. A device that can read the impulses for speech as they go down the nerves toward the neck/speech parts is actually do-able in reality. This bit isn't far-fetched at all because you can make all the mouth movements of talking / act like you're talking but don't make any real noises. In that way, the taped-on electrodes or whatever they end up with would read the impulses and interpreter it as speech. It could then be played into a tiny headphone in someone else’s' ear for silent-ISH communication.

Problematic Earth Issues:
Setting it on any kind of Earth brings forth all the baggage that is easily able to open gigantic plot holes & make things look stupid. It makes it more difficult to write believable sympathetic characters in believable situations. Going from a scifi fantasy to "reality of earth" is a difficult can of earth-worms to open and be entertaining with. It's easy to get into a plot hole corner, or write into a tizzy of nonsense. A good time travel tale requires much more of a writer than a simple 2 chapter plot about puppies. Themes like that are for experts, to use with caution & a well-laid set of rules in order to suceede & create a product/story people will enjoy. You can guess who we have here, though. It also brings up real life exhausting issues that people use fantasy games to escape from, as well as things people are really offended by & trying to avoid. Opening the can of EARTHworms is a bad idea on lots of levels & this bit seems determined to go to every level.

1. Racism: Racism has been an issue in PS before, such as "Beast Women Are So Filthy" & the OPSS Incident against CASTs...but color base/place based racism doesn't exist. However here on Earth it seems everyone is homogenous anyway so it's unlikely to be encountered. (However it does open up a plot hole because Earth has more than 1 race of person & if you leave out everything except 1 single're...not really representing Earth & that's why it's a plot hole waiting to happen)

2. Things people should & wouldn't know about. Authentic Earthlings create expectations of what they will & won't believe. Like people don't generally see real ghosts every day so a ghostly form would frighten an Earthling. But a modern Earthling would understand a car or a highway. An ARKS isn't surprised by a glowing sword, but an Earthling would be. This is broken here by his telepath-app. This WOULD surprise an Earthling. (And probably frighten it as well via the implications of being able to take the thoughts from someone elses' head--but we're dealing with morons who don't know what the word 'implication' means let alone being able to think ahead more than 5 minutes)

3. Under-Age-Girls: You shouldn't even have to write the word 'pedo/molester/pervert' IN ANY CONTEXT EVER FOR A PHANTASY GAME...yet here we are! Notice how that's where Hitsugi's mind goes first, after we've had such a 'good time' spying on their wet bath towels and having Aru squeeze their boobies. They keep rubbing this Earth issue in everyone’s face every chance the plot, or Xiera gets. Just stop this BS right now.

4. Social norms: It's Earth...everyone knows what the social norms are and aren't, so having someone do/say outlandish things and one notices creates plot holes. None of the other tables even glance their way while Kohri is basically crying wolf on this guy. No wait staff even appears.