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PSO2 Story Guide Episode 5 Omega
The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
This section is for Chapter5 ONLY. For all the plot before this, see the Story Hub. Because the game is divided up over these sections, the plot will be as well.
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The Mysterious Assult  241 10/15 at 1000
On the bridge, you & Xiera have returned from Omega to report to Xiao who says it will take time to fully investigate that world. Xiera laments the appearance of Luther and now Gettemhart. Just when we get done rebuilding in one nation, we’ve got to fight in another, so it makes her head spin. Alma appears to tell her that the history of man is also the history of war, just like the history of ARKS and Darkers. Matoi thinks it’s relatively peaceful now but battles still rage on, is it like this for other worlds? Alma thinks everywhere is pretty similar, that’s why Omega is now going through this. Xiera asks Xiao what he thinks of the situation on this world.
He confirms that the “black hole” (remember, this is a misnomer, it isn’t) is still expanding and sucking up all worlds near it. He’s not optimistic. An alarm sounds because darker readings are in the residential area, appearing out of no where! Xiao issues a sortie to all ARKS this surprise attack means they were somehow able to mask their presence so be on guard. Matoi says let’s go

Chapter 22 The Influence: There’s This World there’s that world

This drops you in the city.
You’ll have to fight yugda darkers and wolgadahs and do dash panels to get through the area. The most difficult area for some classes will be the Yugda-Wonda because their sheilds are better and other enemies get between them to be protected by that. About mid way there will be 2 Wolgahda at once. Wolga can’t do his push charge through the tank in the area (Although he is perfectly capable of leaping over it) so you can use it to your advantage because there are 2 wolgas at once. If you only attack one of them at a time, the other won't be as aggressive.
The boss at the end is a Vibrace Yugda to fight by yourself pretty much. It seems likely it may have been nerfed somehow to do it solo. (All these are done on 'hardcore' to create the best noted experience write ups so...keep that in mind) DO bring something that hits multiple targets because he comes with a big compliment of el ahdah (like…10 of these or something a time, it’s no small amount, plus then more of them spawn) to heckle you while you try to fight the Vibrace.

At 1100
More el ahdah appear but you and Matoi are beating them. Matoi wonders if we got them all, but did the enemes feel really stronger? Lisa says it’s not your imagination, they probably really are, as she comes strolling up. Matoi is surprised to see her, and Lisa remarks that it’s quite the mission to require 2 top guardians together. Matoi explains we were just up on the bridge together but…never mind that because what about imagining difficulty?
Lisa acknowledges they’re strong and tough. She should know, because she shoots all kinds of darkers all the time. She says the ones here are different by being stronger tougher and stranger than normal. The alarms were also slow to respond to this level of invasion. But now…why couldn’t anyone predict this attack?
Matoi asks her if she knows anything. She claims to only know what happened now. The enemies were unusually strong, the response was unusual too. But now, she’s off to find more of the strange darkers to play with…so she laughs, then walks off.

Xiera calls, saying the situation is all clear, so can you return to the bridge? Matoi and your char nod at each other, and walk off to go back up. This level is graded based on time.
The scene ends

Lisa is cryptic a lot so this is no big shocker.
However, she also notices things in a different way. She seems likely to not have the actual answer here but is mentioning it because she wants you to look into it but won't ask like that because she is abnormal.
Do note that the Yugda-prefix-darkers are generally differently colored than their normal counterparts adding gold and sometimes grayish white to their pallet. They all also will generally have more HP and some of them add extra attacks. They also don't count on CO's as darkers.

The Influence of Omega 241 10/15 at 1130
On the bridge, Xiao welcomes you back, saying thanks to your efforts there was minimal damage. (It DOES take place in the destroyed-city map so it makes him look untruthful about the 'minimal damage' because the map is always thoroughly messed up but no one's going to make a half-mess map just for a quest) Matoi tells him the darkers were unusual, so he says they’re gathering data here too, looking at the readings it’s clear something is strengthening them. Xiera wonders why though?

They’re Being Influenced by Omega?
You’ve Figured Out a Reason?

If you ask You’ve Figured Out a Reason? Xiera says we don’t understand it yet, but she may be onto something…Matoi suspects Omega. Xiao claims a correlation between the ‘bad portal hole’ and stronger darkers. Alma thinks that as it absorbs more worlds PD consumes them. Xiao thinks its logical that if PD consumes all the hole absorbs, then the darker theory is not far fetched. PD corrupts all things no matter the nature. Alma suspects as it strengthens so do its children, the darkers, which means the situation is worse than we thought. The energy is getting so much we won’t be able to handle it. Xiera knows we have to tackle Omega first before it gets too bad.

The Influence: End

As chapters go, it wasn't a very long one for fights nor dialogue.
Xiao & Xiera are likely right about the Yugda Darkers.
Matoi FAILS to bring up with Xiao the 'lateness of the alarms' when she really should have because that is his territory and Lisa bothered to bring it up with you lot. There is something more to the late alarms, but it could be as simple as Yugda has stealth built in and the detectors don't work as well/it's just an accident of them being stronger.

The Reason Behind the Class Name with: Stratos
241 10/14
You can find Stratos in the lower lobby by the quest counters. She apologizes about the other day. She says the name Hero for the class is already approved and so won’t be changed. It was her that named it, she thinks that’s the only really fitting name for it. She claims Guardians and everyone in ARKS are heroes so now they won’t forget that. She was on 128 Themis when it was attacked by the darkers. It shows you a sepia flashback of dagans and kaltagots in the city. She explains she was still a child then, and was afraid of them getting into the residential district. She thought she might die there. But when the ARKS arrived they took them all down quickly, which saved her. She couldn’t express her gratitude then, but looking back on it, she feels that’s what a hero is. She wanted to become someone like that, with the power to save others. So she could remember that feeling always, she named the class that. Everyone in ARKS is more heroic than they think. So if they use that class, then they’ll think more like that…and that’s the story. When she uses it, she feels she must try harder and never give in.

She claims Energy Recharge Complete! Thanks for listening to her.
The scene ends.

It's nice to hear coherently about how she got her start. She is a cheerful sort that is full of determination, inspired by people who saved her. It makes sense, and is a fine origin story. Using the class name as symbolism she's trying to inspire others as she was herself. That's logical too, and just fine.

Received Permission to go Out
In the shops area, you are talking to Matoi as Xiera walks by. Matoi waves back, and goes to continue the conversation. But, Xiera flails instead and rushes over. She waves at you and says it’s an unusual situation, isn’t it unusual?

You’re Taller?
You’re Bigger?

These are probably pokes at “Fairy Xiera” from Omega because she is less seen normal sized in these current times than before with all the Omega stuff.

If you ask You’re Taller? She says it only looks that way because she is always sitting. Matoi can’t guess and so apologizes. Xiera strikes a pose saying she’s right here in front of you! She’s quite happy and heroic with this. But Matoi is sad and says she’s (herself, Matoi) not as smart as Xiera thinks she is…Your character comes to a conclusion (with a gesture)

Is It Because You’re Outside the Bridge?
Is It Because You’re Standing & Walking?

If you ask Is It Because You’re Outside the Bridge? She is excited to tell you’ that’s right. Matoi thinks it’s her first time seeing her outside the bridge. Xiao has come by and gave her permission to leave. All her calculations are done parallel with him so it’s not a problem that she takes a break from work to do whatever she wants for a while. Matoi asks her did she really never leave? She’s been to a maint room, but no where else, after all, communications were enough. She looks around happily, saying it’s such a different perspective than on a screen. She skips off saying she’ll use her time well to look around here.

Matoi wonders if she will be safe on her own.
The scene ends

Well, if someone attacks her, Xiao basically god of the ship would know instantly, so…probably.
Was it abusive to restrict her to only one room?
Mabye? It depends on her nature. She’s not human…so she’s probably immune to some mental disorders but her happiness at being released from a single room shows that she might need better care than she’s been given.
Seeing people and places in-person is important, especially if you are ‘in charge’ of them in any way. It is one thing to watch over people without knowing them, and a total other to have met at least some of the people you watch over, and get to know them for real. It is likely actually very good for everyone on the ship and Xiera too.

Katori Saga & Stratos
In the lower lobby, Katori approaches saying it’s terrible! The hype from Summoner just died down, but now the Hero class springs up. She is so sad that she makes a noise "yoyoyoyo" Saga appears next to tell you to ignore her as she cries in the lobby. He heard Huey commissioned research into the creation of a new class. Katori scowels at him for telling you this. The wide selection of new classes is good for ARKS so let us know if there’s anything we can do.
Katori, very offended shrills that it’s come to that, Saga! He cast me aside with a single-word mention. So you, please pay attention to me and don’t be seduced by the lure of Hero-Class. Stratos appears (replacing them on the ‘paper dolls theater style character talks type FPS view) frightening Katori aside who says “Ack its you!” Saga (for his efforts I guess) says ‘speak of the devil)
Stratos asks if they are Saga and Katori?
Katori asks if yes, what will she do?
Stratos has heard a lot about them, being in charge of bouncer training and operations. Both of you put in so much effort in spreading Bouncer that she is honored to be able to meet them. This shocks Katori, but she gets over it and says that’s right. Stratos thinks it’s very cool, but it must have been really hard getting it established. Katori says it’s right but if you do it for the sake of ARKS then it’s not hard at all. (She is lying about herself here, as you remember, all previously she would complain endlessly about how difficult everything was) She then asks if Stratos herself is spreading the new class? She affirms, and is happy to know she’s heard of it…but she’s still got a lot to learn and has not had yet as much success as you two. Even though your char helps her, it is still difficult.
Saga is nice here, telling her there’s no need to rush, because we also took time to spread the word of Bouncer. We even asked your char several times for help, and we wouldn’t be here without it. Don’t you agree Katori? She says right. It’ll be all right Stratos, with your char helping, publicity will be guaranteed. She thanks them, then asks if she can ask them more questions later. Katori gestures dramatically and says she can ask them anything. Stratos bows, thanks and leaves.

Katori is now peaceful, saying Stratos is a nice kid. She then asks you and Saga to spread Hero as well. This makes Saga shake his head.

He is likely frustrated by Katori’s quick turn-around in her position on Hero and also Stratos.
Stratos proves being positive and enthusiastic can win people over.

Head Toward the Imperial Capital
With this, it can get back into Omega to continue the plot.

Chapter 2-3 The Rebellion to Elder: Suicidal Rebellion

Xiera fairy says she’s grasped the approximate geography and situation of this nation. She hovers before you in the tent camp type area. She suspects the long lasting civil war is caused by likely Ephemera influencing the Emperor of Verun. (Well, this was established earlier anyway) However, because it IS Ephemera, she feels it may be actually possible to stop him. (And why wouldn’t it be, otherwise?) Xiera thinks we should try to go there now to do it.

However, Gettemhart Omega version in his furs & very pointy shoulder guards comes to yell at you instead. His neck/fur collar has a face on it. On one side is the gray fox’s face with yellow eyes so I guess he’s wearing most of an animal. He says Guardian or whatever it was did you think you would get to leave here without saying goodbye? (Interesting, because what kind of time passed when you weren’t there? The story IS clear that you ARE going back to the ship for periods of time, do they not notice or do you come back the same minute you left thanks to time-shenanigans? If you’re going to go crush the damned emperor, take me with you. Melphonsina wants to go too.  After all, she invited you here and she knows it well and if it comes to it, she can take a hit. Xiera wonders if they’ll listen to us if we try to refuse? What do you think?

You’ll Have To Protect Yourselves
Do As You Wish

Both of these are a little rude, why? You already know Melphonsina is something to be reckoned with, and Gettem’s no slouch anywhere. The only reason to try and shoo them away would be to avert any disasters like ‘she dies and he goes crazy’. But, that doesn’t seem to come up here. If you say Do As You Wish, She’ll ask to take the role of guide and protection.

The scene ends.

Experimental Demon Soldier
In the Verunian wasteland, Gettem and Mel have decided to travel with the guardian. Despite the number in the party nobody said a word the entire way. But, once they come to a resting spot with some…desert looking mountains/rocks and really barren ground that looks like it’s from a game somewhere in 2004 or something (Gee whiz) Xiera will ask Gettem if there’s something he wants to talk about while we rest. He says there’s nothing to say. But Melphonsina will scold him so he squints. She says he comes off as rude so do excuse him. Xiera says it’s fine because she doesn’t think he means it, but you 2 seem close. What’s your relationship to him? She hesitates and says…’well that’s…’. But he will come and interrupt her. Sina and he were experimental demon soldiers. Now, she’ll explain that just as Cuent used Ephemera to create devil castles, Verun had it’s own magic. It’s known as Demonization, which strengthens the body by infusing it with mana. Naturally the magic took an amount of skill to use so only certain few people could perform it. But, that all changed with Ephemera. With the help of that, just being able to use magic at all was enough, skill stopped being an issue. But, most people can’t use magic at all anyway. So, by an Imperial Decree, the Imperial Demon Soldier Project was formed.

He gets somewhat upset and says our gracious Emperor would take the weak and useless and turn them into powerful soldiers out of the goodness of his heart, Ha. The damned magical flower took care of all of that for him. Xiera concludes they forced people without magical affinity to become demons by experimenting on their bodies. Gettem says good guess short stuff, are you talking from experience or something? Xiera doesn’t answer him (oddly) and instead frets but doing that would make their bodies burn out. (How? Why?) He laughs and says that’s right, a guess like that and he thinks she’s seen it happen before. But, he’ll bet that she’s never seen someone with so much mana that they break, right? You don’t know all the things that can happen, do you?
Melphonsina continues for him, explaining that the DSP first batch of soldiers/tests were them…and they managed to escape. There were originally 4096 of them but now those 2 are all that’s left. No one else survived. Xiera then frets again, if their strength comes from Demonization, doesn’t that mean they’re risking their lives? Gettem ‘ha!’ at her saying he couldn’t care less about a damned and bad life like this. All he wants is to crush the emperor with his own hands. He’ll make him pay for what he did to him and Sina, and for everyone else—he’ll pay with his life. So then, don’t pull any goody 2 shoes take care of yourself act on him, all right? If you want to beat the Emperor, you’ll have to make yourself useful and go ahead and do it but if you get in the way of him attacking the Emperor, he’ll crush you first. He then turns to leave.
She apologizes for his attitude, but she feels the same way. She lives to avenge all who were killed by the Emperors whims, it’s all she has left. We fight for 1 reason , which is to kill the Emperor. She then leaves. Xiera sighs sadly.

What’s The Matter?

If you ask What’s The Matter? She'll say she was lost in thought, because that was an interesting story. She feels the Demon Soldiers are similar to the story of how the Photoners created ARKS. Abducting a large number of Tough Bodied creatures and genetically modifying them, infusing them with photons to try and induce aptitude. The records show many lives were lost in trying to stabilize and then mass produce the process, it was a dark time in our history. To see it again, if only on Omega, we’ve got to stop this.

The scene ends.

There’s like a bunch of failed opportunities to learn more useful and relevant things here.
Like, was Gettem once some weak guy? (In ARKS he was always strong)
How’d the Emperor catch them?
Does or does not Melphonsina have a sister?
How do they know everybody else experimented on is dead?
Why does Gettem think someone experimented on fairy Xiera? (Like, is he thinking she was a normal person and someone shrank her?)
Why are they called “Demon”? They should be called “Mana Soldier”.
What was so special about those 2 that they didn’t just up and die like everybody else?
It is implied that they hang out with each other because only they know how the other one feels about being experimented on so it’s a type of solidarity even though Gettemhart is a goon in personality.

Corpses of Soldiers

In the Verunian Wasteland a sinister man appears.
It says you 3 beat a devil castle. But many are in Verun despite being invented in Cuent. There’s more of them then thought, so you raise questions about the situation. An arrow on a map points you all around as this bit of back story is being explained. Xiera remarks about it too. Melphonsina says when they were brought over from Cuent, the Emperor used his authority to spread them all around. Xiera thinks this means he’s got to be well versed in magic. Melphonsina explains he became emperor through the power of Demonization, but while he can actually do magic, it wasn’t he who could summon the castles, that was Elmir, finishes Gettemhart for her.

Xiera asks who’s that? (Wow can she not pronounce that word at all)
Gettem doesn’t like him, calling him the damned Emperor’s brother, always right there with a self absorbed smug look on his face. But…their age gap makes them look like father and son. (SO! Someone actually finally provides an ok-‘why is this so odd’ pointer at him, but it is not an explanation for why they are like that.) Melphonsina says they’re certainly behind Verun’s demise.

There had been chatter in the community that this particular episode was ‘shorted’ somehow, and the whole maps/arrows/blah thing is proof that that’s true. “You fought a bunch of devil castles” the game literally writes that out instead of having you actually do something/make something happen. Why? Because the whole ‘Omega World” appears to only consist of the devil castle arenas, and the main castle boss arena. There was never even “a level” to play in like all the other planets had-- it was just like only instanced rooms/big arenas. They can’t just have you fighting castle after castle for the story because that’s stupid and boring (every single castle fight is exactly the same)---but they don’t have anywhere else to send you! So they write “And then they fought more castles” and hope nobody notices that there isn’t game-play IN THE GAME.

Elmir says all he did was rally the citizens behind them.
He has overheard the conversation……somehow?? Everyone here, is out in the middle of a barren wasteland, without anything to sneak behind. Where did he come from? How’d he get close enough to hear? It’s literally rocks, dirt and 2008 looking backgrounds for at least 1 soccer-field in every direction. There’s no where he could have been.
His appearance upsets Melphonsina, who draws her knifes and demands to know why he’s here. He’s changed his clothes again, now in a black top hat, leafy pointed shoulder guard coat, and a red button up shirt with jewel buttons. He’s got on a red oval stone necklace. He has added quite bright hot pink eyeliner (upper and lower lid) with the usual tear drop cheek mark, but now that’s hot pink too. Note his pupils are still a duller version of this color.

He has heard someone is destroying his beloved Devil Castles so he has to investigate. He says he expected to see you, the Savior of Cuent the Guardian. He feels unlimited potential, and seems happy. He thinks it no wonder you defeated a DC. He tips his hat. From DC to Guardians, Cuent knows how to craft them finely. (So, he reveals he does not know that your char is extra-dimensional, he thinks Cuent somehow stirred you up) Gettem’s upset (as usual) so tells him he has some nerve waltzing up to us like this, Emperor’s Whelp. Elmir calls him a ‘tiresome chap’ in return, he’s not interested in such rabble: the failed experiment so do stop standing in the way. Gettem says even if he denies it, there’s business with you. He rushes him, but a black knight suit appears in the way and blocks him suddenly with a sword, right before he can get the knuckle weapon to Elmir.

Elmir uses a rose, which dissolves in the air and summons more of this knight dressed people. They’re all in black plate armor, with crested helmets. You can only see armor on them (So, no evidence that there’s even anyone inside the suit). Melphonsina is shocked, saying she thought they were all dead. Elmir says well guessed, they’re the same experiment as you two. He calls them demonic soldier / devil castle hybrids. Xiera wonders if he replaced the demons that get summoned by the castles (meaning the enemy monsters like wolves/sorcerers/orcs) with these soldiers? He confirms it, saying the ‘components needed were scattered around’. (What does this mean) He feels while they all had questionable abilities as soldiers, they’re not all bad now. (So, this is supposed to lead you to believe he’s bringing back dead people as zombie knights of some kind, and that 'questionable abilities as soldiers likely meaning they had free-will then)

They are all identical seeming, except for their weapons. They have non-photonic spears or regular swords. The armor is black with silver and red details. It has a reasonable ‘skirt’ of plate on 2 (hip) sides and a shorter one in front and back. The shoulders are, of course, pointy. The crest for the helm is short and red/feathered sort of. They are all the same height, which is a good bit taller than the tallest character, but it is not into the giant/minotaur range. Interestingly, the armor they have is actually pretty slick looking which is somewhat unusual for the design in the game. The regular designs/things you can actually wear & main character armor (Ex. Schlegger) is always infested with gizmos, points, frou-frou, dangly bits & ends up looking like a pile of weeds most of the time.
Elmir tells everyone that “ It’d be a waste if we didn’t use them effectively, that’d be so sad, wouldn’t it?” Xiera finds the suggestion repulsive. Gettem fights two of them, beats them, laughs and shouts at him in all caps saying to stop toying with everyone here. He demands to fight Elmir & the filthy emperor right now. Elmir knew this would happen, and says You’ll have to defeat the corpses of your friends then.  He laughs and walks away…which he is able to do because he summons more of these guys in the way of everyone. He MUST have some kind of teleporation ability because again, for seemingly a mile in every direction there's literally nothing to walk to / get behind & the main castle/city is not even in sight on a horizon.

Now, more of these knight types are summoned. They’re all a good bit taller than you (no matter how tall you are). They are Imperial Demonic Sorcerer & Demonic Soldier. Now, you have to fight them as enemies with the help of Gettem & Mel. They are actually really helpful! They can afflict stun, and jellen as well as a few other ailments which help. Gettem is very aggressive and will pull their aggro. The Soldier-Type are fairly strong, but they don’t have a ton of individual HP nor a ton of shielding. (So, easier to beat than the angel/phantoms earlier) Anyone with guns will have an ok time. The Sorcerer ones can use the FO phase/out step disappear thing, and cast a variety of kind of reddish/clear foie. They act more like player-characters than they do enemies and that is not by accident.

Mel & Gettem slam down the last guy as the fight ends. Xiera tells them enemy readings are gone, but Elmir is not nearby either. Gettem says no reason to be here then, we’ll go after the emperor now. She asks if he wants to hold a vigil first? He calls that meaningless, we need to fight the emperor right now anyway.  But suddenly he chokes out blood, making Xiera fret.

Don’t Push Yourself.
Why Don’t We Take a Break?

If you ask Why Don’t We Take A Break? (May appeal to Mel who is more reasonable/less hotheaded) He says don’t make him laugh, does it look like we’d get better by doing that? She explains that their bodies are already at the limit due to the experimental soldier project, so we don’t have the luxury of stopping. Xiera worries if they keep going at that rate…He says that’s fine, it’s how we are, it’s not about how much we have left to live but how we live it. He won’t end up like the guys we just beat, with these hands, he’ll crush the Emperor. Now, the blood on his lower lip is black. He walks on, and she watches him. She tells you she appreciates the care you have about their wellbeing, but she shares his view. And even so…if we did hold the memorial, in their current state we don’t know who they are and she doesn’t want to remember them like this. (It shows a view from the ground near the head of one of them, but the graphics/how it is/makes the skirt flange thing twitch near constantly, randomly which is distracting) She walks away, and Xiera can sense that both of them are awfully angry. Such cruelty must never be tolerated, we must absolutely end this. You nod and follow them past the fallen knights.

In the throne room, Elmir has returned to Schlegger, who asks if he has enjoyed himself. He didn’t think he’d have that much fun, he was a little worried about how they broke through quickly past the castles. They’re more than you’ve imagined, Elmir assures Schlegger, they’ll be well seasoned by the time they get here. This makes him laugh, and want to welcome them with suitable prep. It has been a long time since the blood in this decaying body has had any excitement. Elmir agrees and will leave it to him.

The scene ends. This one is ranked by damage.
As will be revealed next, the Emperor actually does not do anything at all to prepare. He sits in his chair and goes to sleep, which seems to be the end of his ‘prep’. Is this on purpose? They deliberately have them talking about preparation and then also really solidly show that nobody did anything. Is it to imply he's crazy or something? (Never gets answered)
Things learned:
Elmir can raise the dead if the dead had enough manna in them to begin with.
While Mel & Gettem kept saying things like ‘they could die’, this reveals that it’s more like maybe a matter of months than it is years, kind of no-matter-what they do.
Is there a way to de-manna & save them?
If you kill this Emperor and hopefully also Elmir, does it stop their influence?
Who is the ARKS equivelent for Elmir & Schlegger? Does everyone on Omega have an 'equivelent' person in ARKS?
Why are Elmir & Schlegger so different looking? It’s now been acknowledged in the dialogue so that’s a step in the right direction.

The End of The Conflict

After battling castles across the land, everyone arrives at the capital to confront Tyrant Emperor Schlegger.
A map shows you the path past castles that were defeated by your character along with ‘hardships along the way’. However, upon reaching the imperial city there was nothing but silence. The air seemed to say that only the emperor could exist here. He is looking for worthy prey.

Is this literal or not?
Has he actually killed every single Verunian citizen in the city? (The so-called country-side is always this barren empty brown desert land where you couldn’t hide even a bowling ball) Via them not actually building an ‘omega world’ to roam around in, it makes stuff like this vague.

Aaaand he’s sleeping in the throne room. Everyone runs in and he wakes up in his chair. (Wouldn't it have been cool to ninja up to the door and cap him in the face with a sniper rifle? Too bad...) He says ‘oh you’re here’. He is like, super blase` about it. Xiera asks if he’s the emperor. He says that’s right, a pleasure to meet you. Gettem cackles and says he finally sees his ugly face. Mel yells at him that everything ends here, as he’s destroyed the lives of all the people in Verun. He’s trifling with the nation, and bringing it to ruin. (Why would you not just bring something to shoot him with from across the room at this point? He's monologging! Sure he’d probably block it but…) He doesn’t look surprised at being shouted at today, and asks “Trifled with the nation? No he’s the emperor of the country, its his lands no matter how it seems-- he’s still the law. So, if you object, then strike me down and take my place as you were given the strength to do so by his own hands—you ungrateful trash.”

Xiera asks angrily what’s to be gained from strength obtained through unwanted modification? (She is off base with this question, it’s not the matter of that he’s modifying certain people, it’s that his rampant war has killed possibly nearly every single person in the country)
He answers her that simply, without strength, you’ll die. (Does he not know that the mana/demon process causes the people to randomly die, or to only live for a year/few years after it’s done? This NEEDED to be explained if he knows it or not and it never gets explained.) No matter how much you deny it, strength is justice because the weak obey the strong. Even at your age, you understand that, don’t you? (To Melphonsina, he asks this) Well, her age? She’s what, 20 something? He then turns to you saying you must have defeated many to gain such power. (How does he know about your ‘powers’, what are they?) Be it beast or man it makes no difference who you strike down, humanity or inhumanity doesn’t matter, strength is absolute, that’s the only universal truth in the world. He leans forward at this. Since ancient times, Verun builds itself evolving as warriors and now we have perfection, spreading war over the world and gaining power. No more questions, enough answers no more agreements, try to defeat this vessel!

He crushes 3 roses and turns into….Falz/Elder? But a little bit different and fancier looking. Somehow, he is now accompanied by two cyclonedas. The power of Ephemera shocks Xiera so she says it’s too much to see this thing again. (Meaning, she believed the Elder/Gettemelder thing died with Gettemhart/would never be seen again) Ephemera is part of PD.
Gettemhart thinks this situation is great and easy to understand so it’s very nice and he is happy. "If we defeat the monster we win, if we get eaten we lose, that’s it!" (Doubtful anything here could eat anyone, nothing has a mouth) Melphonsina tells him she’ll strike him down even if it costs her life. You get out the usual blue sword and the battle is on. Xiera wonders why the amount of enemies sent with him is low. There is good reason to wonder this! And then it never gets explained! Annoying!

This fight is actually very difficult.
Prepare WELL for it. He is quite on-par with a lot of the harder bosses in the game. Part of his issue is his size, he is larger than any person but he’s not a clunky dragon with poor turning radius. He has all of the Elder/Gettemelder attacks you faced (briefly) before, but he also adds poison of some type that makes you unable to heal that HP back until it wears off. It doesn’t chip your health like purple poison (its red) but it hogs the tip of your HP bar. It can be stacked, but only to a certain degree/amount. You can anti it away but he has it on several attacks so he’ll just try putting it back again.
He is cleverly equipped though, as he’s good vs all classes. Melee him and he has punching attacks and his sword in hand. Range at him and he can throw the sword so it spins around the room like the Blu Ringhada rings. He can wind up for the ‘power pillars that spiral outward on fixed paths’, sword smash the ground to make pillars that radiate, and also do ground/shock punch. He also has many room-crossing leap attacks.

There are several big pillars in the room, but these will all get broken in the fight. (If he attacks it at all, it always breaks and he is very reckless) This ‘destructible environment’ element isn’t that common. He does not seem to have super high DEF but he has HP in absolute spades.  He is very difficult to kite because he activates better versions of all the regular sword Photon Arts (like Over End but it goes across the entire room, horizontal sweeps but they’re half the room long, etc) so if you’re fleeing or kiting you still take a hit.
Where Melphonsina & Gettemhart shined before as NPCs there’s not going to be a lot they do vs this guy. Status effects don’t seem to stick to him. The only saving grace is that unless he’s jumping (very accurate) he’s not the fastest thing out there.

If you can beat him
He says “it can’t be”, and yells and falls down and the elder/falz-form vanishes, leaving him returned to his normal look. He claims that “his strength is devoured” so he falls to the floor more. He blames you saying it’s your doing and a mysterious ability that you have. Because of that though, it’s worth it to take it away. Now, he crackles with some red energy but does not look well. He goes to throw a blast at you but Gettem and Mel beat him right up. (I mean, they’re going to town whacking this guy, it is very positive and good.) Remember: Your character kind of nullifies rose/energy/manna whatever the bad stuff is here, he is likely referring to that. How does he think a red blast will 'take it away'?

Now that he’s been pummeled again he says “To be struck down by experimental trash…but that’s entertaining too.” He leaks red dust and Gettemhart laughs at him as he is in his dust and pain on the ground. He approaches the Emperor slowly, but falls, she goes to help him but he swats at her (and misses). Gettemhart wonders if this is how it ends, just how he wanted it? To be taken out by the strongest without leaving anything else. Melphonsina tells him that, Even if the Emperor is gone our battle isn’t over. He turns to her and looks mad, but he’ll leave the throne room with you & Mel.  (She is right, there’s still Elmir to get because he can bring infinite Devil Castles. Gettemhart is mad here because he feels the Emperor is getting what he wanted, even as he dies because it was his wish to go vs strong opponents.)

As everyone goes to leave though, Shlegger burns with a bit more of his red energy, he gets up, and he wants to leave a tear in the world before he leaves it.  He does a blast at Gettemhart (as everyone is walking away and has their backs to him) and Melphonsina gets in the way of it hitting Gettem, because she somehow sensed it and he didn’t turn around in time. He asks if she’s all right, she says yes and then, she stabs him in the gut with her dagger weapon and kicks him in the head. Melphonsina's body now says "to steal the inferior body was a setback but it’s not bad at all." She now has the red crackling energy upon her.

Wait no, Schlegger?!
You Stole Her Body?!

If you yell out You Stole Her Body? She says yes using demonization, mana is forced into a body where it’s then utilized, it’s not a foreign concept. In a single vessel 2 souls are useless therefore the weaker soul gets devoured and the stronger one remains so no explanation is necessary.

So what he’s saying is because she was an experiment with manna, he was able to take her over by blasting her with the red energy that somehow also made his body disappear. He is claiming her mind is dead, but is it really? Also, is this why he was an old man & Elmir wasn’t? Was he originally like Elmir and some old guy fought him, lost, got manna-ed and then Schlegger became that guy as a bodysnatcher type take-over? This is also the most CLASSIC BLUNDER of all fiction where we walk slowly away from a huge threat because ‘oh it is dead for sure now’ and then always it magically isn’t oooo noooo. The thing is such an over-used trope that it is likely a cliché, but it is still very bad that it happened here. You’d think Gettemhart would have wanted the old man’s head after all this…that would have been perfectly in-character too.

Gettem says it’s bullshit and goes to punch her but she can dodge all his attacks (As he is notably slower now that he has fought the Elder/Form, and also been stabbed) and makes his previous stab wound bleed. He says she does well  (meaning the body he stole) but he’ll only last a few minutes no-matter what he does now.
This desperation from Gettemhart prompts him to ask “oh did you love this person the body is?” Well he could have some fun with it now…but he’ll have to save it for the afterlife. (WAIT how perverted is this guy? He’s a dude and he’s like somehow possessing a girl and then offering sex with this other random man he just now sees? Is he doing it just to be nasty or….? It's especially out of no-where because there were no indications that Schlegger was a wierdo pervert anywhere before now, he was just a power-hungry tyrant type.)
However, he can’t do anything about the nastyness because Gettemhart falls again and coughs up red dust and blood (because it is infect with the darker problem). Xiera gets super upset saying can’t we just talk it over? (A liiiiiiittttle hypocritical and also inappropriate when she was all rah rah lets get ‘em when we first got here and now that it looks like they are losing she is like this/acting a coward.) Schlegger doesn’t listen to her and goes to chop off Gettem’s head but of course you can block it. This annoys him, so he challenges you to a rematch without this trash, it’ll be different than with his previous and broken body. (You never matched actual Schlegger though so…)