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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
This section is for Chapters 4 and 5 ONLY. For all the plot before this, see the Story Hub. Because the game is divided up over these sections, the plot will be as well.
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Pietro in: Where is my pet
Pietro is nervously running through the lobby area when you greet him. He says sorry for the commotion. Have you seen Josephine anywhere?

Haven’t seen her.
Saw her on Naberius.

If you say Haven't Seen Her (because it's true, there have not been any scenes to reveal she left him) He's disappointed, saying 'where did you go'. He explains she ran away from home, he was doing his work, when in the blink of an eye she was gone. He doesn't think she left the ship, and laments oh Josephine, where could she be. He decides it's a challenge for love, he's being tested, and swears to find her. He says bye and runs off, the scene ends.

Yeah like anyone can find one stupid bird-sized bird on an entire planet. But because nobody has ever told you ‘what are pets’, there’s no way to know if they’re akin to summon-spirits, tagged/microchipped animals, or something completely else. There’s no way to tell just how stupid ‘I can’t find a bird on an entire planet full of other birds’, actually is-- because there’s not enough backstory.

Note that in-between these scenes on the story board 'path' chart, there's a branch with 2 scenes that's barred by "Do a quest from Aika in on the Bridge" first, to unlock the second. Take note of where she is, she's down low beyond Xiera's chair where you can't see her directly so go down stairs to the front of the bridge. She will want you to clear 4 orders: A Featured Quest, A TACO, an Extreme & a Advance Quest.

So, you'll need to drum up some capsules for the Advance & use a daily Xtreme Pass for the other, then do a TACO (get Klotho’s order for it also for big meseta). For whatever reason, only the 'do a featured' will clear automatically. Even if you've done the others 100s of times, well now you've got to do them again once.

2028 4/4 at 1230
You and Hitsugi transport down to a street on earth, and she says 'the entire city is ruined' because the floor is on fire & some glass/buildings are broken. A Train Ghidoran is at the end of the street while she blames Bethor for all the destruction. Xiera explains that it is currently destroying things and setting fire in the 'Isolation Feild' and if it gets out, it'll do damage in the real world.

So, this is another property of the "Arks Cloaking Barriers" which they're kind of doing a hat-pull at this point, where anything that takes place while the field is up, within it, the damage to inanimate stuff (and trees I guess) is "Not Real" or somehow magically reversed once the field is lifted so 'no one can tell' anything ever went wrong there. Of course like 2/3 of this is so preposterous as to be really irritating so this just goes right along with it. WHAT fixes things? HOW does it work? Why let "fake destruction" take place at all? If you can isolate a stupid train monster, why can't you just teleport the damn thing into orbit around mars? Endless questions and no explanations, ever. Par for the course for this preposterousness.

Hitsugi will complain (while you fight) that 'it goes too fast', so try to stop it for easier attacks. Xiera suggests concentrating attacks on just one area of it could stun it. She sees different readings from each part: 3 heads, 1 tail, so those must be weak points. She also says to wait until it stops moving after attacks to go at its weak points.
They're unusually chatty with hints, but that is because this is an unusual boss that can be difficult if the fight drags out or if you are under-leveled. Each head has different attacks, the electric-run train can do big shocks with a very high probability of inflicting shock-status, and the freight head can flip open & do a VERY powerful suction with a huge radius to drag you into whirling grinders at a great rate of speed. can see where this is going: if you're shocked/flinched from it, and the grinder head opens, in you go for a hit of OHKO and that's it. If you lose, you have to start the scene over. The boss also crawls around on its stumpy half-car lizard legs fairly quickly as well so it's real likely to always be facing you.

You have to rush up to it with her, to fight this boss. If you can beat it, the scene ends. It was a simple scene.

241 4/7 at 1830
You, Hitsugi & Aru are all on the bridge because Xiera can tell you that Ether has caused all the mysterious explosions on Earth. On Earth, they're covered up or being viewed as accidents. Hitsugi blames Bethor, and Xiera says based on previous experiences with him, he creates explosives as his specialty. But, his range of activities has been narrowed into a wide circular area, so his next target should be within the city's capital. Hitsugi looks mad/sad about this, closes her eyes and goes to leave. Xiera says wait, why leave? She explains that he's on a rampage to lure us out. (This is actually very likely to be true) She says it's her fault it turned out like this, so she doesn't want to involve anyone else any more, she'll settle it once and for all...

Don't Go Dashing In All By Yourself
Calm Down, It's Too Early

If you say Don't Go Dashing In All By Yourself, she'll say to don't try and stop her, she can't afford to cause any more casualties because of her mistakes. (What does she feel IS her mistake? WHERE did she mess up? Because Brother's a Mother-Hugger from day one, there's ZERO reason to believe Mother would tell Bethor to whack him under normal circumstances. Bethor had no way to know who the brother was unless Mother told him. And she told him because she knows they're related, and it's more important to her to get a hold of Aru than it is to keep 1 mother-hugging human alive, so he's a pawn vs. Hitsugi in her mind)

But, where was her error? Couldn't get to him in time and do....what? Stand in the explosion with him? Go where? Bethor appears out of no-where at any time. Xiera says she can't go yet because they're nearly done with concealing the area and sealing it off for safety.

Huh?? Asks Hitsugi. Xiera, getting smarter (hopefully staying that way too) says she already knew how she'd act when told this information, so she's like an open book, and then of course you'd go along with it. (Xiera is once again pretty smart about something too bad it's not more frequent) This is Xiera letting her know that the ARKS have established another 'hiding field' so she can rush down bull-headed and battle with Bethor where they know he'll show up.

I can't Leave You Alone Like That Hitsugi
I'm Not Letting You Go Alone

If you say “I’m Not Letting You Go Alone” (These essentially say the same thing) She feels like an idiot getting all worked up like that. Xiera confirms she is an actual idiot, she would've been about to walking right into an enemy trap. Hitsugi agrees. But Aru is she tells him not to give that uneasy look, everything'll be ok because she's calmed down. He asks you with a bow to take care of her. So she tells him he's got a personality. Xiera has completed her isolation field, so feel free to go down whenever you want.

*So his specialty is manifesting explosive ether, while hers is manifesting an ether sword. So what the heck has this to do with WOOD? Why have him mention wood at all?

Chapter 3 Change The World! A Voice to Change The World

2028 4/7 at 1900
An explosion hits 2 high rises, by Bethor. He says he's done setting the stage, so now all that's left is the main actors, Hitsugi-Girl & YOU!

However, his ranting is stopped by his phone ringing. He answers/ gets it out of his pocket, saying he should have 'cut off the boring-hotline' before he got started. There's a man's voice on the other end, who says he better stop this nonsense-- there's limits to how much we can cover up if you keep creating it in the zone. Mother loves the land so causing indiscreet destruction is unforgivable.

He claims that's something he wanted to confirm with Hitsugi girl, she always escapes to where we can't get her. (He likely means her being ‘beamed back’ by Xiera) This was a request from Mother so there's no reason to not (do explosions), right? (He probably means getting rid of Hitsugi)

The voice yells at him that "You’ve' gone too far, don't destroy parts of the earth." He understands the order….so he says, and hangs up, bye yelling 'click' as he pushes the phone button. Also, instead of 'yo' he's also starting to end his sentences with ZE! He says they don't understand anything, this is the only opportunity to film a live spectacle like this ZE!

He is camped out in his chair on top of a building. If you look closely at his round glasses, you can see an icon in one corner. He says excitement is what the world lives for, don't you agree Mother? That's why he took your invitation. He sees the blue light created by you & Hitsugi as you arrive on a surface street far below. He says quite the Clapping Board for the best scene ever filmed, as you both run out from under a bridge.

Hitsugi says she won't let Bethor do as he pleases, and Xiera has transferred Dash Panels. Dashing through the path, you can use the speed to attack various rats, crows and bears that will appear after every few panel sequences as you run through the city. Finally, it will dead end.

at 1930
If you can beat the T Rex and bears at the end of the dash path, she says it's a 1 way victory as she pants with her sword. Bethor's chair hovers on down while he claps, and says that everything has gone beyond his expectations. She yells at him, so he criticizes this new 'scene' telling her it's so BAD because he expects more from actors like you. It's something you lack. She doesn't care about his idiotic expectations she's come to kick his ass! He claps the board and an explosion appears revealing bears. He commends her expression as “good for someone who's falling into despair,” which is what he's been waiting for, yo. He doesn't like your expression though, because it is indifferent. You guys (meaning ARKS) have the same expressions as us don't you? So show me more of it, YOU SEE!
(He will say the same thing regardless of if you have a face or not)

He gets another explosion full of rats and birds to throw at you. She deduces that his explosions create monsters. He's upset at this, and yells at her that it's a huge mistake. His ability is called “SFX” , the most special of effects but illumination, impersonation and physical effects. He can do anything, because physical effects were mocked for being outdated, but with his power that special effects genre, is resurrected, the world's greatest filming technique. (What he's getting at /implying, is that everything has gone to CG for movies and nobody does practical effects any more, but those are what he loves as a  director, and this power lets him do it)

Making films more exciting and crazy sensational is his role as director. She should have heard from Hagith that Ether isn't just for communication, it can turn dreams into reality. (He is wrong, Hagith didn't mention anything like that) She says it's a bad joke because of that petty reasons, he's gotten everyone involved in his schemes, so who does he think he is? He laughs and he'll have to throw her words back at her, because she used to be a member of Mother Cluster, right?

She should have been told the day she joined that we're the chosen ones who hold the power, NE. (NE is his expression word) By channeling the power to achieve desires, satisfy needs and change the world , that's their role. Hitsugi believes that it doesn't exist to create a world that makes people sad & disappear (die) She thought only of protecting Aru, and it's how the power to protect came to her.

You consider this.

She's known its a fairy tale to protect everyone, create a peaceful world, but even so she won't forget the effort of getting close to that ideal. She wants to bring a world where everyone can smile, and not fear losing anyone close to them. What he's doing is the opposite-- isn't neither greed nor desires, it’s the outrage of anger, destruction in the guise of production.

(She's wrong here, Bethor was never angry. He's just really, really a crazy person who thinks he's making a movie that everyone will love, and praise him for. He loves thinking he is famous & very creative, he never once gets 'angry' at life, he just thinks real life is his movie and everyone is an actor. He doesn't care that he's lost the distinction between fantasy and reality, and everybody at MOTHER finds this fact either too useful (let him run loose) or is too dumb to see that he’s actually unhinged. Again---HOW smart is MOTHER? She mind-talks people, she has to know he's not going to do as he's told because he's totally off his rocker, how can she be 'surprised' when a crazy person is........crazy???)

No, he says that won't do, doing something thinking you can't do it is an illogical statement, don't you agree NE?
Turning fairy tales into reality is our power, of ether, do you understand?
And with that negative viewpoint you can't change the mind nor the world. Now we're getting close to the end of the film, so lets move on to the climax. He criticizes you next, saying that right to the end, your expression never changed at all, you are an unexpectedly mediocre actor. Show audiences a raw expression of bitterness and pain in the last scene. He claps the board again, but nothing happens so he’s upset, yelling that the film's rolling right now.

Someone says that “his film's been cancelled, oh useless director’, so all of his ether animals fall down. It's Enga who jumps down from (somewhere?) in the sky!

He points a gun at Bethor, who yells his name. The gun looks like some kind of semi-automatic handgun? It has ether marks on it in white, but is that same slatey-gray matter of many ether things.  Enga tells Hitsugi that she is looking well, and gives her a nod. Bethor asks why didn't he disappear with that room of his? (The game is using ‘disappear’ as a replacement for the word ‘die’, but why? Video games aren't rated like afternoon cartoons, it's ok to say 'die', unless they were trying to make him specifically have an aversion to the word.....but they're not, because Hitsugi is adverse to saying 'die' also, and there's similarly no reason for her to avoid it. ) Incredulous, Enga claims there's no way he'd ever fall for something that obvious, so at least have some pride in his tricks, oh Mr. movie director. Bethor's not worried though, because if he eliminates everyone here in this intersection (of street) it's finished and will produce the ending. Enga says he must be kidding because nowadays you can't get away with scripting like that.

Explosions occur and Bethor is shocked. It's other people with guns, and they look like students. These shoot down a T-rex and some bears that he has created. Their guns are all the same as Enga’s.  The containment walls shimmer, revealing at least 4 other people. Xiera calls in, with a message that the phantoms within the area have all been suppressed by friendly forces, so they are disappearing. Hitsugi questions this, that it's not ARKS? Xiera has discovered an Earth opposition force called Earth Guide that opposes the Mother Cluster.

Bethor is totally outraged. He clutches at his hair, flails, and swears. His scene he worked so hard for is ruined. Enga asks once again if he'd go to an obvious trap without preparation. appears there are still idiots who rushed in without making any plans. (He means you and Hitsugi, of course) He glares her just to make the point that he thinks she's stupid. Bethor is angry with him now, telling him he expects him to leave immediately. (Bethor is nuts--this just in at the 5 oclock news, crazy person acts erratically and says crazy things wow)
The stage, the film, the world’s own desires….doesn't need irregulars like him. Enga says there's no need for a cruel label like that he's good at expressions and acting. Bethor uses his megaphone to blast him with a 'shut up'! With sound waves you can actually see, but (I guess) everyone's far enough away that it doesn't do anything. Enga instead glances at you, saying he's heard all about you. (Really? Where?) He knows we just met but can he rely on your power? You nod, and to Hitsugi he comments to his stupid little sister, what will she do? She can go take a nap if she's tired. (He really is callous, isn't he?) She takes it in stride telling him to stop saying stupid things, she'll fight too.

Well then, let's go trash up this awful movie. Bethor sits back down, laughs and dramatically crosses his legs at you.

Now, he creates a battle-royal situation in the enclosed intersection. He flies his chair up high and becomes invisible. Various bears, rats & Trex are summoned by the clapper-board doing explosions.

He also summons very large fans that blow strong air onto the battle area, to push you around/into explosions or enemies. However, his HD Camera is at about chest level. Attacking it will make Bethor himself come down so you can strike at him when the camera vanishes. Once he takes enough damage, he'll disappear up again, and more monsters will come. Large explosions also happen, but are preceded by a ring of blue energy (so you can get out of the way of them) Each time you strike him down, he'll bring out more cameras and more monsters until he is defeated/staggered.

At 2000
If you can defeat him, he'll stager about, and his clapper falls. He laments his stage is falling apart. But it's good, though, it's all still good everyone. When actors exceed the director's expectation the greatest film is born. Enga is surprised he still cares about his movie under such a circumstance.

But everyone turns to see, 5 people in white coats. The coats are long, with blue accents, and each one has a few glowing blue patterns & belts on the upper arms. They are standing on similar glowing blue pattern circles that let them hang up in the air.

Pink-temp-name (A girl with lots of long pink hair and yellow eyes) says”we were told to come with everyone she was 50 percent optimistic about the situation. But, she's disappointed now because everyone here looks 70% finished. This gross midget is Hitsugi right?, She looks 100% arrogant so Phul, just kill her here right now. (She knows to attack Hitsugi's height—but how? Remember: Hitsugi is strictly average, there’s nothing unusual about her height)

Phul, who has short navy blue (dull) hair & a tiny white top-hat and a big neck bow says to Och (Pink hair) that we can't do that, even though she looks weak, we're only here to greet them. Phul has green eyes & a strange monocle with a tiny green bow in the bottom corner. But that phrase 'only came here to greet them' sounds so strong, so she takes a memo on her phone. A bald guy says that this time, the target isn't them. This old guy is bald and has immense eyebrows of white hair. They are so large, in fact, that they cover his eyes entirely such that you can't see them at all. (how does he see?) The hooded figure is surprised by this. (This hooded figure never talks, the camera barely views it, and you don’t get to see who/what it is)

Xiera calls in, having detected the 5 readings, asking shocked, how long have they been there? Enga doesn't like this development, lamenting that now they're all here, this could turn out badly. So, Enga knows them.

The center figure, a middle aged man with black hair & goatee suddenly vanishes in an Ether cube. He appears down behind Bethor, which makes the staggering man turn to face him.

He accuses Bethor with, “This is what happens when you don't follow our advice”. Bethor is skeptical, saying surely he didn't come allll the way out here just to say that RO? Right Ophiel?

Ophiel (The goatee man) agrees with this, and summons 100s of scalpels made of ether. They form into real metal, and shoot up into the sky, he brings them all down at once, stabbing all through Bethor, murdering him.

As he lies dying, Ophiel tells him that Mother enforced this judgment, destructing acts without consent and failure to succeeded the mission has caused this judgment. He's simply following the decision and carrying it out. Bethor's choking on his own blood, and yells that okay it's fine, if it's her decision it's fine, however Ophiel, the film's still rolling, right? The scene of a death is something you  can film only once in a lifetime, so record it, without missing any moment. He then dies, and is consumed by an ether cube. Opheil confirms that the mission is complete.

Opheil says ”to the world he'll say it only once we (The Mother Cluster) only target the custody of the child Aru we guarantee the safety of earthlings, if you just hand it over.”

Hitsugi asks just us? What about the people of Oracle?
He's only here to broadcast mothers words….if you don't hand him over, he'll take everything back, that is all. They then cube up and vanish.

Hitsugi is confused, hand him over? What do they mean? What would that accomplish for Mother?!

Atop a tower it says revenge, of course, there shouldn't be anything other than revenge.
This is a mysterious figure, human looking, probably in some kind of coat, but they're a silhouette. You can't tell if it's a boy or a girl. Is the figure Mother? How did it hear them? The camera cut shows the figure to be very far away atop a high building, so normal conversation would never reach that far, it has to be listening in somehow.

The chapter ends.

A fairly eventful chapter, finally!
This is the actual FIRST instance of someone doing a straight-up murder in the entire game. Luther killed a couple of photoner-people in a flashback, and Xion died but as a mystic being of some sort. The Claris Clones weren't technically 'alive', and Matoi (old version) didn't really even kill Apprentice. Luther didn't even die, he was eaten by Double & lived in the stupid-stomach dimension—where he may still even be, because everything relevant flew out the window to focus on high school teens. A flashback scene showed Double did actually kill some of the Kuronites (who DO count as people)--but again, flashback. The ARKS/evil directive had you defeating people, but they just warp out once KO'd--just like you do if you fall in a fight/have to get brought back to the ship.

Pretty much every hero & villain in the entire game has been totally 'death proof' plot armor up until this point, which DID get pretty odd.

Bethor was crazy the entire time
There had to be some point in his life where he wasn't or he wouldn't have a job/be famous/ever be a success rich guy. By the time he appears anywhere here, he's 'homeless guy with an 'end times' sign on the corner raving' level of totally-not-with-it. Why MOTHER couldn't see that this guy is off his deep end to the point where, no, he won't listen to anyone and is thus not a mystery. She actively 'hired' someone who would be detrimental to her mission. Again, how smart is she supposed to be? She can selectively mind-message, and has eye in the sky white-coats…it’s not difficult at all to see after 2 minutes that Bethor is genuinely nuts. What sealed it was that he was actually happy to be murdered if he thought it would further his movie. He turned out to be a ‘pity-able figure’ instead of a vile villain. Why was he mentally ill? IF he was meant to be 'mentally ill' as a character portrayal here.

Enga is mean:
Yes he is. No regard for if she had become distraught over his supposed death.
Discrediting her despite her ability to manifest an ether blade without training.
Disregarding the fact that an ARKS (which he has to know about—because he ‘heard a lot about you’) wouldn't have let her come without a plan / calling ARKS incompetent by proxy, and
Purposefully looking down on a situation that you & Hitsugi clearly had under control vs Bethor.
Sure, he can be pissy that she put herself into danger, but to not realize she'd 'avenge' him like that also lacks foresight/any insight into Hitsugi as a person he's supposed to know.

New Mother Cluster people:
An eclectic bunch, but that's to be expected.

241 4/8 at 1200
Enga meets the ARKS (guess title)
On the bridge now is Enga, he says the ARKS ship is so amazing, ARKS technology is on a whole different scale. He wonders if Earth will become so advanced as this. Xiera doesn’t know because Xion was pivotal to Photoners & everyone else as well, to get to this point. If Earthlings get into space, and find something like Xion, it could be possible though. We can talk more about it later though, she adds.

Enga replies that if someone as beautiful as herself can tell him one on one then he’s happy to. Hitsugi scowls ‘brother’ at him, so he brushes her off, saying her attitude never changes then, does it. He says he’s late after all the fighting but he still wants to introduce himself. Mother Cluster’s Opposition Force Earth Guide of Far East. He even has a badge, with photo ID that he shows you. He adds that he’s the older brother of the ‘over confident idiot’ while pointing out poor Hitsugi.

Aru hears this from his position of hiding behind Hitsugi, and pops out, asking if he’s really her older brother…and if so…then Enga must also be his older brother! Aru is excited to have a big bro too, and runs up to hug him, while Hitsugi scowls along. Enga asks if she’s jealous that he’s so happy now. She denies it while he stays hugged, and says the most important thing for him to do is to explain himself now.

Even if she tells him to explain it, ‘we’ are Mother’s enemy and ARKS ally, so why does he need to keep explaining? She doesn’t understand, what’s an Earth Guide, why is Mother bad? What’s going on at all? (His explanation was non-existent, she had to spell everything out for him) He says that Ether Infrastructure is being managed and controlled by Mother Cluster. In the computerized technology, they control all the networks, no country can interfere with them. If their intention was to destroy the Earth, it’d be simple, take control of any country nukes and then end the world. Hitsugi looks skeptically onward at this. He claims Earth Guide doesn’t accept the control. They’ve been investigating Mother Cluster movements, to figure out plans to counter them, and that’s what made them the first organization to interact with ARKS.

This is also another non-explanation. "MOTHER controls things so it is bad because it could do something bad". He also doesn't explain HOW the Earth Guides are opposing MOTHER and what their goal is other than...oppose. Do they want to return control to a democratic entity? Disperse control so it can't be siezed by any ill forces? There isn't even anything cartoon-bad like "mother wants to kill all humans" or "mother wants to X". It's just "MOTHER controls the ether internet so she's bad."

Of course…MC considers them the enemy now. Hitsugi gathers that his room was explosion because they found out he was an EG, it was supposed to be ‘what was coming to him’. (Via Bethor)
He says she’s an idiot, it was instead because SHE betrayed Mother, as a consequence he had his history revealed as well, so the source of all this is exactly her fault. (Yep, still mean and rude)

She clearly stifles a (likely) loud remark at this, casting about at the floor instead as she tries to contain her anger, so he continues that he had no real intention of hiding anything anyway, and thanks to that we managed to catch them (catch who? At what? No one got caught) so, its all good he’ll suppose. The members who made an appearance on the front lines are revealed, which means that the Earth Guides will make a move as well. To be clear, we the Earth Guide intend to unite with ARKS. We even want to have meetings. So, he was chosen as the messenger, and so will stay here. This disgusts Hitsugi, so she says he must have bad eyes when he says she seems excited. He lays it on thick, saying a hug for big bro, we’re real blood relatives, why be like this? She gets mad, summons aru for a walk, and runs off.

He wants to thank you again for rescuing hitsugi, from the bottom of his heart, she’s just so reckless all the time. He remembers to mention she’s a hopeless iditiot, she’s still his sister. So, thank you, sisters’ saviors.

What a rotten guy this Enga is.
Not that you spring in to defend Hitsugi, either, though you probably should have. All he does is slander his sister behind her back and to her face, and expect her to like him anyway or treat him well and politely. What does he think is going to happen? He tries to poison strangers against her too (you/ARKS) by telling them what a rotten person she is and how stupid she is always acting. He then play-acts offended when she’s not nice to him and doesn’t want him around. That’s why she’s so put-out when he says he’s staying on the ARKS ship, she knows that he’ll spread nasty gossip about her to anyone who will listen.

*Her ‘mission’ against Bethor was to avenge Enga, and to make sure Bethor didn’t set an explosive on anyone elses’ relative so no one else would have to feel as awful as she did. AND she had Xiera’s support, and yours too because that’s a fine enough objective AND it fits in with the “ARKS don’t let MOTHER ruin the Earth” that is also the ARKS objective ANYWAY. Nothing is unreasonable there, but your char doesn’t step in to her defense, even though the plot carefully explained all of the above points to everyone. Enga just gets away with it.

Katori, Saga & Hitsugi: Try to Be A Bouncer (Guessed Title)

Katori, and Saga are talking with Hitsugi & Aru. No doubt while she is out on her ‘walk’ to get away from rude Enga. Katori says that it’s ok because everyone is a beginner at the start, but when tomorrow comes, you can be an experienced veteran, so it’ll all work out in the end. So this time…pretend you got tricked into trying out Bouncer!

Hitsugi feels that she’s not really…But Katori says just give it a shot! She’ll give her dual blades! She waves these large, blue swords at her, which causes Hitsugi to exclaim. She isn’t an ARKS to begin with, so a class like that probably wouldn’t even work for her….she frets now because Katori is super excitable about the whole thing.

You approach the chatting group.
Hitsugi wants a bit of help here in the situation, but Katori says this is even more of a reason to try Bouncer. It was a class created by you! (it wasn’t) Hitsugi says really? But Saga says no. This makes Katori wiggly, as he was supposed to back her up. He won’t back up a lie. She retracts a bit, saying it was an exaggeration that you created it but you were a big part of spreading it around though! Hitsugi is skeptical at this.

It was Katori who spread Bouncer.
It was Saga who did it.
You both spread Bouncer together.

The truth is You Both Spread Bouncer together. (But in different ways, Katori would pester people and fling enthusiasm, Saga would demonstrate skills and Bouncer activities. This was shown throughout their interactions with other characters.) She says def…but even so…she suspects Saga is blushing for you saying it so boldly! He agrees with you, which shocks her. He says Bouncer is recognized by many in ARKS now. The spread of it is never the power of one person, but many cooperating, so it’s thanks to Katori’s personality and you too. She thinks about that, wondering if she hasn’t actually helped much? (They have to be generic here, because if your character never tried Bouncer at all, the dialogue still has to make sense)

Aru asks what it all means.
Hitsugi says it means this lady lies about a lot of things. Katori exclaims how mean! This moves Hitsugi, Aru & Katori into their own separate conversation. So Saga will talk to you instead. He asks that they’re not ARKS, are they? (How are the characters seeing through that the Earthlings are from Earth? Every single NPC can recognize it, but they never tell you waht the 'tell' is on it.) He says you seem to be in the middle of troublesome matters. He won’t try to stop you though, helping people is who you are just like how Katori advertises bouncer however she can, and no one will stop just because he says so.

This is true…but again Hitsugi is a stupid character because she can’t see that ‘sales lady Katori’ with her zany enthusiasm is promoting bouncer to anyone and everyone. Sure she’s over-zealous about it, but to stand there and say ‘she lies about everything’ is ALSO false. It’s CLEAR that she tries to sell everyone she sees on the class, and that IS her personality, so don’t just stand there and say she does nothing.

Hitsugi & Io in Pointless drivel for 5 paragraphs (Gussed Title--as if that wans't obvious)
Hitsugi & Aru are talking to Io, where she usually is. Hitsugi sees you approach and says come on over, they were talking about you.  Io asks her with a bit of side-eye that we’re really going to involve upperclassman in a conversation about upperclassman? You know no fear Hitsugi…

Io and Hitsugi are about the same height, though Io may be a little slimmer than she is. Notice that no one is always harping on Io for her height, and Io never harps herself a bout it either.

Hitsugi tells Io that she wanted to talk too, she has that sort of look on her face (that she wants to say something) Io ‘…’ her away. Io changes the subject a bit upset, that why doesn’t Hitsugi address upperclassman in a more respectful way?
Hitsugi considers this, now that she mentions it, she’s pretty sure she did, and also Xiera. She wonders when she stopped, it just happened after a…while? Io reminds her that we agreed to not address each other formally, however, maybe she should add more respect for upperclassman? Your char DID save her life…right?

Hitsugi concedes she’s got a point then, so let’s pick something!
She then asks you to pick. It’s too late for formal things, which would now feel weak. This is where we can choose something like ‘sama’ or ‘king’. As Hitsugi thinks it over, Io scowls her down, asking just what is upperclassman to you?

I like Sama.
I like King
I Like Senpai/Upperclassman

These seem pretty pretentious. If you try to avoid offending Io and say I Like Senpai , it shocks Io anyway and she flails a bit. Hitsugi says Senpai sounds weird to her, so we’re right back to where we started. Io hates to be the one who says it but she thinks its too late. You nod at this , Hitsugi decides she doesn’t care and will refer to you how she always has.

Japanse Things Are Here:
The ARKS clearly share the Japanese language structure of honoriffics. These seem to be suffixes tacked onto names like Bobby-Upperclassman. You're not allowed to say "Bobby", unless Bobby & you have agreed to it before.
. You have to be formal to strangers, and friends have to make a verbal agreement to say each other's names in a less-formal way as they get to be better friends. (Hitsugi and Io have done this agreement) Usually scifi games/fantasy things like this stay away from "Its clearly Earth!" structure discussions like this because it brings in too much Earth/ruins the fantasy of it. You may think about "Well then why does the Star Trek Aliens speak English" they do it for convenience......but notice how they never get into plotty paragraphs about why Through & Rough don't rhyme or explaining english insults--
When something is "Plot Convenient" you have to NOT GO THERE and lampoon it or try to lampshade something about the structure of a language that's not even supposed to be shared. (
Ex. DBZ Freiza an alien, & his variety-pack of different-species alien men and the King Vegeta Saiyans (another type of alien) magically all speak the same language as each other, then Radditz (A Saiyan alien, and also one of Freiza's men) comes to Earth and he somehow understands everybody and speaks Earth-ish. There is NO REASON for this to be, other than plot convenience so you suspend your disbelief and it stops mattering because Radditz doesn't bring up language nuance!)

All that aside, this is likely supposed to be more insight into Io, because she's about proper speaking.
However....then why does she use male pronouns on herself & male-type speech? If she's all about being proper, she should start with herself...but she dosn't. She also doesn't explain it, and nobody ever asks, even when she criticizes others' speech patterns. She's bent out of shape here because she feels Hitsugi isn't 'respecting you' enough for having saved her.
This may have been less pointless in original Japanese, but it still feels like stalling up any part of plot for not much a reason.