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PSO2 Story Guide Episode 5 Omega
The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
This section is for Chapter5 ONLY. For all the plot before this, see the Story Hub. Because the game is divided up over these sections, the plot will be as well.
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The Mysterious Assult  241 10/15 at 1000
On the bridge, you & Xiera have returned from Omega to report to Xiao who says it will take time to fully investigate that world. Xiera laments the appearance of Luther and now Gettemhart. Just when we get done rebuilding in one nation, we’ve got to fight in another, so it makes her head spin. Alma appears to tell her that the history of man is also the history of war, just like the history of ARKS and Darkers. Matoi thinks it’s relatively peaceful now but battles still rage on, is it like this for other worlds? Alma thinks everywhere is pretty similar, that’s why Omega is now going through this. Xiera asks Xiao what he thinks of the situation on this world.
He confirms that the “black hole” (remember, this is a misnomer, it isn’t) is still expanding and sucking up all worlds near it. He’s not optimistic. An alarm sounds because darker readings are in the residential area, appearing out of no where! Xiao issues a sortie to all ARKS this surprise attack means they were somehow able to mask their presence so be on guard. Matoi says let’s go

Chapter 22 The Influence: There’s This World there’s that world

This drops you in the city.
You’ll have to fight yugda darkers and wolgadahs and do dash panels to get through the area. The most difficult area for some classes will be the Yugda-Wonda because their sheilds are better and other enemies get between them to be protected by that. About mid way there will be 2 Wolgahda at once. Wolga can’t do his push charge through the tank in the area (Although he is perfectly capable of leaping over it) so you can use it to your advantage because there are 2 wolgas at once. If you only attack one of them at a time, the other won't be as aggressive.
The boss at the end is a Vibrace Yugda to fight by yourself pretty much. It seems likely it may have been nerfed somehow to do it solo. (All these are done on 'hardcore' to create the best noted experience write ups so...keep that in mind) DO bring something that hits multiple targets because he comes with a big compliment of el ahdah (like…10 of these or something a time, it’s no small amount, plus then more of them spawn) to heckle you while you try to fight the Vibrace.

At 1100
More el ahdah appear but you and Matoi are beating them. Matoi wonders if we got them all, but did the enemes feel really stronger? Lisa says it’s not your imagination, they probably really are, as she comes strolling up. Matoi is surprised to see her, and Lisa remarks that it’s quite the mission to require 2 top guardians together. Matoi explains we were just up on the bridge together but…never mind that because what about imagining difficulty?
Lisa acknowledges they’re strong and tough. She should know, because she shoots all kinds of darkers all the time. She says the ones here are different by being stronger tougher and stranger than normal. The alarms were also slow to respond to this level of invasion. But now…why couldn’t anyone predict this attack?
Matoi asks her if she knows anything. She claims to only know what happened now. The enemies were unusually strong, the response was unusual too. But now, she’s off to find more of the strange darkers to play with…so she laughs, then walks off.

Xiera calls, saying the situation is all clear, so can you return to the bridge? Matoi and your char nod at each other, and walk off to go back up. This level is graded based on time.
The scene ends

Lisa is cryptic a lot so this is no big shocker.
However, she also notices things in a different way. She seems likely to not have the actual answer here but is mentioning it because she wants you to look into it but won't ask like that because she is abnormal.
Do note that the Yugda-prefix-darkers are generally differently colored than their normal counterparts adding gold and sometimes grayish white to their pallet. They all also will generally have more HP and some of them add extra attacks. They also don't count on CO's as darkers.

The Influence of Omega 241 10/15 at 1130
On the bridge, Xiao welcomes you back, saying thanks to your efforts there was minimal damage. (It DOES take place in the destroyed-city map so it makes him look untruthful about the 'minimal damage' because the map is always thoroughly messed up but no one's going to make a half-mess map just for a quest) Matoi tells him the darkers were unusual, so he says they’re gathering data here too, looking at the readings it’s clear something is strengthening them. Xiera wonders why though?

They’re Being Influenced by Omega?
You’ve Figured Out a Reason?

If you ask You’ve Figured Out a Reason? Xiera says we don’t understand it yet, but she may be onto something…Matoi suspects Omega. Xiao claims a correlation between the ‘bad portal hole’ and stronger darkers. Alma thinks that as it absorbs more worlds PD consumes them. Xiao thinks its logical that if PD consumes all the hole absorbs, then the darker theory is not far fetched. PD corrupts all things no matter the nature. Alma suspects as it strengthens so do its children, the darkers, which means the situation is worse than we thought. The energy is getting so much we won’t be able to handle it. Xiera knows we have to tackle Omega first before it gets too bad.

The Influence: End

As chapters go, it wasn't a very long one for fights nor dialogue.
Xiao & Xiera are likely right about the Yugda Darkers.
Matoi FAILS to bring up with Xiao the 'lateness of the alarms' when she really should have because that is his territory and Lisa bothered to bring it up with you lot. There is something more to the late alarms, but it could be as simple as Yugda has stealth built in and the detectors don't work as well/it's just an accident of them being stronger.

The Reason Behind the Class Name with: Stratos
241 10/14
You can find Stratos in the lower lobby by the quest counters. She apologizes about the other day. She says the name Hero for the class is already approved and so won’t be changed. It was her that named it, she thinks that’s the only really fitting name for it. She claims Guardians and everyone in ARKS are heroes so now they won’t forget that. She was on 128 Themis when it was attacked by the darkers. It shows you a sepia flashback of dagans and kaltagots in the city. She explains she was still a child then, and was afraid of them getting into the residential district. She thought she might die there. But when the ARKS arrived they took them all down quickly, which saved her. She couldn’t express her gratitude then, but looking back on it, she feels that’s what a hero is. She wanted to become someone like that, with the power to save others. So she could remember that feeling always, she named the class that. Everyone in ARKS is more heroic than they think. So if they use that class, then they’ll think more like that…and that’s the story. When she uses it, she feels she must try harder and never give in.

She claims Energy Recharge Complete! Thanks for listening to her.
The scene ends.

It's nice to hear coherently about how she got her start. She is a cheerful sort that is full of determination, inspired by people who saved her. It makes sense, and is a fine origin story. Using the class name as symbolism she's trying to inspire others as she was herself. That's logical too, and just fine.

Received Permission to go Out
In the shops area, you are talking to Matoi as Xiera walks by. Matoi waves back, and goes to continue the conversation. But, Xiera flails instead and rushes over. She waves at you and says it’s an unusual situation, isn’t it unusual?

You’re Taller?
You’re Bigger?

These are probably pokes at “Fairy Xiera” from Omega because she is less seen normal sized in these current times than before with all the Omega stuff.

If you ask You’re Taller? She says it only looks that way because she is always sitting. Matoi can’t guess and so apologizes. Xiera strikes a pose saying she’s right here in front of you! She’s quite happy and heroic with this. But Matoi is sad and says she’s (herself, Matoi) not as smart as Xiera thinks she is…Your character comes to a conclusion (with a gesture)

Is It Because You’re Outside the Bridge?
Is It Because You’re Standing & Walking?

If you ask Is It Because You’re Outside the Bridge? She is excited to tell you’ that’s right. Matoi thinks it’s her first time seeing her outside the bridge. Xiao has come by and gave her permission to leave. All her calculations are done parallel with him so it’s not a problem that she takes a break from work to do whatever she wants for a while. Matoi asks her did she really never leave? She’s been to a maint room, but no where else, after all, communications were enough. She looks around happily, saying it’s such a different perspective than on a screen. She skips off saying she’ll use her time well to look around here.

Matoi wonders if she will be safe on her own.
The scene ends

Well, if someone attacks her, Xiao basically god of the ship would know instantly, so…probably.
Was it abusive to restrict her to only one room?
Mabye? It depends on her nature. She’s not human…so she’s probably immune to some mental disorders but her happiness at being released from a single room shows that she might need better care than she’s been given.
Seeing people and places in-person is important, especially if you are ‘in charge’ of them in any way. It is one thing to watch over people without knowing them, and a total other to have met at least some of the people you watch over, and get to know them for real. It is likely actually very good for everyone on the ship and Xiera too.

Katori Saga & Stratos
In the lower lobby, Katori approaches saying it’s terrible! The hype from Summoner just died down, but now the Hero class springs up. She is so sad that she makes a noise "yoyoyoyo" Saga appears next to tell you to ignore her as she cries in the lobby. He heard Huey commissioned research into the creation of a new class. Katori scowels at him for telling you this. The wide selection of new classes is good for ARKS so let us know if there’s anything we can do.
Katori, very offended shrills that it’s come to that, Saga! He cast me aside with a single-word mention. So you, please pay attention to me and don’t be seduced by the lure of Hero-Class. Stratos appears (replacing them on the ‘paper dolls theater style character talks type FPS view) frightening Katori aside who says “Ack its you!” Saga (for his efforts I guess) says ‘speak of the devil)
Stratos asks if they are Saga and Katori?
Katori asks if yes, what will she do?
Stratos has heard a lot about them, being in charge of bouncer training and operations. Both of you put in so much effort in spreading Bouncer that she is honored to be able to meet them. This shocks Katori, but she gets over it and says that’s right. Stratos thinks it’s very cool, but it must have been really hard getting it established. Katori says it’s right but if you do it for the sake of ARKS then it’s not hard at all. (She is lying about herself here, as you remember, all previously she would complain endlessly about how difficult everything was) She then asks if Stratos herself is spreading the new class? She affirms, and is happy to know she’s heard of it…but she’s still got a lot to learn and has not had yet as much success as you two. Even though your char helps her, it is still difficult.
Saga is nice here, telling her there’s no need to rush, because we also took time to spread the word of Bouncer. We even asked your char several times for help, and we wouldn’t be here without it. Don’t you agree Katori? She says right. It’ll be all right Stratos, with your char helping, publicity will be guaranteed. She thanks them, then asks if she can ask them more questions later. Katori gestures dramatically and says she can ask them anything. Stratos bows, thanks and leaves.

Katori is now peaceful, saying Stratos is a nice kid. She then asks you and Saga to spread Hero as well. This makes Saga shake his head.

He is likely frustrated by Katori’s quick turn-around in her position on Hero and also Stratos.
Stratos proves being positive and enthusiastic can win people over.