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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
This section is for Chapters 4 and 5 ONLY. For all the plot before this, see the Story Hub. Because the game is divided up over these sections, the plot will be as well.
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Quna in Quna Changes Her Costumes (Guessed Title)
You visit Quna up on her bridge over the shops lobby. She is dressed in her 'casual' attire, with the mint green accents and stripy cloth golf visor for her head. Quna asks why you’re here alone, and will guess that you came to see her…ah it’s so hard being a popular idol.

That’s Right
Purely Coincidental

If you say That’s Right , she’s skeptical , it sounds half hearted and it hurts her to hear it. But, maybe you’ll be surprised if she uses this form! And with that, she vanishes in her letters and hexagons. You look around, and spot her again, but mostly behind you. She claims it’s been a while since her last time displaying this form, she’s been dismissed from her duties. She ended up as Vice Commander of Intelligence Unit, due to a suggestion from Casra. But, that’s nothing more than a title, because all there is to do is paperwork and approvals. If she’s honest, she was scared when you came back. Perhaps due to the side effects of Mai (who is Mai???) she was told that you might end up forgetting who she is. But, it’s all fine now, you kept remembering about her. Now, she doesn’t need to fight so recklessly any more. Because you really did come back.

She then reverts by using her hexagons to her idol costume, and tells you that she prefers singing and dancing and creating smiles on stage before everyone, instead of fighting. She loves that more than anything. Everyone’s idol Quna is forever immortalized, and that’s why she’s forever counting on your support! At this, she winks out a sparkling star at you.

This gives you Story Board Reward Glowstick Action.

Quna was really worried you'd forget about her. She acts like you're an aquaintance a lot of the time, but it seems like she really considers you a friend. 'the not fighting recklessly' is probably a reference to she's very sure she wants to live now, that she knows you're here with her. This is actually a pretty sentimental story piece with more insight into the character. It's bits like this that we need, not like the Io piece.

Lisa & Enga in Lisa Sees a Gunner (Guessed title)
You lead Enga along through the lobby. Lisa comes up, saying you brought another person along today. She’s jealous that you make so many wonderful and strange friends. Would you mind sharing some with her? It looks like they’d give her a strange euphoric feeling if she got to try shooting them some day.

Enga quietly asks you what's wrong with her.
She introduces herself, and he will shake her hand and say it’s good to meet her. She laughs, telling him he is being cautious of her. By the way, he’s someone who fires a gun, right? Adding to that he prefers snipers, right? He considers this for a bit, and asks why she thinks so. She explains to him that "When you were cautious your legs were the first to react during the brief moment of fear, where you tried to gain distance. However there were no movements in your hands, therefore  you’re not the type who prepares a gun…you’re perhaps someone who creates a gun, am I right?"

He asks that just by shaking hands, did it actually reveal things to that extent?
She explains that a sniper requires a perceptive eye. After all, catching even the slightest abnormality is the most important skill of the battlefield. (Is it?) But oh no! This isn’t good at all! She was caught up in her happiness and started talking since she met someone with the same smell. But then, she’ll be taking her leave here, she wants to keep shooting and killing more of those mysterious Earth Phantoms. The sensation is so fluffy filled with uncertainty and vile, to the point where it feels soooo good! She then laughs and leaves.

Enga narrows his eyes at you, wondering if the weirdoes tend to be more powerful within the ARKS? The only thing you can do here is shrug.

Well, Lisa is really perceptive (in this likely, narrow, single way).
Her nostrils aren’t real though. (They’re divots, not holes) So if she really ‘smells’ things she’s doing it with a sensor somewhere.  And also being able to tell between people who spawn a gun (out of ether) vs people who grab a gun (off their back/side like all ARKS do) is quite a feat, especially given that ARKS were never able to spawn guns so this is a new phenomenon for her. It’s nice to see someone rattle Enga though because he’s a jerk.

Xiera, Hitsugi Ary & You in: What Does Xiera Do? (Guessed Title)
Xiera is talking with Hitsugi when Aru interferes/interrupts directly asking “What is Xiera’s Job”.
Xiera asks what’s this all of a sudden then? He tells her that Your char job & Hitsugi job is to go down to Earth and fight things, right? Hitsugi says not for her, but yes for you. Shouldn’t Xiera go too then, or is sitting and talking her real job? This makes her sad, the way he says it makes it sound that she’s just chattering and skipping work.

You Are Wrong.
Isn’t That Right?

If you say You Are Wrong, She is happy and thanks you. She has her own job as well. Her official title is Specal Calculative Management Administrator High Cast. Calculating & managing the ARKS ship is her main job.  She makes adjustments in order for the residents of the ship to live comfortably, as well as sending intelligence to all ARKS in the field.

Aru is surprised, saying he doesn’t see any of that.

She feels the thorns of every word he speaks…although despite appearances, she’s basically a diligent worker. Ahem! She does hands on hips, and tilts about.

Hitsugi adds that she believes there are ARKS out on missions now as we speak, shouldn’t she be supporting them as well? Xiera says not to underestimate her so much, while we chat, that level of parallel processing is a piece of cake, it’s her specialty. She won’t lose to Xiao, even if it’s just calculations for management. She admits she does lose somewhere else though. (Where?)

Furthermore, talking with all of you is also part of her job. She pats his head. The previous managers, the Photoners gave no effort in trying to understand the hearts of the people. Thus, they used them only as pawns. The results of that was the collapse of their order.

 The hearts are frail and easily broken. However, at times, it becomes a vivid and powerful weapon.

While she’s admin, she’s also a person with a heart. Not only providing intelligence, she also wants to provide strength by interacting and connecting with everyone. Therefore, she chatters! Now, everyone, let’s continue to have pointless conversations together.

Hitsugi feels it would have been a much better speech without adding that last line.
The scene ends.

Aru is too stupid to be offended here, which is too bad, because he was the target. And he IS old enough to know better than to accuse random people of ‘never doing anything’ at their job.
She has a point, and also a mystery.

What does she ‘lose to Xiao’ about?
For her, the winning and losing words are about who does the job better / more consistently. She feels she’s competing with him about running the ship well, and being able to recognize that people are, in fact….people and that they have feelings. So this ‘lose’ word here, means that she thinks he’s better than she is at SOME thing, the question being ‘at what’. And if you know what’s really sad here, if the story was at all competent in this section you could easily think that bit foreshadowed something, or was put in there on purpose as a clue, but the rate at which this thing drops the ball tells you that you should probably just forget about it instead. It’s doubtful it’ll get explained because they’d rather have the characters prattle on about name suffixes for 500 words and come to zero conclusion.

Cave man vs the computer
It’s been easy to tell this whole time that Xiera is some kind of
boss-level researcher and coordinator. (As well as a dirty voyeur, and seemingly maybe bored? She's also inept in areas, but if you look at all the techno stuff they've showed her doing/capable of, she's no moron.) But Aru is too little to understand what a coordinator does, so he says offensive things like “Xiera doesn’t do anything.” He’s still of a mind that if HE doesn’t SEE a person work, then they’re NOT working at all. Or if he doesn’t understand the work, then it must not be work. He’s ignorant. He’s a cave man screaming at a monitor when the PC isn’t even plugged in. Xiera has to put up with him.

Xiera is superhuman. That is realistic.
Her line that counters Hitsugi’s “well there’s ARKS out there now why are you not helping them” shows that she can have multiple conversations at once AND do research AND keep tabs on lots of teams WHILE looking like she’s just idling here. This is actually on par with what she should be capable of, what you would expect from a scifi super computer. Too often characters/AIs are stupid or only as smart or capable as humans.

The Photoners treating ‘the people’ (yes but they were other photoners) as pawns line is pretty normal, but she leads it to ‘heart’ which is what she claims she has, and says people’s hearts are fragile but powerful. So…she lets everyone know she’s making a conscious effort to ‘be a person with the people’ and understanding them. The really clever tie-together here is that insult “Let’s continue to have pointless conversations together”

She has a heart, and Hitsugi & Aru are offending it / harming her
She has a heart & retaliates with the ‘pointless’ insult
She pretends she has a heart ‘for the benefit of the people’ and is actually a sociopathic inhuman construct that feels social interaction is just ‘finessing’ things to make them go right, and that people are things to be managed in this way.

Maybe the first two are true or maybe it's the third one.

241 4/10 at 1000
Hitsugi & Enga in: The Argument (Guess title)

You and Hitsugi enter the bridge, Enga says sorry to be a bother, but 'our leader' wants to meet you. They said they'd call once they arrange the conference room. Hitsugi wonders if it's not better to talk via transmission. Enga says intuitive parts can't be conveyed with transmissions. Important discussions are easier done when meeting in person. She says she understands...but asks where he's  going to go. Instead of telling anyone, he says she's surely staying right here. He says she's still part of Mother Cluster, so that's why. (Technically true) She tells him she's left them (but really, it's not official) so he leverages that to say all the more reason to not take her cause now she's not related to any of this. Hitsugi tells him to stop playing around, she's still involved because she's the one being targeted by MC. He counters snidely that the real target is Aru. On the other hand then, you're irrelevant. Besides, it's safer to hide here if you're tell me, was my explanation wrong at all? She agrees, but says she can fight too. What he's saying is that it's not about what she can and can't do, it's that she needs to stop pondering and involving herself on half-hearted intentions.

What are you using your powers for, what are you fighting for?
She thinks about this, and falters about. She just wants to know what's going on. So he asks what happens when she does know? What will she do once she finds out? She hasn't decided on anything. She's not doing this because she wants to, she's following the crowd.

She poorly counters with that she came here under her own decisions... with everyone else. (So, following 'a crowd') He keeps saying she's irrelevant, she doesn't understand. If you just keep following everyone, you're no different than being under Mother's words/command.

She commands him to explain himself, why he joined Earth Guide, what he fights for...but he won't say. She's having none of that, he must have a reason that he keeps prying people like an interrogator, so explain yourself right this minute!

Aru screams STOP.

You can't say things you don't believe in, you'll only end up hurting yourselves. Your goals are the same, you're thinking the same thing, but fighting over it. Let's get along together because...if you don''ll be sad.

This actually makes Enga apologize, and as soon as he does, she does too.
This prompts Xiera to ask why indeed is Enga fighting?

It's for something he can't afford to lose. That's why he's an Earth Guide, that's how he got his power.

(OF COURSE the 'thing he can't lose' is Hitsugi, the plot acts like its some big mystery magical surprise or something but it's 'no-duh' levels of obvious. What's not is, why's he always going out of his way to be really rude to her at every chance? And to say things in ways he KNOWS will pick fights, just like this one.)

 He then asks her if she's willing to risk her life to protect Aru and everyone?

(Really? It's super obvious that it's a YES because that's what she's been doing this whole time. Every time he scolded her about 'the dangers' and she'd rush in anyway, that's what she's been doing. Fighting Bethor multiple times to save Aru, losing her friend to save Aru, investigating with ARKS to save Aru, trying to save or avenge Enga, every single motivation she LITERALLY ever had vs MC has been to save someone else or ‘make sure no one gets hurt like me when I ‘lost’ Enga. )

Don't go along with emotions, it's not just words...think hard...he encourages.

She does, and says she's got to go cool off for a bit, but walks away looking really glum. Enga pats Aru and says to look after that idiot for him. Aru is heartened by this, and runs off to follow her.

It's understandable that she shouldn't be transported down to Earth to just attend a meeting when everyone could just swear they'll tell her about it as soon as they return. MC knows she's a key to  grabbing Aru so grabbing her would be a good idea. All someone had to do was say "MC is after you, watch the video of the meeting from the bridge" and she'd shut up and everyone would be happy.

Didn't You Go A Bit Too Far?
You're Always Looking After Her, Aren't You?

If you ask Didn't You Go A Bit Too Far? He says he knows, and that he said too much, too. Xiera says she thinks her ability is off the charts. He boasts that's no surprise because she's his little sis. She scowls at him until he says his issues are all about her intentions. He tells Xiera that she said she wants to know what's going to happen, right? So that means she's planning to change her position depending on the situation. She's still lost on who to side with. (Really? This is doubtful) To say it more cruelly, she keeps evaluating her options, unconsciously acting based on her gains and losses.

But, that can't be helped because after the loss of their parents, her lifestyle depended on her usefulness to others. (How so?) Embodied weapons are born from their master's will. The strength of the will becomes the power of the weapon. So Hitsugi with her wandering resolve it's not taking shape, it's dangerous. He's seen people go into fights without good resolve and lost...Xiera's seen it too right?

She says he's only a year older than Hitsugi, but how to put it...he seems like an adult? After having a younger sister like that, he's got no choice but to become one, he condescends at the absent Hitsugi.

Xiera can't accept the lack of honesty he has towards his feelings. He should've just said that he didn't want her involved in the conflict. He glares about sullenly, saying to just leave him alone. He does this because Xiera is right.

Why is he so doubtful that Hitsugi will suddenly throw Aru to the wolves and bow to Mother?

She would never murder Aru or hand him over to get killed. "She weighs her gains and losses" Really? While being 'so stupid' he can hardly stand her? What is she, Schrödinger’s moron? So dumb she can't think ahead 10 minutes but so calculating she'd toss a child into the murder hole for...what gain? Yeah no, Enga. All this does is prove Enga doesn't know her at all. He only says things that would pick a fight and is as rude as possible to help foster fights too, then he gets all mad that she takes the bait. If you're not always treating someone like trash / incompetent they won't be childishly antagonistic toward you at every chance, so 'the adult Enga' can't seem to figure this out.

241 4/10 at 1200

While preparing to go to the meeting, you can find Enga in the upper shops area. Enga is looking out over the shops from a balcony. He watches Hitsugi & Aru talk as they sit together on a bench across the plaza below. They do not see either of you two. He says the place for the conference hasn't been decided yet, so can you wait a little?

Hitsugi Must Be Very Important To You
Weren't You Being A Little Too Strict?

If you try to lure him into talking more with Hitsugi Must Be Very Important To You, he says well yea she's the only family he has left. Their parents died during an accident to save him and Hitsugi.

At the time it was a large incident a great disaster where the entire department store collapsed. Only he and she were survivors. They were spouting “miracle survivors” on the news, and relatives they never saw were crying on tv. Probably everyone's forgotten about it right now. He follows it with that such details aren't important now. During their final moments he made a promise to his parents.

That he'd protect her no matter what. During that, he awakened to his abilities, after EG came and scouted him, so he joined. To start doing anything, you need money so EG has good pay, thanks to them he has it easy. To investigate MC, he enrolled in Tensei, and so, Hitsugi followed him there. It would have been fine if it was just them attending the same school, but to think she'd actually join MC, he was terrified the day he found out about it.

*This is typical gang behavior. If someone is frozen out of friends at school, and their home life is bad with inattentive, abusive, or mean parents a gang looks like a good out. People who’ve always got your back. (until they stab it…) With him always crapping on her like he does, and always being away doing important Earth Guide stuff and making money but being rotten to her/picking fights…you can easily see how poor, lonely, scholarly nerd Hitsugi would love a magic message from Friendly Mother and a fun new friend Kohri to go along with it. Joining’s a no-brainer. This is actually good characterization because you can tell Enga's always been nasty toward her, and you can tell what her circumstances were that would make joining Mother Cluster look like the best decision ever.

If only he'd had more strength he could have taken her away from MC, by force if necessary, but luckily you came along and all turned out ok. As long as she stays here, she should be just fine. However, his phone rings, and the preparation is complete, so please follow him.
The scene ends.

Hitsugi generally framed the parents deaths as 'car accident' level tragedy.
That they died in a department-store collapse is new news. Also, how could they save the kids but not themselves? Pushed out of the way of a falling beam? And how was Enga there to make the promise with the parents as they died / paramedics failed them? It seems like an odd circumstance. How were these 2 the only people to live? How do you ‘save’ someone from a store collapse? The whole thing is fishy but it smells more like plot device poorly-writing than it does something actually false.

241 4/10 at 1200
Hitsugi & Aru in: meet Matoi (Guess title)

This takes place at exactly the same time as your Enga conversation on the balcony. It showed her talking agitatedly to Aru below, so now this reveals what was said then & after you left.

Hitsugi is ranting about big bro he doesn't know how she feels. She knows even if no one tells her, she knows she's a bit directionless. But isn't motivation something you're supposed to discover along the way? The more she thinks about it, the angrier she gets. Big bro doesn't know how she feels, and he's so STUPID! She shouts and flails in front of the bench.

She commands Aru to say something too. But he wonders what should he say? She yells that he should say anything. He yells out that he wants to become bigger! (He has missed the point)

Someone appears, and Hitsugi apologizes for being too noisy...of course she was too noisy she says. Matoi says she was tracking an acquaintance photons and heard someone shouting out something interesting, so she's come to investigate. She's sorry for interrupting though, so please continue. (She' s no doubt tracking after you, but she's too late.)

Hitsugi says she didn't mean to shout, but she did want to're an ARKS too right? She introduces herself as Matoi, but who are they? Hitsugi handles the other into, and says they're there due to some weird circumstances, but nice to meet you Miss Matoi. Matoi says no need for such formality, but are you ok, is something on your mind?

She says no...but then maybe...
Matoi asks about the outburst a moment ago, it was something she couldn't stand? She can talk to her if it would help. Hitsugi wonders why she'd go to such a length for her. Matoi says it’s because she also tries to hide things that bother her, she gets scolded for it though, and so she understands how she feels. Hitsugi mentally wonders that despite it being their first meeting, she feels she can tell her anything. So, can she ask her something? Sure, she loves talking to others. (This harkens back to her days of being so lonely and isolated as the Claris—they’re good at keeping character traits of pre-Earth ep characters around)

As they chat (it's implied they talked more with a black screen, but it is 'cutting to the chase') she asks why do you fight/what's your motivation?

Matoi asks why ask that particular question.
Hitsugi explains that someone told her she doesn't have a reason to fight, and when that happens she gets so angry. But then when she thought harder, she really didn't have a reason so that's weird. Matoi thinks about it, but says it made her feel nostalgic, like she was looking at her past self. There was a time she lost her reason also, just following orders without a purpose and doing as she was told. Hitsugi feels the same, only orders from Mother. But that's no different than not thinking for yourself, she understands big bro. For what purpose should she use her power? Matoi says what’s most important is what you want to accomplish , and if the answer is 'what I want to protect', then that is only a reason you have in the moment. She needs to think of an accomplishment.

What this seems to be driving at is, protect Aru/friends/whatever, is a short-term goal, not a true motivation because it ends when the threat is gone. She's being asked to look deeper.

If it were that easy, she'd already know. Matoi says take it one step at a time. Just do what she wants now. Instead of letting others decide her next move, decide for yourself, that’s the first step.  She closes her eyes to think, and says she kind of understands. Yes, what are you confused and lost about, she wants to know what Mother is trying, why Aru is target and then to decide what she wants to do about all of it. No matter what anyone says, she just has to know, and once she knows, she'll decide what her accomplishment is. Thanks Matoi, she's got what she needs to do.

She tells Aru to go to Xiera's and wait for her, she'll be there soon, then runs away.

Matoi laughs as she says how energetically she runs off.
Aru wonders if they've met before?
She doesn't think so, but it feels nostalgic so she wonders why also. Matoi will go with him to Xiera's because she'll be called there soon anyway.

Patty & Tea in – Telling the Earth Fakes Apart (Guess Title)

In the skyscape, you can meet Patty & Tea.
Patty says even after 2 years the twin sisters are still info dealers.
Tea says we bumped into each other before this in the city so its too late for such a greeting with an introduction like that. But Patty says today only we've a special info deal! We made contact with a suspicious ARKS before everyone else. Tea debunks her with that they're not suspicious, they were from Earth. But, back while you were in Cold Sleep, we had an interaction with an Earth person. Patty claims she was already questioning their nature. But no matter how many times they tried to talk, they stood there with a stupid expression on the face. Tea says it's because Patty kept talking too much, that happens with everyone. Patty says this person right here (you) listens very well, right right?

Yes Of Course...

If you say Yes of Course (they are both ellipses, so they're likely both slightly sarcastic which is bad because it forces you to dump on them, even though while they are silly they are actually useful more than not.) Patty agrees. But Tea says its half hearted. Patty feels info dealing is worthwhile when you have people who will listen. But, did they figure anything on leads where they should report as a result of the Earthling interaction? She thinks of it but really there weren't that many differences.

She can't tell them apart either...Tea feels Patty isn't thinking of this angle, but her statement has a good point. An avatar that's a perfect copy, that's what the ARKS analysis concluded. Patty says that's why the ARKS started a steady screening process, a thorough search. Even if they fall through the cracks, there are undeniable odd traits when dealt with directly. Tea wonders if Patty's unrelenting interactions aren't completely useless after all...Patty agrees & the scene ends.

Well OF COURSE nobody asks 'what are the odd traits' because we can't actually reveal plot during the story I guess. Also the screening would just have to ask suspicious people some easy question about ARKS history or something they all get in school but not after it to ferret people out who weren’t born up there. Or make up a fake animal that doesn’t exist and put it in a list of ones that do, in that dimension. No one knows all the Earth animals but they all do sure know a Deerilla (Deer-gorilla centaur combination) doesn’t exist.

2028 4/10 at 1300Meeting in Las Vegas Goes Wrong (Guess Title)
A scene of Las Vegas. Cars go down the roads, hotels are all around and there are casinos. It's a sunny day.

Enga marvels without even needing to pinpoint the location, Arks tech is amazing.
Xiera says ether and photon has many of the same properties so they can use it. Transporting people to anywhere on a planet is easy with Ether. Enga says it's not possible yet, even in theory because we haven't caught up technology wise. All the while, Hitsugi is hiding behind a taxi. Earth can't put in the time and effort it seems, but MC members did seem to teleport last time we saw them. He feels its the power of an embodied weapon, he can't deny the possibility of secret tech. But there's something more dangerous than an Embodied Weapon lurking around here. He commands the hider to come out or be shot. So, Hitsugi reluctantly appears, saying even she teleported quietly. How could he know?

He's exasperated, but because she couldn't 'hide her presence'. And even if he told her not to come a zillion times, well here she is. He then yells at the sky (For Xiera) that she has to be an accomplice in all this.

Xiera confirms she didn't turn down a request for help. Enga is sad and annoyed.

Hitsugi says she's sorry she tagged along without saying, but that she has to know what's going on, no matter what. And how to use her power. Nothing he'll say will change her mind, so don't ever leave our side, got it? She runs up and agrees. But walking down the street behind Enga comes a woman in a black dress. He startles and pulls his gun, shooting her right off, commanding others to fall back.

Hitsug wonders who it is. The woman vanishes, and comes behind you, slashing the street, almost hitting you. It creates a big black gash in the street, that’s a permanent slice out of the pavement. She says its a great reaction, it feels worth it to come here. Enga scowls, saying of all the things to end up meeting her.

She has long sandy-tan hair in a braid over one shoulder. Her eyes aren't open (So, like a "Brock" in pokemon type character where the eye doesn't open but somehow they can still see) She's dressed in high boots, a kind of bustle like half a skirt, and all of it is in black. It has a corseted top, long sleeves, lace gloves. She wears matching earrings & necklace. She's an elegant type woman character.

He calls her a demon, Phaleg Ives.

Even with his cruel label, she came here because she sensed a powerful person.  There are no reasons required to seek the powerful, don't you feel the same?

You can stare her down.
Hitsugi asks how she'd know your name? She was told by Mother that a powerful person could be here. Apostle of Fire, Phaleg Ives, she hopes you'll remember her. She curtsies and the MC symbol appears in red on the air before her. She then claims she doesn't take orders from Mother, she acts freely to fight members of Earth Guide. (And fails to see how this isn't somehow 'mothers order' I guess)

Enga tries to correct her into 'freely and independently killing them'. So, were you commanded here to come kill us, you demon? She counters him with that she's got no real interest in what Mother or your team is trying to accomplish, so do whatever you like. She's only got 1 pure desire as a natural want. She wants to fight strong opponents.

You square up in the street right there. A Fight Begins.
She lives up to her name. She's a difficult boss quite on purpose. Her main deal is her speed. She's not really running, but rather teleporting around. However, she can only go in a straight line. Therefore, she will zig-zag. She also chats, though it's voice only so you can't understand her. She may also have a 'special word' that she has to say before she zig-zags, but that is a tell/ telegraph of her move. She has TONS of HP. If you frustrate her, she'll do a strange spinning foie with large fireballs that go out in a ring. She can also fly up into the air and kind of hang out for a bit.

Her downfall is rangers who strafe, sword arts that throw off energy and the fact that when she's not going turbo fast she's....not going. She's actually pretty slow and will shift along backwards as you bash on her till she gets fed up and zip zops around more. Once you wear her lots of HP down and she torments up the NPCs as much as she can, she'll agitate and make more 'red slash rays' around. She also decides to strike at you with...herself? And if she hits/catches you even if you block, she can areal toss / Knock-up, but the catch is that she'll then catch and slam, dealing a double blow that seems to be uninterruptable. If you don't have the HP for it, she can win.

You can, however, usually use 'hop-up' the catch/jump after a throw to recover hp. Sending a PB after her works well, as do pets. She can’t slam PB creatures and is distracted mightily by them, and she can’t slam pets very well either.

If you beat her, she laughs and says its nice, she's not had an opponent like this in a long time. Xiera cuts in at you, shocked someone fights on the level with you. But what's even more shocking is that it's not using ether, she's flesh and blood alone, is it really an earthling? Enga doesn't want to consider her an Earthling like them. She says it's cruel words, but she's an ordinary human.

It is they who misunderstand, humans can do much more than this. The most terrifying thing of all is something that can't be understood, to those who try to hide what is inconvenient to them.  Both EG and MC, set up barriers to keep away civilians while laying groundwork and engaging skirmishes behind the is pathetic. You should take more pride in your power. Show them all what humans can really do, if not us, then who will?

She then has a slash at Hitsugi, which she dodges, but barely, and by crouching. Hitsugi retaliates with the Katana, and Phaleg blocks it with her 'bare hand' (its in a lace glove) and throws her about a block away about 2 stories high.

Why does Hitsugi not die? This would WASTE anyone, 100%. You don't go a block up the road, land on concrete from a 2-story building level fall and just get right back up. That’s not even counting the blow you’d have to take to get propelled that far which would probably be enough to kill on the spot. She's not even scratched, her stupid stocking isn't even ripped. This is more BAD STORYTELLING. The story sets its own rules, then doesn’t follow them. They want Phaleg to be dramatic, but they want Hitsugi to be ‘normal’…so put in a little ‘blast of ether’ that Hitsugi ‘created in fear’ that ‘broke the fall’ or ‘shielded her from the hit a little’. Otherwise, Hitsugi is invincible and it ruins the story/character. Like Superman’s not afraid to be run over by a car. If Hitsugi is secretly Superman and doesn't know, that's something else...but she's not!

It’s obvious Phaleg is lying about being normal and ‘that this is what humans can always do’ and that ‘she’s not using any power’.

Of course, after the big hit, Phaleg zaps over to her, where she lays on the ground. Your char & Enga have to run up the block to get over there.

Phaleg talks to Hitsugi for a bit, telling her that her react time is good but her blade isn't set to kill. So lets do this, I'll let you cut me once in any way she wishes that should determine the real power of your manifested katana weapon. Phaleg stands before her with her arms open to invite the hit.

Hitsugi rises but the blade shakes in her hands. She threatens to really cut her. Phaleg says don’t hold back, if she its the right spot she might just kill her right here, and then everyone will have a much easier time of things. Hitsugi questions this...kill? Someone? Haha, but, she gets dizzy and Enga says to get down and shoots her. She blocks it, but says her interest has faded today, its not like its Mother's request so she's ending the meeting.

But the fight was very fun, especially you, she feels she can enjoy a fun fight any time so lets fight one on one very soon. But then she says until we meet again so try not to die until she kills you.

She then, flies directly up, breaking the red ARKS barrier (it comes apart in pieces where she hits it, like glass)

Xiera cuts in to let you know that the enemy disappeared beyond the search range in an instant. Enga wonders the same thing—how could she do it? Xiera says since we got ambushed, does that mean the meeting's exposed? Enga doesn't know, even MC doesn't able to control that demon. He says in any event, do follow him quickly this way. You do, but Hitsugi is upset. Hitsugi flashes back to the 'blade not trying to kill' and aggravates further. She knows her resolve wasn't really in place in that moment. She follows along, and her blade de-manifests.

Phaleg knew going in that there was a 0.0001% chance of Hitsugi taking a swipe at her that would matter. It’s actually pretty difficult to stab anyone, and that’s even if they’re actively doing bad at the time. Plus, Phaleg is an adult, and Hitsugi is obviously a random normal teen and she’s not going to murder someone in the street while they request it and stand/do nothing.