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Chapter 1: The Masked Girl
Chapter 2: Beyond the Sands
Chapter 3: Hive Mop-Up
Chapter 4: Shadow Conspiracy
Chapter 5: Valley of Suspicion
Chapter 6: Rescuting Hyuga
Chapter 7: Protect the Festa
Chapter 8: Flash of Ruin
SideBar: Operation Firebreak
Chapter 9: Price of Genocide Chapter 10: Ambition of the Illuminus On To Ambition of the Illuminus
Rescuing Hyuga / Hyuga’s Rescue 6

At the beginning Maya calls everyone in to lab 3 again, to give the details. When Laia and you arrive, there’s no Maya though. Laia becomes curious and calls Maya, who accuses you of being late, and says to go to the Parum PPT port to meet her there. When you arrive, she’s not there either. The android girl who monitors the port to Parum says she left a message, which is “I’m going on ahead- meet at Holtes central”. So it’s onto the ppt shuttle and into Holtes central. Maya once again does not appear, but Hips Yellow Cast shows up instead. He reveals that he was told to give Laia the message ‘go to the linear line station’. Never one to pass up an opportunity to heckle someone, he gives Laia a hard time, possibly demanding payment for his time spent waiting on her to show up (it must have been an entire 3 minutes!) Naturally Laia takes the bait and hassles him right back, saying he’s just a ‘sucker for a pretty face’ (which would be vaguely impossible as he’s a cast) but he gets shifty and denies it. You then run off to the linear line station.

You have to hurry onto the train, or it will leave. This produces a neat CG cinema of the train, which is owned by GRM. While moving around the train to get to the first car, you encounter all sorts of Parum animals, which are all lightening attribute and look different because of it. (A distova will have yellow criss-cross lines and be pale) GRM is also apparently using giant crates to store individual monomates as well.

You finally find Maya in the lead car, she explains how she had to rush onto the train and couldn't wait up. She then tells you that Hyuga was being moved to a hospital with all the latest equipment to help him. There is a record of him being transferred off colony but none for his arrival on Parum. He was never even assigned a room. Laia suspects he was kidnapped, but Maya has already had Lou hack the hospital records. (which Laia heckles her about) The hospital was run by GRM and they have falsified the data! Also, the transit which you are on is not on any official timetable.

Maya didn’t know that the train had any animals on it. Maya decides to look into it and touches the console. Laia knows that she messes up many things she touches, so they argue. Maya thought Hyuga was on the train, but since you didn’t see him on the way to this car, he’s obviously not. Apparently Maya pushed something wrong, and an alarm sounds. The guard machines of the train mobilize. Your task is to fight all 100 that the train is equipped with, and meet back with Maya.

All the machines are your standard GRM fare like BUGGE and Gohma Dilla/Methna,
which take forever to kill if you are not a force, and otherwise attempt to mess up your grade. Once you’ve eliminated them all over the course of 1 train car, you can talk to Maya again, but Lou can’t break down their firewall. Everyone is disrupted when the train begins to shake! It is being boarded….

By Renvolt Magashi!

Everyone is totally shocked as he and the SunSpot Searcher enter the train car. Renvolt, in fine form again, immediately begins to talk. He thinks that the guard machines were deployed to suppress the native creatures which were an “Invalueable Experiment” (well naturally, they were odd lightening variants) Maya thinks Magashi died on Moatoob, which is true and he also died on Hive HAL. Did he hear you? The suspense mounts until he needs to remind SunSpot Searcher of ‘the matter they discussed’ The sample capsules are undamaged which is good for Sunspot searcher. He warns him that “No matter what you’ll deliver the capsules! Don’t fail again!” Magashi and his crew which include Solda and Assault leave as the train arrives at the station.

When you sneak off the train, you find that it is the “GRM Research Cargo Transport Entrance” which looks like the sea-floor facility. Calling Lou again proves unfruitful, as she has no word on anything. Maya elaborates that Huyga needs his vaccine every 8 hours or the virus may begin to multiply again. It has been 10 hours since he’s gone missing--and the vaccine isn’t perfect. He could turn into a SEED form!

Part 2

GRM Research Facility

What are they doing down in this facility? It is determined that you will have to find Huyga on foot, because Lou can’t help. Unfortunatly the area is loaded with Tyrentos and BUGGE machines, as well as shielded Gaozoran--all of which really know how to waste your time and drive down your mission-grade. There are also fence puzzles to block your way, as well as a Carriguine at the end. Everyone knows the Carriguine was guarding something big--indeed, a room of capsules is revealed. Some investigation turns up Hyuga in one of them; let him out quick!

He can walk, but not really fight as he’s still feeling sick. He doesn’t remember what happened, either. Before more questioning can commence, 3 guys run up. A man with red hair and a green coat is the director of this GRM facility. He is Taams Mushrow. He has with him a spiky ponytail newman and a science cast in clothes. He explains that the “Anti-intruder defense” malfunctioned, and apologizes for the trouble. Apparently, it is 1 thing to have security but another to use SEED to do it for you! It is against the law/treaty to use SEED forms for any means--after all they’re dangerous to everyone, and likely infectious.

It is also illegal to keep SEED, but the lab is working at the request of the Alliance Military, who got permission from the Gov’t of Parum, COG and the Moatoob Trade Federation (MTF) It has implications for AMF’s next generation of soldiers. He goes on to say that the AMF should technically be composed of an equal amount of people from all 4 races, but it is currently 95% CAST. He feels their work/research may balance the stats. Hyuga, an impartial viewer agrees with the concept. Laia threatens terrible fates for the researcher, but Leo stops her. He says everyone needs to just get out of the facility.

The Dr. does not know why Huyga was even there---or says he doesn’t. Laia suddenly gives up quickly, with less of her usual bluster.

Back in the sun of Holtes, Leo says GRM could technically sue the Guardians for breaking in, because they hadn’t broken any laws. Laia says that GRM and Illuminus may be connected because she saw a Hive-type terminal in the facility. The 3 scientists could be being misled by Illuminus claiming to be the AMF. Laia explains that she gave up quickly because Magashi might return--which is typical of bullies: content to bully the presumed weaker (scientists), but paralyzed with fear as soon as a stronger bully (Magashi) is even suspected to be near. Everyone hopes those researchers are OK. Before parting ways, Hyuga wants to investigate GRM, so Leo suggests that he ask the president. Leo knows the President already suspects GRM of being up to something fishy, and is likely to grant Hyuga permission to investigate.

This chapter is not that eventful in the way of revealing facts or even exposing more secrets. Hyuga is fine, and Illuminus is suspected of being up to no good and tricking people. (yea yea what else is new?) Certainly GRM looks much more tarnished at this point, but of course, there's no proof or reason to their meddling. The main points are simply reiterations from earlier missions like:
Magashi/Illuminus wants to study SEED and experiment on animals
GRM is somehow studying SEED
AMF is studying SEED
Magashi is still active and doing things

The only added fact here is part of WHY GRM is studying the SEED--at the behalf of AMF to level out the army population/next-gen soldiers and that they have a TON of permits to do some pretty edgy things.

Chapter 7 Protect the Festa / Festival of Light

Finally, you get an assignment that Laia is not all bent out of shape over. You’ll be helping to provide security for the Holy Light Festa. The Guardians do this every year, and it’s a fairly cushy assignment because nothing ever happens. Soon, Leo arrives to help with the mission, so Mina accuses Laia of blushing when she sees him. So Laia threatens to knock out Mina! Of course, Leo has issues with this, and they end up going back and forth over it.

There have been rumors that someone is going to attempt to assassinate the Maiden, although Neudaiz is usually such a peaceful place. Laia suspects Illuminus is behind the assassination plot. Laia and Leo are arguing over the innocence/guilt of Ethan once again, when Kurtz appears and greets everyone. The AMF has been mobilized due to recent attacks. Since he seems rather conversational, you find that Central never tells the AMF people anything specific, it just sends them around the solar system. Kurtz then surprises everyone but Leo when he promises to investigate Illuminus further with his AMF powers. Leo once again reminds everyone that he used to be so overbearing, but he’s different now. Naturally Laia wants to know why, and Leo credits Ethan. There isn’t much she can say to this. This is really a turning-point for Laia. She can't keep flying in the face of the facts.

You head out to the mountains to do night rounds. This is supposed to keep anything from stopping the Festa, by preventing evil-doers from even getting close to the area. Instead of finding suspects though, you run into the Maiden and 2 of her guards. Laia asks why Ethan might try to kidnap the Maiden. Naturally, she can’t answer so they start arguing. More guards show up so the Guardians are driven off. Laia suspects she’s hiding something or wanted to escape. Before Leo can give his opinion, there’s an earthquake. Of course, Laia is likely to finally be spot-on with this guess.

Leo finds out that there are Seed creatures here, so Laia immediately says Illuminus did it to cause a panic. So you set off into the forest at night to fight only Dark-Type monsters. Again, she is likely right. Lou contacts you from headquarters and says despite all the extra Guardians and mobilized AMF forces, the incidents of Seed Monsters has cancelled the Festa. Something far more outrageous has also happened: Mt. Ohtoku is missing!

Lou says to purify all the Seed, and then chase the terrorists. After fighting off a variety of dark monsters including Gaozorans, you find 3 of Solda. Most likely, like Lou, there are multiples of the same CAST man. One of them is moving around slightly or…’breathing’ (but likely not actually breathing, as it is a CAST) Laia wants to ask questions but he possibly deactivates himself. It is vague if or how he ‘dies’, and nothing is really said about what precisely he did or had happen to him.

Part 2

It is discovered that the supposed goal of the terrorists is to destroy COG HQ, so everyone scrambles back to Ohtoku. When you find out that Guardians and COG Armed Servants will have to work together, Laia gets mad. The terrorists are around an abandoned temple, and have set the guard machines (Bysha) to run out of control and attack everyone. The COG and Guardians will have to work together to stop this plot. Outside, you see that Mt. Ohtoku really IS missing! But how could a whole mountain disappear?

Once at the temple, the guards try to chase you off, even though you’re invited. Bullying past the guys who didn’t get the memo, you fight around in the eccentric temple design. There are Bysha as well as Solda and ###.

Ethan appears! And runs off and locks a door. No one was really expecting to find him in here…so what’s going on? An Adahna Degahna appears in the room. As you fight it, the damage opens the door that Ethan locked so that you can escape. A strange machine is in the room. It appears to have mystical energy, and pods where several girls appear to be sleeping. What is all this for?

Later, Rutsu explains that they are “sisters of the holy light” which are a type of Divine Maiden candidate. It was never made clear HOW the position was acquired, except by bloodline due to what Doghi Mikuna said—his whole female side of the family always had lots of mystic powers. Perhaps the position is indeed elect-able. Rutsu explains that going into the capsules in secret to run this machine is part of their rigorous mental training. It seems that Ethan was out to destroy the machine, but why?

Why is Ohtoku gone? What is Ethan doing in there? COG won’t help you with any answers, and then actually throw you out of the HQ. Laia is busily suspecting Rutsu of being up to no good when Lou calls. She has found that the energy in the girl’s room is similar to LSS (Lattice Shield System) LSS uses spirit energy from the living to generate it’s power. Is COG trying to create a new version of the LSS to guard themselves from SEED invasion? Laia says that Ethan let himself be seen on purpose to lead the Guardians to that device. But why? The LSS demands a lot of energy, so he may have been trying to help the girls, if they are trapped inside, rather than simply training. (since none of them were conscious, it is not provable to be voluntary or not)

It is found that Mt. Ohtoku is actually a man-made landscape feature. It is apparently a ‘pile of water’ of some kind which is maintained through an energy field. That is why water appears to flow up its sides…it is being pumped up there by machinery of some sort, or an energy field. The mountain vanished because (someone) managed to cut power to whatever it is that kept the mountain ‘up there’ and solid enough. With photon supply restored, the mountain has returned.

It is never clear HOW Ohtoku works. Unfortunately it is VERY unexplained or elaborated on for such a huge piece of scenery that is of such importance to the plot and everyone.

While the mountain was only gone for a few hours tops, it was more a propaganda incident than a real terrorist attack. After all, if this holy mountain can just be made to vanish, how safe is anyone? This is PROVIDED the generators have never before failed on it, and the mountain has been standing for several years (75? 25? 10?) without interruption OR explanation. No one would think anything of a blackout turning off the lights at a major landmark, so why is everyone getting so riled up about what amounts to a glorified fountain is shut down for a few hours? It isn’t logical unless no one knows what it really is, or it has long been uninterrupted.

Due to this, Rutsu has issued a formal complaint against Ethan. He thinks Ethan found a way to cut power to it in order to panic everyone. It rather worked. This will turn up the heat on Ethan even further—regardless of whether or not he had anything to do with it. The last revelation here is that it is suspected that the Communion is trying to divert attention away from secret experiments AND that the president thinks so too!

Some important things happened in this one:..unfortunatly all it does is raise more questions:
**Laia is finally coming around that Ethan Waber isn't the devil. All her Ethan-bashing is finally falling apart in her own mind as every single person who met him stands up for him. This is why Kurtz had such a dramatic character shift, to really drive home the point.
**Ohtoku isn't a real mountain with mystical up-flowing water. It is a man-mande fake mountain OF water.
**Ohtoku needs answers. What is it REALLY? What keeps it up? Why is it so signifigant to everyone if it's just a really large "fountain"?
**What is the machine that Ethan wanted to expose, and why? If it is an LSS, what is it for?
**What 'secret experiments' is COG doing, and why? If Dallgun knows, it has to be something...