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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
This section is for Chapters 4 and 5 ONLY. For all the plot before this, see the Story Hub. Because the game is divided up over these sections, the plot will be as well.
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Hitsugi’s Wehereabouts
241 4/17 at 1100
Xiera can’t track Hitsugi despite gesturing at her screens. Aru looks sad, and Enga thanks her for trying. You stand by and an option appears

Enga I’m Sorry…
I’m Sure Hitsugi is OK

Neither one of these are optimal choices, because the 2nd one is just placating because no one could know her status, and the first one is just an emphasize that the situation is bad. If you say Enga…I’m Sorry…He says it’s not your fault, its his idiot sister that rushed in, it sounds terrible but she got what was coming to her. Wow really guy? Aru is sorry she got taken instead of him. He tells him he didn’t do anything wrong, if he hadn’t been there she’d of died. Xiera confirms this, her biometrics showed that for a brief time she was actually dead. She did confirm the vitals returned to normal after Aru helped, she wasn’t able to get another signal afterwords. He asks if she’s ok (rhetorically, gloomy) Enga says that the target is Aru, they wouldn’t throw away a pawn like Hitsugi easily…so they’ll use her as bait to lure Aru in. (very true) Like a hostage exchange. Aru swears if it’ll save her, he’ll do anything. Enga corrects him about making dumb choices, he’s Hitsugi’s savior, and his little brother now, he won’t just hand him over.

Xiera says that the decision anyone makes will be based on what MC does. It’s irritating waiting, she wants to get her back as soon as possible but…Of course Enga won’t sit around and do nothing, don’t you agree, Ardem? Ardem phones in saying that they do know the location of the MC base. It’s existed since ancient times, it was said to drive people insane and was avoided for that reason but it is still close to us. The base is on…The MOON! It’s impossible to go there with our own technology, but with ARKS backing us, it would be a different story. Ardem is sure that Hitsugi is there, but it’s the enemy’s big base. It sounds harsh but if Enga goes there, he will die. Enga knows, he has no intent of dragging anyone with him, he’ll rescue her by himself. The logical thing to do would be to abandon the stupid sister, and it’s absurd to ever think of handing over Aru. That’s why he’ll go himself, he’ll go right into the base and get her back. Aru worries, so he pats him on the head and says not to, he’ll def. bring her back.

You step forward. He asks what then? Is his lecture on selfish actions running too long?

There’s Two People On This Rescue Mission
You Needed The ARKS Strength, Right?

(Of course, you’re stepping up to the plate here, which is the right thing to do) If you say You Need The ARKS Strength, Right?
He asks what do you mean? Xiera clears him up with that the condition of us transporting you to the moon is that you’ll go too. She chides him that the older brother is like the younger sister when it comes to rushing off. After all we’ve been through, he can’t leave us behind now because we’re all worried about Hitsugi. He laments that his stupid sister, he’s jealous about how much people seem to like her. If you’re really going to tag along, he’ll rely on your full support. You nod. Aru wants to save her too. Enga can’t promise his safety on the enemy base, he’ll bring her back, so just you wait. Enga yells at Ardem to not think to stop him. Ardem asks if there’s nothing he can say to change his mind? Not a chance, not even the threat of firing him. As an EG, protecting the people since ancient times…he believes he’s doing the right thing here. He’ll send over the coordinates, so you & Xiera, please take care of Enga. Enga looks out the window, and tells Hitsugi to wait for him.

The scene ends

There’s a good bit to unpack here.
Why is the moon “Impossible to Get To”?
Yet the moon base “Makes People Insane”?
Either you CAN go to the moon but go crazy, or you can’t go to the moon at all. You can’t have it both ways that people never got there but then they also did and went crazy. And how did anyone sneak off to the moon? (MC is using her cube ability to cube people up there, that's how) Rockets from anywhere are really big and really obvious. You’re not going to send up a manned crew and a lander without anyone knowing.
And if this is supposed to be Earth, how was there 'a base there in ancient times'. Cave men didn't go to the moon. This is more fantasy-stupid-fluff where they want "earth and normal people wow!" but they ALSO want "funky magic land with wizards and BS and ancient aliens, and ghosts are real, and superhero x-men are real." It doesn't work! Why make it 'Earth" at all then? There's no bloody point in it if it's magic-fantasy-town without rules.

Of course, the inter-galaxy-faring ARKS would feel that a simple moon trip is easier than pushing a pebble along the ground. You’d HAVE to have them, and their teleport ability to get there.

Enga doesn’t/didn’t pay ANY attention to Hitsugi’s life AT ALL
He has no idea Kohri was ‘her best pal and only friend’ and that they were ‘saving each other from loneliness and nerdyness’. You can absolutely see it in how he hates on her for running off after Kohri and completely has zero understanding of why she would. So he screams ‘stupid stupid’ all day and never looks into WHY she would do anything---and to really pile on abusive/ignorance he never even asks her, when he gets any chances. It’s just yell, lecture and blame.
Socially isolated smart kids like that, if they get even 1 friend that thing becomes like family and they’ll go absolutely bonkers to protect the friendship. It’s basic math, but Enga probably doesn’t even know who Kohri is because he pays no attention.

It’s unsurprising that Aru was able to bring her back.
She was infested totally with the red dust, and he was able to undo it with his super resta powers or whatever. This is a thing that shouldn’t be too outstanding to ARKS because…well…resta.

“Got what was coming to her.”
Aru should’ve punched him for this. Xiera should have punched him in the head for it right after. Xiera KNOWS (shes a spying perv busybody) how close Hitsugi & Kohri were and how much both of them had no friends before each other. A single line after to crush him should have been “Look, you punk, Hitsugi had ZERO friends before Kohri, who she thought of like a sister but you never paid any attention, so what you’re feeling right now is what Hitsugi was feeling on that roof-top for Kohri so of course she’d go try to save her just like what you’re doing now. If standing up for a friend is getting a death that’s coming to her, you’re the villain here.”

Huey in: The Right People in the Right Places
Huey explodes out of a rocky cave in the ice region of Naberius. He says it’s good to see you here. Claris he hears from occasionally, but it’s different meeting in the field like this, you got a genuine feeling.

What’s Up?
I’m Glad You’re Doing Well.

If you ask What’s Up? He says nothing in particular, he’s just doing a periodic stroll through Naberius. He ended up in command of the Combat Unit, but that doesn’t matter because this is the supremacy in the action. You called it Earth? Because of our response to that planet in another dimension, our response elsewhere in this dimension, our dimension…has become insufficient. Thus, he and Claris will patrol whenever they are free. He understands the issues that are on Earth but ARKS has lingering darker problems. There is no way about what we should prioritize, it’s being the right person in the right place.

With an elaborate series of gestures, he exclaims you are here! He is there! When required we help each other that’s what comrades are for! That’s why he’s happy and reassured about your return. He believes he’s heard a voice calling for help, and thus jumps away into the sky. The scene ends.

Huey is refreshing to see again.

The Heart’s Whereabouts
Time static 2028 4/17 at 1200
What does the time-static (thing that would usually appear if Xion was showing you something you couldn’t possibly see, or was changing the time period you’d appear in) here mean? It shows you something you would never, ever be able to see as a character. So, it is literally ‘a plot happening’ which is required for the story to make sense, but can have no explanation with how the story is set up. So, it’s kind of the plot breaking the 3.5th wall at you.

The setting is a dome of transparent hexagons.
You can see the blackness of space outside, and some stars. The ground is rocky and gray, with other domes in the background. This is clearly meant to be the moon. Several people in the white Mother type outfits are gathered around Hitsugi, who is on a white operating-table like thing in the middle of the room.

Ophiel is running bright rings of light over Hitsugi on the bed. (His gesture based ether-use)  Kohri asks how is she doing? Do you know why she won’t wake up? Och says impossible she was 100% dead, stabbed in the stomach its really disturbing. Phul says there could be zombies, that is what is really, actually disturbing. But…She’d love to see one, and turns to Kohri to ask “does the sword make them?”
This question is insensitive…
But Kohri doesn’t seem to hear it at all. She frets and sways, lamenting that Mother said it was the only way to save her. Mother says that she did indeed tell her that, only she didn’t expect the level of power to be in Kohri.

Mother is A PERSON!
There’s someone sitting on a large/tall chair at the head of the room. It’s an ordinary looking beige woman with dark blue hair. She has on ruffle top thigh highs (because thigh highs!), a double ruffle skirt that buttons up, and a long sleeve jacket. The jacket has a higher collar in back with more ‘mother symbol’ glowing blue. This is VERY likely to be the person you kept seeing from behind perched on tall things and contemplating the action. She seems older than a teen, but younger than one might expect. Her eyes are blue. This one calls herself MOTHER.
This is pretty surprising. The story was kind of leading on that it’d be an ether-alien thing, a computer program, or something weird like Xion, but nope, normal lady. Kudos to the plot on this one for making a surprise.

 She goes on to tell Kohri you have the apologies of Mother, she has allowed her friend Hitsugi to be hurt by her own hands she’s sorry. What exactly WAS Mother's real intent setting Kohri after Hitsugi like that then? For them to just battle evenly until Aru rushed in so they could snatch him? Mother doesn't seem THAT bad that she'd have a kid go kill another upon one of her lies, but really, what was she expecting?
Korhi says its not Mothers fault at all. Ophiel completes his ether based analysis, everything’s normal there’s no reason she should be comatose.

Mother says the problem is in her heart.
Kohri wonders at this, so she explains that the embodiment of ether is the manifestation of will. She embodied her weapon with an unsure will, and because of that it broke so now she’s heartbroken. Weapons can be created over and over, but only because of your will power. However, if your will gets crushed…Ophiel says that she lost the will to live? It sounds too poetic for him, but…somehow logical.

 Kohri asks mother can return her to normal right? Opheil gets in her way (As she looked to Mother, he literally jumps right in front of her face very close and at an odd angle—it’s creepy—because up until now he’s been the most normal-acting and speaking one out of all of them.) Asking to eliminate those who deceived Hitsugi? …she says yes it was the ARKS and your char who have broken her heart, just erase them, right? Exactly, he confirms, then, if you do that, Hitsugi will return to normal like before. Mother closes her eyes at this. Kohris says to just wait and see, she’ll save her…no matter what, she’ll never have to suffer again. She slumpily goes forward, picks up her Gram-Sword, and, leaving the blade on the floor drags off with her sword and everyone watches her go.

Mother says to manipulate a child like that, even for her sake, she doesn’t approve of such things. Ophiel tells her that he does understand her discontent…however, it’s all for our objective. Please don’t let it bother you, if someone must dirty their hands I’d rather the role fall to me. He leaves, and as soon as the door closes…

Och speculates ‘yeah right’ to his role, she wonders how he really feels, maybe he’s a pervert that likes young women? Phul asks Och if she’s upset that Mr Ophiel rescued her? This angers Och…which with a stutter lends credibility to Phul’s accusation. In any case, the real danger is that Kohri kid because loving someone too much is really dangerous, she had her 50% shivering. Phul says they’re yandere types, it’s good reference material, so she’ll take notes.

The Conclusion and speculation here are stupidly off base. Ophiel's role is to lie to Kohri to set her out to murder people who stand in Mother's way over the false-pretense that killing other people will bring Hitsugi back to life. Mother feels guilty about having a clearly brain-washed teen set out to kill people on her behalf.

It seems like a habit among girls here to false-flag literally everyone as a pedophile who they don’t like, or is doing something that’s annoying. That, in itself, is super wrong because the accusation is so serious that crying wolf on literally every male who does something displeasing is horrible to do. It ruins everything for actual victims, and makes the false-accuser look like the worst scum.

What is a yandere?
The word is a mash of 2, but you get love struck or love sick out of those two words. However, it doesn’t mean that when describing someone. It’s more like ‘a love obsession person’ where their target or people around it are in danger from them because they’re ‘crazy in love’ and will harm others who ‘get in the way of the love’ or harm the love interest if it doesn’t reciprocate or things don’t go their way. It is not a desirable trait.

Och asks Mother(Who has ignored their pettiness right here) is she really ok? She felt 80% dangerous since the beginning. Phul says that there’s established evidence that a Yandere is hard to deal with whether it is friend or foe. Mother gets up out of her chair, saying all that doesn’t matter. Her heart won’t be broken so easily…Kohri is trying to save Hitsugi with all her own will, obtaining power to do so. She’s sure Ophiel has a hand in it, but her desires are pure. (Remember, she IS ACTUALLY psychic) Meaning, Ophiel sweet-talking her into setting off after ARKS is fine, but not what motivated her.

She then calls both by name Och Miller & Phul Janice Lasswitz, she’s sorry the duties placed upon them were so tough, please forgive her cowardice. Phul says no need to apologize, Och assures her that they 100% understand it’s their role, she’s the one who did the calculations for it, after all. Phul restrained herself on the last mission, but all preparations are complete for the next so leave it to us. This is something only they can do, so they’ll do it 200% to Mothers wishes.

They nod, and Phul says Mother saved them and Och tells her that age has nothing to do with ability-- only mother understood and acknowledges that fact and also us. Thanks to Mother, Phul can advance her writing, Och can her calculations, we learned all kinds of things we never could have otherwise. They then put their hands together to team up. That’s why we use all power for mother, even if throwing away our lives we’ll have no regrets.Mother is who saved them, who were on the verge of being excluded from society, so they’ll never forget her kindness.  Let us repay our debt, “for treating us like people” that’s the first reminder-note she ever made. Mother is so proud to have met both of them. They nod.
The Scene Ends

Mother knows how to get a hold of people. Approach nerdy kids in school who are bullied and just be nice to them and make them feel valuable. Kohri and Hitsugi were exactly the same situation as these two. So, the bigger question here is were these two suicidal? Did they have clinical depression? Or were they just angsty teens. It seems more serious than angsty teen, perhaps Mother can cure actual mental illness issues with her pshycic-ness whether she knows it or not.

What’s NOT apparent until now:
Phul and Och are supposed to be huuuge nerds, social failures, repulsive girls. The problem with this is: they are not. They’re both beautiful, even by game standards. One says percentages a lot, the other takes silly notes and that’s supposed to equate them to Steve Urkle or TIMMAY from South Park or something where people just dump on this character for being so bizarre/different/nerdy/unsocial or obnoxious. (Urkle was obnoxious and even slightly self-aware--go wiki look-up the character, that's literally what these 2 are supposed to be, Urkle wasn't shunned because he was 'super dorky looking' (though that was part of it) it was because of how he acted/snorted/hit on girls always/ruined things) With how they designed AND wrote these two, it’s exceptionally hard to believe ‘everyone in school, town and their family hated them for being so gross/nerdy/and bad’. You CAN make poorly looking female characters in the game, but as a trope that’s so boring, “females are not allowed to be unattractive, ever, unless it is their personality that is bad”. So, it follows this trope because of course it does, since this whole section of the game is off its rocker.

Take a bet: Mother can’t fix Hitsugi, they’re just lying to Kohri because they know she’s off her nut and in a daze/trance when she’s like this.

Hitsugi in: I wanted a place where I belong
A time static
2028 4/17 at 1230

On the moon base, in a hangar, some purple wall of swirls appears. Hitsugi is still on her hospital style bed, but she’s alone in the big hangar like area. Now, she feels she’s in the water. Where am I? She wonders, then remembers she was cut down by Kohri. This is a dream like state, with sparkles, squares, and the feeling of under water or sitting in water. She appears here with her hair down, and curled up (knees to chest, fold arms) maybe without her clothes.
Did she die? But then…Why did she hear Aru’s voice? (It says he wont let her die) She thinks it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t matter, why should she care? She still feels she didn’t know what she wanted to do, needed to do, she was just following the flow. (No, in that instance she wasn’t, she was super duper determined to save Kohri that she’d throw caution to the wind. Kohri only got her with the ‘ok kill me I’m unarmed’ trick) She feels its all her fault and doesn’t want to do anything. She has no worth, her weapon was broken when she lost, she’s no use to anyone. She was never meant for this kind of thing, she never wanted it, she just did it because people told her to. Joining the council, helping MC, saving Aru was just…SHE was the one who wanted to be saved, father and mother went away and big bro would never look at her, everyone left her behind and she was scared she kept trying and trying, even trying her best….but

No one protected her, no one was by her side. She cries, tired, no more, sick of being a good girl. She hates being scared and pain and suffering and alone and doesn’t want to feel it any more. She shakes her head, upset. What to accomplish? What are her intentions she knew the answer all along…She wanted a place where she belonged, she wanted to protect the things she loved, that’s all she really wanted but…Why? What did she do wrong/where did she go wrong? Someone, tell her! She’s sick of it all…she calls to Kohri, bro, Aru, & you. She then folds up more, glooms harder, and the scene ends. A tear comes out of her eye on the hospital bed.

This further paints Enga as a villain.
Yeah sure he's so self absorbed with 'being the man of the house' in the absence of the parents & earning money from EG that he neglects his own mind 'helping Hitsugi' by 'stepping up to the plate' and being the big earner & role model. HE thinks he's the big helper here & she should be grateful he's so amazing.
However: he never saw beyond his own nose in that every word he has for her is "bad, stupid, immature little sister doing wrong", and why every interaction they have starts and ends that way, or with her yelling at him. He also seems incapable of listening to her, specifically. He's shown clearly listening to other people, but never her. And nobody puts him in his place over it! Hitsugi IS RIGHT, nobody ever stands up FOR HER. Not in front of Xiera, not in front of Ardem, not ever. That's why your character is included in her sad rant, you don't stick up for her vs Enga at the numerous opportunities he gives you.

No one told her to save Aru
Look back: they didn't. She instinctivly helps him, it's 100% her.
But all the rest, yes. Student Council=peer pressure, MC=mother AND peer pressure, so yes that was being told. But saving Aru, hiding Aru at her own risk, all that was her. She wasn't happy with it...but she also never quit either. It's no wonder she won't come out of the funk she's in.