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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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239 3/7
Going back to Xiao & he’ll ponder that Double can create copies of opponents it’s eaten. He confirms they ate Apprentice Woman & Loser’s powers, but it’s probable they have Elder’s too. Matoi wonders if they’re still hanging out at Harkotan, and Xiao feels that they’re treating it like a playground so that’s an all right place to try and end them.
But first, he wants to talk with the Miko, can you & Matoi head right out? She’s eager to go, saying her physical is over, and happily skips off to get ready. Once she’s gone, Xiao asks if you’re feeling ok, because “The battle from 10 years ago is starting to overlap with the events of this battle”. So don’t push yourself.

A cutscene appears where Double is on Lilipa instead. They feel it took “a while to get back”. (From where though?) The Girl complains ‘Elder really did it’, but now that he’s gone we don’t have to think about it. They next agree that all ARKS who keep showing up are so annoying that they must eat them next chance they get.

So, this seems to confirm that Double won the fight & Elder died. It wasn’t really clear because all three just vanished in the ‘darker ball warp thing’ they sometimes get into. It's also unexplained how Double gets from planet to planet without warping tech.

History That Holds the Darkness Matterboard Episode 3 Chapter 5

Katori & Saga in Shironia Town
This is untranslated.
Katori runs up to you in quite a rush, doing her usual complaining about that she’s tired of Saga’s special training and now she smells bad. He catches her in her energetic complaining, and says she has good enough fitness to do that. He commands her to stop pestering you with her complaining because it’s a hindrance to your fighting. She tells him that it’s an opinion that neither you nor she swears, drops an actual F-bomb on him (! ) then wishes you were her partner instead of him. (The translator machine can take this in a number of ways, she may not have dropped an F-bomb but it’s all about the context which you can’t gather anyway)

So, he says why not then? He could be at the limit of his teaching ability, so, there’s no change in her mission, just partners, report away from him & he goes to leave.

Now, she gets worried that he’d actually go away, and tells him she was kidding and it was a joke. He tells her not to push herself, and that he was compelling before, but now he’s sorry. She’s never heard such a nice thing from him, so she claims to be sticking to her own chest and hits herself on the chest. Then, propelled by this (I guess) she claims she can go much further and do much more. They go back and forth that she can do it.
Now, he has a special training about special roots & she figures out maybe a bit that him ‘leaving’ was the real ruse. He drags her off once more. So, she's still a dunce that's like the oldest trick in the book.

Io is on Shironia
She’s glad to see you, when it’s just you 2, after a while and all the events going on. She says it’s becoming more common to ‘move together’ (likely, as ARKS teams) but it means seeing less of you probably. Some missions are troublesome, but others are enjoyable enough. You always looked worried about her, but though she’s clumsy she’ll be ok. Also, she wants you to be able to count on her more. She is a big boy now. (Remember, she has male speech patterns for no explained reason)

239 3/8
Sukuna’s on a roof talking to Kotoshiro when you can find her.
She’s glad to see you, as you appear and help them so much. She hasn’t had the chance to check all the seals properly so please bear with her. Plus she ‘couldn’t leave that guy behind’. She’s sure it’s the twins behind the Kuronite aggression, so defeating them would solve the issue. So her course is clear: seek out the brats and get them herself.

Kotoshiro steps in to block her, saying she’s already weakened from the fight before, so he’ll forbid her from going. She argues back out of the way, the goddess asks it, does he dare disobey? He argues with her again, surprisingly, saying if she wants him to stand down, she’ll have to force him…assuming she even can in the state she’s in.

Both Of You Should Calm Down
Is There No Other Way?

If you ask Is There No Other Way? Kotoshiro will agree, saying we need to consider options. Now, she turns to you, asks you what could you think of, it’s best to do it fast because the few people left won’t be lost/die.

Matoi wonders if she could ask for both Shironian & Kuronian support?
(Has she not just heard that pretty much ALL of Kuronia has been completely bamboozled by the stupid twins? Like 40 times they fool these dorks into either aggressing or hiding?) If she asks both kings they could be sure to help…but Sukuna glares this idea down directly. She explains that neither king would take action. Kotoshiro is inclined to agree…but the only way to know for sure is to ask. Since she can’t take big action for a while, she’ll agree to use the time to seek their views.

Patty Tea & Matoi are in Shironia Town

This is untranslated. And somehow it’s a bit funnier.
Patty appears with her usual enthusiasm. She asks what do you want because Patty is always familiar. Matoi comes up too, shouting out “It’s Matoi!” Patty says she wasn’t a producer (of Matoi appearing) this time it’s different, she appeared arbitrarily. Matoi wonders if she’s made something be wrong here. Tea asks if it’s something wrong or everything wrong. Matoi sometimes saw 2 people which seemed like fun with a momentum.

Patty assures her that they will not refuse to come with their motto.
They’ve got fresh information from 3 people now, in the “back yard” of Shironia town is the Black Castle, home of the Kuronites, which the Arks are investigating with the permission of the Miko as darker erosion is continuing. Matoi says her info is good because the Miko is a friend.

Patty asks what Wakazu is. (There is no explanation for this)
Tea asks Matoi if she’d go info gathering with her in the future, so Patty is shocked. But this is usual Tea behavior trying to get rid of Patty.

You can Scare Up Reda in the Facility
He is frightened at the appearance of you/anyone, thinking it was more darkers attacking.  He says you had a fight with Falz, right? Even on Harkotan Dark Falz is making stories. (People talking about it?) Can we afford to use all the power of the ARKS on it when it’s like that? He then goes on to say “The Star Shinzo”, and that he can’t afford to ‘get caught’, he wants to eliminate the suffering and deal with it, and that’s why “he was alarmed around him”.
The translate here is clearly not working that well. He’s more confusing than anything, maybe this one was meant to be ‘newsy’ but it just doesn’t work. This one…really didn’t work very well in the translator. The word “shinzo” has come up in the translator before, but it always seems to confound it because the sentences with it don’t make much sense no-matter who is saying them.

Quna meets Afin
Another untranslated one.
She thanks you for coming to see her, but she has lots of acquaintances, but if there’s a rumor…but before she can continue she sees Afin, and calls him over. He’s surprised you know Quna (and probably that she’s up there) She says that reaction is the same as Io, but you both work with ARKS. She asks if he gets along with Io, to which he replies ‘it’s as it is’, which is super…nothing of a reply. Quna says that because Io is always alone she makes an effort to see her sometimes.

He tells her ‘she knows’, so don’t go say it’s like his sister. Quna asks if he has a sister, you go to block her from saying this here. Quna asks if she’s heard something she shouldn’t ask.  He starts off …’ing her, then says yes, and she’s alive and some day he’ll make her see her.  Now, he’ll go  look for her. Once he’s gone, Quna was worried ‘she stepped on a land mine’, because it seems complicated somehow.

Sara & Claris are Arguing in the Facility
Claris wants to go one way, but Sara says that way will take longer, so Claris argues that her gut says to go the other way. Sara argues that her gut has actually gotten the both of them lost. Now, this riles her up more so she starts shouting out in all caps like a big baby that she wants to go the other way. When you walk up, Claris says you're just in time, but Sara wants you to see if you can get her to listen and stop complaining. Claris blames Sara for complaining.

You're her older sister, you should let her.
Your older sister is wiser, you should listen to her.

If you say Your older sister is wiser, you should listen to her, Sara will ask where she wants to go. This makes her refuse and surrender and try to go Sara's way. Sara says to don't be like that,  because she claimed to have a good sense of direction. But now, she insists to go Sara's way, and they do.

239 3/9
You come upon Afin standing a ways from Yucretia, he says leave it to him.
He calls her Yu-nee (a combo of her name and Nichan/Nee-chan which is “sister”) She says don't, but he says he can't help it, she's his sister. She gloomily repeats she's Apprentice, enemy of ARKS. He says she can stop pretending. She knew deep down something was off, even before Double told her. He asks if he's right that the other DarkFalzes could command darkers as well as fight in 'powered forms' (Probably meaning Gettemhart as Hunar & Luther as Angel) But she held back, she commands them but doesn't join in on the fight. He says it's not that she couldn't, but that she didn't have the power to do it.

Now she's mad, how could he think he could possibly know what it's like?
He yells back that he only asks because he doesn't understand, if he's wrong correct him, so he'll understand her more. At this, she gets so mad she vanishes.  Afin asks if you really witnessed him, she didn't deny anything. But, honestly, seeing her run off when things get too heated jus shows she hasn't changed much at all. Which is kind of sad considering the last time he saw her for real they were like, what, 6 years old?

Zeig & Maria
Zeig's heard stories about you. He's finished some requests so he's taking a break. Not only did he create new Genesis weapons for Regius & Maria, but he's improved existing ones too. He's worn out because he pours his soul into them. He doesn't want to see another for a while, they require exact precision and care to maintain and they're too easy to break. He takes pride though and is satisfied with his craftsmanship. He laughs, but it is silent. It's rough times though to require such powerful weapons. He hopes his creations will protect others when needed.

Maria comes strolling up, yelling his name.
Her Labrys has turned pink (it is usually a blueish-greenish-gray) and the tip of the oval is missing. She says she was right to take it for a spin, it's broken so please fix it. Sadly, Zeig asks you to take good care of your weapons.

239 3/10
A Shironian has talked to the Miko
She says you're just in time to see the reply from the shironian king. It comes in a wooden box with glowing letters that rise up from the red wooden interior. She says it's what she expected, right Kotoshiro? He says it's the usual formalities first, followed by listing the Kuronites' transgressions in full, then assuming you'll do divine punishment. He can't even work with them, let alone make peace. Matoi goes to interrupt this, but Sukuna stops her by holding up her fan. She reminds her that this guy is a coward and will lock himself up in the castle to avoid even seeing his subjects.

But what about the Kuronian king?
Nothing yet, so she says they're taking their time. The wicked children seem to be absent for now, we should use the opportunity to hear what he says. Kotoshiro wants to go too. She likely insults him just a tad, saying he's her guardian but he'll never be a Kuronian, taking him along would complicate everything. But, he says it's unwise for her to go unguarded. Matoi  volunteers to go.

Not In Agreement
Stay Silent

If you Nod In Agreement, Matoi will nod along, and Sukuna says she's sorry about it, normally she wouldn't involve outsiders...but Matoi reassures here you're there to protect everyone. And with that, she marches off in her hurry toward the Kuronian side of town. Sukuna says she makes 'protect everyone' sound so simple...but the words carry a lot of weight.

Fourier & Lilipan on Lilipa
Maoi watches as Fourier & a Lilipan gesture. Matoi says Lilipa is strange, and she wants to get in touch with the Lilipa tribe, so she’s cooperating with Fourier.
The lilipan gestures around.
Fourier says that because she’s an ARKS, Matoi isn’t your enemy, explaining to the lilipan but she can’t tell the reason, but the lilipan is very wary. Matoi asks if she did something frightening. Fourier says she says since she’s been with them, she hasn’t noticed anything frightening Matoi could have done but ‘it seems strongly appealing to’, and have you noticed something?

Option 1 with dots
Option 2

Selecting 2. Matoi thinks that even though nothing’s happened now, she could have done something in the past, that she’s forgotten, so she doesn’t want to ‘embarrass’ the Lilipan even more, so she’ll go. Fourier apologizes for not being able to help more, and thinks that maybe if she returns later, ‘the children’ may welcome her more after this encounter. Without the choices here it's even harder to tell what's going on.

Story Quest Episode 3 Chapter:  The Failed Masterpiece

239 3/11 at 1100
When you start this one, Matoi is already in your party on the campship. Upon reaching Harkotan’s Kuronia area, Matoi says it was anticlimactic with how easily they got in. Sukuna says that normally, the king would hang his head instead and go to her shrine, because she’s the planet’s Miko. So, for him to send a letter and make her do a visit, he’s conceited. This is how she interperates it.

Matoi asks if she’s met him.
Of course, because along with their enthronements she’s had to put up with their meetings. The shironian king was good at techniques, but she feels he was a coward and had no real good capacity as king. The Kuron king though seemed pretty wise, though she didn’t enjoy his pride though she thought he was a ‘cute little thing’.  (How small could he be?) Matoi asks to confirm with the Kuronites that Double’s the trouble manipulating them to the king.

Sukuna says (probably yes??? She launches into an explanation?) that with double manipulating them, the Shironians will always fight back against the manipulated-Kuronians, and so finding and beating double at once is top priority so ‘no more sacrifices’.
Matoi says ‘fufu’ to this (seems a laugh) so Sukuna asks what’s so funny so…she explains no-matter what Sukuna-hime says she’s always really nice. Though she always says how important the planet is, she also treasures the Kuronites and the Shironians, right?
She calls it more of a duty. A duty that’s been carved into her body since birth. She confirms the legend that she had a Kuronian father & Shironian mother, and is the child of ash, so both are her parents. And as father and mother blessed her with life, she can’t say no to her duty.
Matoi says she’s sorry for bringing it up, but Sukuna says it’s just banter anyway, if it was serious talk, it’d be in a secret spot. But…the desire to protect something or someone can produce power beyond the pale. She advises Matoi to ponder what it is she wants to protect. Matoi begins to think, so she adds ‘it shouldn’t be as vague as ‘everyone’ though. As she thinks you set off.

At 1130
In the hall of the Kuronian king is…the king. He’s giant, as expected, with thick, fancy gold horns that tower high above his head. He is mostly a dark grayish color, resembling a bit the ogars. She says it’s been a while, she responded to his letter, but the content of the talk should be obvious though.

He steps forward, shaking the ground, and advises her to get out of there. However, he’s soon consumed by red and black smoke. Sukuna yells but he tells everyone to run, then dissolves. Unsurprisingly, Double appears where he was, and says ‘the copy was mouthy’ so they took it back. Sukuna, angry now, accuses them of consuming the king. They tell her she’s wrong, because he’d of been too lonely, so they ate everyone.

(Everyone in all of Kuronia? If it’s true, you never fought a “Zombified Citizen” like you were doing on Amduscia, rather everyone’s just a fake, but that doesn’t explain the presence of all the super wacky stuff like note-paper demons, drum-footed hopping guys and a giant evil head in a wheel)

They then agitate about wasting their power on Magatsu, and antagonize the Miko that she can’t fight them in the state she’s in. So, they go right away to eat her, but discount you & Matoi. You’re both able to combine-push Sukuna out of the way, but instead get eaten by the sleeve metal trap red thing/device & vanish.

Sukuna looks all around but can’t find or sense either person & is confused. Double re-appears asking if she called for them to come, and telling her she’s scary if she’s mad. But, she demands to know where they’ve taken you & Matoi. Double says he’s Matoi, and the girl says she’s you.  They say to not think it’s strange. Me & I are double, so do you want to fight? Instead, she uses her fan ash wind to vanish.

??? at ??? Place
A strange and terrible red land with floating debris everywhere that hovers in the sky. Some colorful parts are scattered around, like pink and yellow rings with hearts, pastel blocks and other oddities that are out of place in the rivers of red water, flying ash pieces and broken metal. It’s a red and black hodgepodge junk-yard of debris. It’s likely everything they’ve ‘eaten’. In the distance is the light source of the place: a split planet with a huge red glowing crack.

Someone says that troublesome faces are around.
It’s Luther!
He didn’t come here to fight though, as Matoi raises her Clarissa rod to halt his approach.

Where is this?
How are you alive?

If you ask How Are You Alive? He says its an interesting question, but could the situation really be called alive? It’s Double’s inner universe, and all eaten things end up here, it’s what they call their stomach. He’s not that dissatisfied though because the things you experience inside a Dark Falz aren’t found elsewhere. (Remember, this guy is semi-immortal and “his boredom wah wah” is a huge motivator for him, so he thinks omniscience is the only cure for it. A 'hellish' land isn't so bad for him if it's new and wierd and entertains him.) Once you get used to it, it’s fun. And, he has no more interest in the outside, the world without Xion, without Omniscience. He claims he has no more reason to antagonize her, so lower the weapon?

Grudgingly, she does, so he asks to accompany you. He says the place is dangerous but interesting, it’s a rare opportunity so do let him guide you.  (To WHERE? He never says where everyone ought to go? Did Double eat a fancy hotel? Why should anyone here trust him at all? Why does no one ask him where he’s off to or why you should be going there?)

Episode 3 Chapter 5 Best Worst Last Toys

Upon leaving the initial mound of ground, you step into ankle deep red water that often flows off the edges of the…continent? Into a void. There are various toy darkers & oceanids.  He’s got a bunch of dialogue he’ll say as you progress, probably trying to ‘help’ you, but it’s all untranslated. He fights barehanded as he has no weapon that he could bring in with him. (He was basically dead when they ate him) He barehands various techniques instead, but he is still pretty strong.

He says to go down the street first while enjoying the space, but a lot of small darkers will appear. He feels some of them are humorous and the Bandorian ‘clap hands and come out suicide’ (Probably a reference to the ‘barnacle bash knuckle’ they do that has stun effect? He tells you to go north but since you can’t read it…you can go astray.

If you do, more enemies appear and he’ll tell you that you don’t seem to trust him, is it too vain? It’s the way you chose so take responsibility for the obstacles.

An org blan appears
So, you have to battle it and some various other oceanids that appear too. He yells during the fight that he came to advance to the end of the road, it’s reasonable to ‘erase’ the Org Blan, and everything’s actually a darker attack.

Just running around fighting all the enemies (as, usually, better quest grades result if you DON’T skip everything) he’ll say he instructed it wasn’t here, you’re stubborn toward outsiders and Double is increasing the number of darkers. But, beyond this…
A strange red pad appears it is a “Distortion Transfer point”

Which is basically like a warp pad.
In the next area Apprentice doppelganger appears, because of course she’s in here too. She shows up with her usual crop of predicadah and dicadah, but also brings along 2 stunning vidoluda for good measure.  If you can beat her…

You’ll get to fighting past more dragonkin and lilipa mechs you can enter a weird cave at the end of the path. At some other point Luther says how fun everything is, everything they consumed is all here in a truly chaotic state. They ‘eat’ things into this parallel universe and then ‘breed’ more copies in here then let them out into ‘the real epoch’. He’s having a grand time studying it all, and everything’s so amusing.

With this info he can create more and better clones and…
But, before he can continue  getting worked up with his evil schemes, Matoi pulls her weapon again, yelling ‘enough!’ she’s still not forgiven him for ‘extinguishing’ Xion.  He who has messed with ARKS and caused everyone such pain.

He asks a key question “But then, why didn’t Xion stop him?”
She was an existence that transcended humanity. Even if he DID have more jurisdiction at the time, there were ways for her to interfere. (This discounts that she WAS interfering with him? As much as she could? Because if he caught her he'd consume her, as he proved at the end. Remember, whenever he'd show up, he'd always be 'talking at the air' unable to see her even while you could--he'd driven her into hiding from him while trying to interfere.) Even then, when he was creating ARKS or manufacturing clones, she never lifted a finger. Contrarily, she created an ultimate single existence.

You block him from stepping closer as he talks.
He says it doesn’t matter…just don’t forget it.  The fact is that if the ARKS weren’t created, then everything would be under control of darkers by now anyway.

Matoi will often ask to escape the space as soon as possible and ask to hurry.
Now, in another similar area, this one has some Shironian architecture embedded in the ground & a floating part of a skyscraper from a ship. In this area are some naberius natives, mechs and even a Gel Bulf.  Now, he’ll tell you to go east. The single-word-character for the direction is likely highlighted in red in his text boxes.

In this area are bikuda rabbita and bonta bearadda. Through another point you can fight bird darkers

In this area 3 Loser dopplegangers will appear, all dressed in black.
He will laugh at these, asking where Double was going to bring them out, saying ‘they have a good hobby, hey you twins’. Matoi wonders at this with “until such a thing”. (Clearly not translated)

If you can beat all 3, Angel Falz will appear along with an Ignix Trigger. The trigger doesn’t start out directly on that battle area, but it’ll get there if you take too long. How does one eat an Ignix Trigger? It is a phenomenon not an item.

At the appearance of Angel Falz, he asks what they can imitate so far, it’s a big deal, you twins, to this extent he is said to be a mimicry and is lonely in his anger. (So, he’s mad they cloned the angel form?)

After Marda Tocatta
If you can beat the Marda Tocatta he’ll tell you to head east, but if you want you can wander around. If you do, you’ll encounter a caterdran, more dragonkin and then....Elder Doppleganger & cyclone kuklone and he’ll turn into Hunar if you hit him enough.

Luther will yell at the Elder Doppleganger that he’s surprised it’s been eaten too, then call out at the twins again.
Progressing further, interestingly, they’ve also eaten a healing ring. And it works!

In this next strange cave, after you’ve been to all areas of the raised path with water falling edges, Luther strolls forward.
He says Matoi has a frightening face on, is she dissatisfied with his truth he’s told so far? It is, she yells at him, it’s because you Photoners created the darkers and set them loose on everyone.

He says…however…it was Xion who signed and approved of the Darkers origin creation, the Profound Darkness. She must have realized it back then, with her calculative abilities she should have been able to see the future to an extent. What the creation of PD would do to photoners, she must have known. When they lost their ability to manipulate photons with the PD battle, they created ARKS to stand up in their place. The PD was sealed but Falz remained. And ever since, the ARKS fought continuously the pointless fight.

*The problem here is EVERYBODY calls EVERYTHING “Dark Falz” you have no idea what he really means. Was it just an invisible evil ‘entity’ that had yet to possess anyone? Was it a person? They call Apprentices Falzes, they call the super forms Falzes, they call Double it too.
 They argue whether the fight is pointless or not. He says it is because DF has its own respective desires. The desires are influenced by their containers and corrupted.

Elder is easy to understand.
The container’s influence was so strong it forgot its original intent and desired only conflict.
(This makes sense, Gettemhart was already unhinged and battle-crazy)

Apprentice was the same.
(You don’t know anything about her from before she got infected, except that she was likely vain and pretty powerful—you just have to take his word on it here.)

Loser…well, he says he didn’t change too much.
(He’s actually super right here it seems, because he already had a ton of out-there abilities like force-choke, teleporting, time travel and more…he didn’t need darker power to do any of it. He was also amoral, probably fairly nihilistic and likely somewhat sociopathic (as in, not believing other people are actually people/not understanding that other people are living thinking beings like he is so he just experiments on everyone/everything without regard. What's interesting is that he knows it AND is willing to acknowledge it out loud.) All ‘going darker’ for him did was allow him to have a bigger freakout turning into Loser Angel/Giant Bird when he failed his quest.

But Double’s different.
They wield their power only for their one true purpose. PD’s revival. The quickest way to do that is to eat all the Dark Falzes. By gathering the PD with an equivalent amount of “Darker Factor” it should awaken. Just think, it ate ApprenticeWoman, Loser & Elder. The countdown’s begun. Till it revives and annihilates everything. He smiles smugly as he says so.

Then We’ll Defeat PD
We’ll Defeat Double Before That

If you claim We’ll Defeat Double Before That He’ll say it’s the only method because if it’s revived it’ll create more DFs. But for you who struggle against just Double, there’s probably no chance at victory. And don’t forget, you’re stuck here too. He throws his arms up.

Matoi doesn’t understand PD, why would someone make something like that?
He explains:
PD is an imitation Xion, a man made omniscient thing created by humans. (He must mean Photoners, because that's what he is, that's what everyone was before ARKS) Born of mankind’s lethargy it uses photons to calculate and govern the universe. (What does this MEAN? Calculate WHAT? Govern HOW? What does 'governing' consist of actually doing? Nobody ever explains this. 'Calculating' is also very fallible because Xion was supposed to 'calculate' ALL THE THINGS but then has like 8th grade level social abilities and can be outsmarted by normal people) But it was in the final years of humanly lethargy, and other negative emotions filled the creation process. Photons are very receptive to strong and many emotions, the more there is, the more radical the effect on energy they produce. The result was PD becoming the avatar of everything negative and father of all darkers in order to destroy everything in the universe. Matoi asked an interesting question, he’ll admit, ‘why was it created at all?’ That…is an answer he’d like to hear for himself.

He brings up again / blames again Xion: Why didn’t she stop it, foreseeing such destruction? But now he feels he can understand her a little bit. His answer guess would be that she was lonely, he thinks.

This requires some clarification.
“Humanity” here HAS to be referring to the Photoners, because nobody’s mentioned humans before. ARKS is a race too, these are just 2 things that look like Humans/Newmen. So, what he’s saying is that Xion got lonely, decided to work with the photoners of the times to try to use photons to make another being like herself (a living, calculating planet with a sentient/sapient ocean on it) but because everyone was full of bad emotions, mean-ness, laziness, and all this negativity, it turned out to be Profound Darkness, something that wants to eliminate literally everything because it is 100% evil.

After his speech, in the following area, he warns that it’s a powerful darker guy that will appear. As you approach a weird horizontal portal the toy Codotta Idetta comes out. It’s actually a small ugly doll that manifests a huge pile of tacky junk with a scary face on a box as the head. The junk is loosely connected, with the doll protected in a box in the chest. (it peeps out at you through a hole, you can see the eyes) If you break the junk off the doll will have a tantrum & be a weak-point you can hit to kill it.

If you can beat it, the horizontal portal starts to spin and swirl. Luther approaches it. He says he’s  talked about the outside world till we got here. The PD will revive, annihilation is inevitable is what he intends to say.To that world where nothing but anguish exists, will you really return?

Nod without hesitation
Look at Matoi

If you Nod Without Hesitation , he’ll say it’s comical. Then you should leave, it’s the edge of space here. Pick up Clarissa and gather your power, like you do when you defeat darkers. She asks if it’s possible? For him no…but for you ARKS yes. You walk toward the portal with Matoi and she summons the rod, concentrating, you both reach for it and send it into the portal which glows with white light. He says go and enjoy the uncertain world as much as you can.

Because he says “its what I intended to say”, you can infer from this that he might not really mean it, or he is in the midst of changing his mind. He is likely always discouraging because he is still somewhat nihilistic. But, this mental state of his is CLEARLY shifting a little, because not only did he bother to find out where the exit door was, he led you there AND instructed Matoi how to activate the rod to get out. A true nihilist wouldn’t have appeared before you at all.
A true villain who wanted everyone to fail would have attacked instead of helping.
He’s doing things to amuse himself in here & clearly having a blast, so helping people (whether he believes in them or not) is still amusing enough that he’ll do it.

3/13 at 1200
Sara is arguing with Xiao when you startle them by snapping into existence beside them in the lobby. Matoi just says ‘uh we’re home’, Xiao asks Sara to get Philia to set up a check right away. She runs off to do so, as he summons screens to call off the search on Harkotan. Matoi says sorry for troubling everyone, but Xiao’s just glad she’s ok.

238 at 3/15
Kotoshiro is waiting outside a red wooden structure while Sukuna Hime is sad on top of the structure.  Matoi has been watching him, but doesn’t know what to say.  However, it’s impossible to watch Kotoshrio and not have him know it. He turns to both of you & calls to her, she says she doesn’t want to hear from anyone but…as soon as she turns she can see you  & Matoi in the courtyard and rushes down in a whirl of wind. She’s happy to hear you’re both ok.

She says to not thank her, she fell for the plan, she hugs matoi and says she’s so glad you’re back and made it. Kotoshrio says it was depressing  while you were gone, Sukuna couldn’t keep her mind on any one thing. He had no idea on what to do, so it’s nice to see her smile again. (How does he know?) She tells him to skip the details, she’ll be fine as long as you 2 are fine. Though you’ve been through the impossible!

Sukuna says if you want, you could reside here, any naysayer would be exiled. Is what you seek more important than your life? Will you try to protect everyone even at cost?

I Don’t Know
What Do You Think, Matoi?

If you ask What Do You Think, Matoi? She doesn’t know, she never put much thought into it. She has no memories before meeting you, she cherishes each one as it’s all she’s got left. But surely, before she lost her memory she must have other important memories as well. She can’t remember them though…she may never know…That’s why she wants to protect everyone, everyone she cherish. And because she wants to, she’ll do it. Even if Luther was right about our demise, she’ll still stand against it for everyone. Sukuna says she understands.

She’s sure her own mother and father thought the same thing once. Why else would they break taboos and risk their lives to save her? Now, she’s through talking about the matter, she says and warps back up to her rooftop. But, she offers you a lodging away from the ordinary, in the quiet, you’re always welcome here.

Eating Luther after his big defeat inadvertently saved his life. He’s fine now.
Luther can’t escape because he doesn’t have ARKS photon power.
BOTH originals AND copies can exist in the stomach-dimension
Did Double eat ALL KURONIANS? Every last one & now they’re extinct?
If it’s so, you can feel positive/better/good about ‘killing them’ in town because those aren’t really people, they’re just fakes Double’s manifestations.
Since both originals & copies can exist in the stomach-dimension, where is ACTUAL Gettem-Elder & ACTUAL Apprentice-Woman? Certainly, Luther there with fake Luthers is fine, so the ‘real deal’ of both of these people ought to be hanging about somewhere in there….unless AW was so far gone/dying that eating her didn’t help and she really did expire, leaving only their phony-clony that retains her intent. (So, a corpse somewhere in the red water that no one will ever find but also won't rot.) But you can be pretty sure GettemElder wouldn’t die like that, he was fine until they ate him…which clearly HELPED Luther (though, he isn’t an ARKS, he’s a Photoner—maybe that’s why he lived)

Biggest Question: It’s Luther’s big question too, why did Xion go ahead with trying to make a companion?

She can’t be THAT stupid.
Is she the real villain?
Where was Double for all those years? If they ate AW right after AW tainted Eucretia, how were they silent for all those years nobody even heard from them?
Why does Double not age but Afin Sister & AW do?
What is Persona & does Double have to eat him too? He’s CLEARLY some type of ‘apprentice thing’ from his looks.
Matoi must really have PD on lockdown inside of her because even getting eaten didn’t release it.
Does Double have to eat Afin Sister because she is tainted?
Double being ‘the only DF to do right’, according to Luther makes total sense. Children don’t have their free will that well set up yet and aren’t on some big moral/mental/whatever quest like Gettem was.