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Chapter 1: The Masked Girl
Chapter 2: Beyond the Sands
Chapter 3: Hive Mop-Up
Chapter 4: Shadow Conspiracy
Chapter 5: Valley of Suspicion
Chapter 6: Rescue Hyuga
Chapter 7: Protect the Festa
Chapter 8: Flash of Ruin
SideBar: Operation Firebreak
Chapter 9: Price of Genocide Chapter 10: Ambition of the Illuminus On To Ambition of the Illuminus
Shadow Conspiracy/Shadows of Conspiracy

This takes place directly after everyone's return from the hive on the last chapter. No sooner does the ship dock with the colony, and Mina congratulate you, then everyone is ordered to the medical exam room. However, if you are a cast, you don't have to go. (They can't be infected with SEED virus, but they can be taken over by seed somehow, as Magashi proved. Maybe it's just really hard.) Of course, Laia argues with having to go the medical center. Hyuga says everyone has to be sure that they're not infected with the virus, so Laia eventually agrees. Only this time, she's not just being contrary (like every other time) but she is actually afraid to go.

If you're a cast, they'll say to come along 'for reference'. While everyone's waiting for the results, Laia and Hyuga talk. The results come in, and they need Hyuga to retake the test, much to everyone's surprise, and Hyuga's dismay. He has been going on the whole time about "Protection from the devine light" but, perhaps just not for him. Next, Laia is called to lab 3. She is really worried about things now, and asks you to come with her. Laia doesn't like doctors or hospitals, but doesn't want to admit to being afraid of the results. Fortunately, it's just Maya!

Maya called her in there under the medical pretense to give everyone some private time to talk. This has naturally ruffled Laia, because it had her genuinely worried. They agitate each other over Leo, and how if Laia would only be a bit nicer to people, they wouldn't always be looking to give her a hard time right back. Laia then says she's just fine with being loud and ugly! To brighten her up, Maya suggests to go see Leo, who is well again and just in the hospitals' waiting room. When everyone arrives though, Maya claims that Laia demanded to see him!

This simply isn't true, and it once again sets Laia off by embarrassing her. This is also rather rotten of Maya to do, because it is encouraging the infidelity of Leo toward his own wife and child. It is also allowing false pretenses for poor Laia as well, because to be with Leo, he'd have to split off from his family which isn't right either. (if he really likes them, which he seems to) Leo thanks Laia for saving him, but says Hyuga will be hospitalized for a while longer.

This brings up the obvious question of "If Hyuga's not ok, then why is Laia fine?"

Laia suspects everyone of hoarding secrets as she usually does, but Maya and Leo aren't talking. Laia reveals it was Hyuga who told her more info on the virus, which causes Maya to explain about what went on with Ethan in the offline portion. (Maya and Hyuga were trapped at HIVE: HAL when they went to try and rescue Dr. Kou Taragi, and Ethan & co. had to go and rescue them etc) Maya tells everyone she still has to go in for testing every 3 days because of the incident, to make sure she's still ok. That's fine with her though, because it's in the same area where she is studying the flesh of SEED forms.

Her work is inspired by the terrible fate of Dr. Taragi, who loved her. He was turned into a Carriguine and died on the hive. Laia thinks of it as Maya's way of revenge. So far, she has been able to just delay symptoms, but acknowledges that this isn't a cure. She also says that in some cases, conversion into a SEED form does not occur, but no one knows why. Also, the route of infection isn't known, because people that have never been to a hive, and never even saw a SEED have been infected. The interesting explanations are halted when an alarm sounds.

Someone has sounded the alarm because the native creatures that were being studied in the labs for seed infection, have escaped. You then have to go and fight the escaped animals, and some which are (interestingly enough) inside large item boxes. I guess the boxes can be used to store more than just inanimate things! Unfortunately, a Lou calls and says that the animals are headed for an underground passage (it's just a tunnel, there is no real 'ground' to be under on a space-station) in the residential block. Laia thinks it could be an accident, but Maya knows it's Illuminus. Why? Because other annoyances have been occurring, such as small fires and data wipes. The escaped creatures this time, are also accompanied by many small fires on the ground. Also, the animals had to be given a path of disabled locks to reach the residential area (where they'd do the most damage--because monsters can't open doors, someone had to let them in)

Part 2

When you move onto the residential tunnels, you run into Leo and Tonnio. They explain that an explosion occurred and collapsed parts of an outer wall onto some civilians who were escaping. The real disaster occurs when the operations room announces that this section of the station will be broken off to contain the disaster. They don't know there are people still inside (including you!) because communications go down. Tonnio wanted to take it on with Leo, but they're talked out of it because Leo was too recently injured. Instead, you and Laia must save everyone in under 15 minutes while Leo and Tonnio run to the Communications room to stop them. You can hear a beacon near each person who is trapped under rubble. Unfortunately, all monsters in the area must be defeated before the rubble will break. Also of note is that some of the rubble-piles are mined. Someone had to go through setting up the traps. If you can rescue everyone, you move along to another area where there's 1 more victim.

It's Lumia! Lumia recognizes Maya and asks what's going on. Then, she suspects Ethan of causing the trouble!

This means that Lumia knows something we don't, or she's extremely stupid. Ethan would know where she was, and he wouldn't bomb his own sister if he has 1 shred of sanity left. She should know something like this, but blabbers along. You learn that she was being protected at a guardians HQ, but that was hit too. She escaped, but was caught in the rubble. As Lumia runs to safety, Tonnio shows up on the com-link to notify that the air leak has been stopped, and the section won't be cut off, after all. Laia is disappointed that Leo didn't answer the phone, and Maya heckles her again.

The heckling can't continue because Lucaim Nav appears! This sudden outbreak was enough to get the president himself involved, much to everyone's amazement. However, he hasn't returned so guess who has to look for him. Nav says he needs Maya for something, and everyone runs off. Fight off some monsters, including Vears, and push some buttons to discover Dallgun. Laia is of course, angry at him somehow and doesn't want to talk...

Because He's her (adoptive) father!

After dropping this bomb, it's explained that she was adopted by Dallgun and she joined the Guardians so she could be just like everyone else, with no special treatment or privileges, which she hates. She also did it to get away from home. She's mad at him for some reason, but he just seems sad that she won't visit or call. She says she's waiting until the whole Seed mess is cleaned up but...

Looks like Nav went the wrong way on purpose to force her to encounter president Dallgun--but for what reason? After ditching Dallgun, Maya and Laia reveal that they trained together as Guardians 8 years ago, but before they can reminisce, a Lou runs up. Dr. Tomrain is missing! He was the original goal of the fires/escaped animals/bombs etc. That was just a distraction by Illuminus to get him out from under heavy guard. They almost got to him once before, but this time they succeeded--possibly due to a traitor in the Guardians.

Most of the exposition on this one was at the start, regarding Maya vs. the SEED. Lumia suspecting Ethan is very curious as well, no one thinks she's that dumb. The mission is surprisingly difficult to complete within the time limit, but doesn't add up to be much of the plot, either. This seems more a vessel for SEED related explanation, which is excellent.

Who is the traitor among the Guardians? Is it anyone we already know?

We also know it is TONNIO who is supposed to be in charge of guarding Tomrain, so why is he racing around this mission with Leo? It's against his job.

Valley of Suspicion / Canyon of Intrigue

This is by far the most exciting mission yet provided.

This time you, Laia and Lou are dispatched to the Bistonia Mine. That’s where it is suspected that Illuminus is holding Dr. Tomrain, who as you know was kidnapped in the last mission. Lou and Laia are exempt from signing a non-disclosure agreement by order of the president. (likely so Laia wouldn’t pitch another fit) This fact impresses Mina, which is likely to get on Laia’s nerves, because she hates special treatment. She does not say anything, however.

This mine is located in the East Kugu desert, and was supposed to have been shut down 600 years ago. (this would put the shut down sometime at the very start of the great wars period). Lou informs you that you’re pretty much going there on a guess, as there’s only a 7% chance of Dr. Tomrain being present in that mine. The information comes from the captured mole.

Of course, Laia wants to know who this mole is, and it’s none other than Lobril Manart. Someone no one has ever heard of before. Laia is mad she doesn’t know him. He is a human from Parum. Laia, of course, rants that she suspected the mole to be Ethan. Lou goes on to say that they know Illuminus is juggling the doctor around to various abandoned mines to keep his location secret. She also mentions a 1.7% chance of Ethan being in Bistonia as well. Laia then suspects everyone of being a mole, until Nav shows up.

He claims to be in a disguise, but Laia calls him on this and says ‘he’s unique in the solar-system’ (indeed, as an npc, he is). She also knows that he is somewhat of a dirty old man and threatens to run out on any situation if he gets close to her butt! (who initially programmed this guy?) Nav knows that the President strongly disagrees with pretty much everything Illuminus has to say—which surprisingly some members of the Guardians don’t agree with!

Here AGAIN we have the problem of “What is Illuminus’ full goal roster?”

ALL we know is that they're pro-human rule over everything/planet, pro-beast slavery. That’s it. Of course, no guardian would agree with this outrageous stance--so they must have SOMEthing of moderation in there that they've just not said that would be agreeable to some. What is it already!

Take the G-flyer to the mine, and Nav will start to drop some bombs upon everyone present. School was wrong. You know this was hinted at from offline story, when the reporter confesses she doesn’t know much about the Mellvore incident, and how it wasn’t taught in schools much/if at all. Naturally being the huge disaster that it was, this is very strange. He explains that Moatoob was once green, under the period of human rule. (it was taught it was most always a desert) The beasts were slaves to humans during this time. (It was explained already that beasts were created for their superior strength to be used on moatoob to mine it) Laia says that in school, everything was passed off as a Labor Dispute, but that it seemed suspicious because what sort of dispute would cause a 500 year revolt. The revolt ended at the Tarcus Treaty, mentioned earlier.

Illuminus, is apparently ready to roll back to this situation and attempt to re-enslave beasts. As you move on, Nav spies another terminal. He asks Laia to access it, but she’s not much one for hacking or even pressing buttons, so he has to do it. This prompts an interesting statement that "He has been relying on others a lot lately" and how he had better stop. The terminal reveals that ‘enemy hq’ should be ahead. Naturally, the areas are infested with monsters, which you must defeat. The last area has some robots in it, of the old Endrum variety. Laia is correct when she says this is just about equal to an announcement that “we’re here!”. She then spies a strange figure and goes dashing off.

Nav has to keep a level head here, with Laia jumping at Ethan-ish shadows, and reminds her of the missions’ real purpose: Rescue poor Dr. Tomrain. Endrum has filled up the mine with a nice variety of annoying machines to trouble your way. If you can pass them all, a broken terminal will intrigue Nav and Laia. All he knows from it is that this is some kind of ‘photon bomb’ making facility. This is BAD news, especially now to be trespassing around in a bomb factory.

In a strange new room…someone appears. It’s Ethan! What’s he doing here? And he’s dressed in a strange trench coat as well, with the word “Punishment” down special straps on the sides. Naturally, Laia is out to ruin the whole encounter and wants to only kill Ethan and not find out anything. Fortunately, before she can rush him, he gets near a strange large machine, and claims that it could ‘explode the whole facility’ if he pushes a button!

Is he suicidal?
Fortunately not. She steps off, and Ethan starts to ask questions and explain some things. “What did he see?” “The headmaster should know” This exchange is inside-info only, and tells us nothing.

What about Olson?

This is a real revelation that Olson Waber is likely to NOT BE DEAD. If he’s still kicking around, it would make sense, but also reveal a conspiracy to say that he died. Naturally, since it’s his own father, Ethan MUST investigate, at all costs. He goes on to say some terrifying information, that a “A-Photon-Bomb” has already been constructed. This very room was used to create it! But it is gone now…

The bomb was created with help from a special reactor from the relics. The ancient civilization had much better A-photon tech, so this makes sense. The bomb is called Sochee.

Illuminus wants to use the bomb, and SEED to kill everyone who is not human. This is their ‘at large’ nefarious goal. But…a-photon bombs kill EVERYone in an area. They’d sacrifice about as many humans as the other races, if they were to set one off! How suicidal are they?

If you don’t think the news can get worse…it can! The bombs are going to go into mass production at facilities in unknown areas. Ethan then says Illuminus tried to lure him into their organization, but he resisted and has not joined them.

He then says “he has to wait to clear his name”, and that he can’t even trust Nav and the rest of the party yet. He has more investigating to do. This is EXACTLY what has been suspected all along. Ethan is just on a tangent working ‘outside the law’ after the framing, to clear his name (a’la the fugitive) and solve a mystery that simply MUST have government and Guardians ties that run deep. The only way to win, is to avoid ALL possible traitors or ‘bought agents’ which is precisely what he’s doing by working alone, and with people that he knows he can trust on the other side of all organizations. (the rouges)

Next, Olson Waber is revealed as Obel Dallguns’ best pal. So therefore, Ethan would’ve had to meet/trust Dallgun since an early age, since his father would likely meet and visit with him frequently. Yet another reason to distrust that Ethan would actually try to murder Dallgun. He obviously valued his own father, and likely also his father’s friends.

Laia starts kicking up another fuss about ‘special treatment’ and attempts to argue with Ethan. This drives him off, and she wants to hunt him down. Nav stops her, much to her extreme agitation. The only explanation he can give is to trust him, which only infuriates her more. The President is also in favor of keeping Ethan on the lam, so that he can do whatever it is he’s up to. By this point Laia pretty much hates everyone, and says how disappointed she is with all of the authorities for acting so horribly and letting her down and basically ruin everything because Ethan is guilty guilty guilty!

She starts raving on about how the mission is a mega-failure because no Doctor, no Illuminus, and now no Ethan. Nav then comes clean about the second half of the mission: the dual goal was to report on Ethan as well, and now he can do that, so nothing’s really trashed, and a lot was learned. He says he trusts Ethan didn’t kidnap the good Doctor, so Laia starts accusing Nav of things again.

Fortunatly, she’s interrupted by a frantic call from Maya.
Hyuga is missing from the hospital on Parum.

Why is he at a Parum hospital? He was at Maya’s lab on the colony. Did he run off, or was he kidnapped?