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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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Xiao says sorry for calling you to here , but he wants to have a chat...that you don't get to hear what either side says. He summarizes by saying after you got 'eaten' by Double, Luther helped you escape. It's unbelievable sounding, but you're here so it has to be true. But, how's your body holding up after all that?

Nothing Wrong That I Can See
I'm Feeling Great

If you say Nothing Wrong That I Can See , he says it's as expected, and Matoi said the same thing. Matoi said she was very great. But, can you count how many darkers & corrupted enemies you've defeated so far? 602054 and that number's not normal. You & Matoi have been fighting too much. Do you remember why people other than ARKS shouldn't fight darkers? Because if you defeat one, it leaves remnants behind, that accumulate inside you and will eventually corrupt you. It's what happened to the Naberius natives and Dragonkin Amduscia. Harktotan has Miko protection, but it feeds on the corruption process, and isn't foolproof. ARKS do resist it though. The photons of an ARKS body will neutralize the Darker particles. But, there's a limit on what it can do. You've gotten rid of countless Darkers, purified corrupt natives & driven off DF invasion attempts. Then, you were consumed by Double and manifested enough power to get out, he can't calculate the effects of that.

He apologizes for it sounding threatening. But, he & Philia agree that you should go easy from now on. If you're just fighting normally, it shouldn't be a problem, it's not like you'd be severely corrupted or anything. Just don't forget you're not the only ARKS out there, but you ARE the one.

He gives you the matterboard "The Destination of My Feelings"

239 3/17
Afin is squaring off with Eucretia.
They're battling, but Afin tells you not to interfere even though he loses his first weapon when she knocks it away. She yells at him to don't consider her a sibling. He says it's the truth she'll have to deal with. She repeatedly denies having siblings. He says whether or not she believes it doesn't matter, but if she forgets he'll have to live with it. He just wants her back to being herself. She then (oddly) turns to you and asks “her, a Dark Falz?”

Shake your head
Silently stare

If you Shake Your Head She demands to know why both of you have the same expression. As a dark falz, is she not allowed to die? She gets gloomy and vanishes before he can run after her. Basically every time they appear, they repeat the same scenario over and over again, in general terms. She denies she has a past, he says yes you do and they just bicker over whether she's an Apprentice or not.

Not allowed to die?
That’s kind of a weird sentiment coming from her. The ‘same expression’ likely refers to that neither you nor Afin believe she’s “totally gone” to darkness and this always makes her mad. Is she gloomy because she can’t end her own suffering at the ‘curse’ of the taint? She doesn’t seem like one to give up. Also, "Back to her old Self" doesn't make a lot of sense, she was 'taken away' when Afin & her were like 5 or something. She hasn't met/seen since they were basically babies.

239 3/18
You find Fourier vs Apprentice Afin Sister
Angry as usual, Eucretia says she'll take you both out, when you walk up to the battle/stare-down that these two are having. She claims to be getting ready to fight, but Fourier says she won't fight her. This makes her mad, taking it as a mock. Fourier just refuses on the fact that she believes it's someone with a death wish. Even if she's done bad things, Fourier won't fight someone who is crying from within their heart.

 Eucretia thinks this notion is stupid, and gets further upset. Fourier tells her that you shouldn't allow others to decide for you, & that was Maria's teaching to her. There's people who think of her as a falz, and others who don't see it. So...she asks...what does she see HERSELF as? (This is wise of Fourier to do.) Yucretia doesn't know, she just looks around. Fourier tells her that if she doesn't know and understand what to do, the only thing she can do is to cry. This confuses her and makes her gloomy, so gloomy...that she vanishes.
Fourier drops her gun on the ground and falls down onto her butt. You rush up, but she just says haha her hips have just given out, it's so great Eucretia has stopped. She tells you 'that person' is lost, without deciding on their own, they're suffering. She gets back up, saying surely until now that person was a puppet. She experienced something similar, so she understands what it was like, she couldn't leave 'that person' alone. Maria took a single look at that person, and knew it was a Falz. But then, when she looked for herself, Fouerier didn't see it as a falz. She believes her instincts might be right after all.

Who was deciding things for Fourier & treating her as a puppet?
How did Maria get her out of it?
Maria seems to be itching for a fight always, so it makes sense she’d see only ‘an apprentice’ when she sees Eucretia.
Fourier is really wise to pepper her with good questions like that to get her to either introspect, or to get so distraught she vanishes

239 3/19
Afin watches his sister on a rock top
You can approach while he watches & he'll nod at you. He calls out to her, but she starts insisting she doesn't know the name Yucretia because she's Dark Falz, the absolute enemy of ARKS. She then uses her zoom/teleport darkness move  to capture Afin and tells you to shoot at her if you don't want her killing him. He rocks around but can't get out of her grip. The dropped gunblade has fallen near you so you pick it up.

Well now this has certainly gotten quite bad quite quickly. Out of the blue, a standoff, just like that? It has to be Afin’s gun though, to control for pets/techs/swords etc. that don’t fit the plot right here. What it’ll come down to is how good the gun is.

Pull Trigger

If you Hesitate, he'll tell you to just shoot, *And you do which blasts through both of them, knocking them down. (Afin's gun was really good.) She says that “If I were a DF I will disappear with this attack. Because of that it's the end, it should end like this.” Though she seems to want to end here,  she opens her eyes and looks up, she still exists. She sees she's not a...(she doesn’t finish the sentence to herself)
(but Afin has still fallen)
She's not a falz and never was. Although she's dirty now. Afin says it really hurt, he knows he told you to shoot but didn't think you would actually do it. He asks if she's ok but she just tells him to shut up and not call her sister. She tells him that she doesn't remember anything (so she says). She's not a DF, she's not an ARKS, how should...but she disappears before he can catch her & before she can finish talking.

Are her disappearances under her own control or not? You’re lead to think they are, and maybe they were, but they seem emotionally generated more now.
What did Afin think you could do to resolve it if you DIDN’T shoot his gun?
You couldn’t cap her in the head with x-treme marksmanship, because if she’s not an ARKS she might die like an ordinary enemy.
The real question here is how well ARKS stand up against their own weapons & how good medical technology is. And you don’t get to find out here because that’s the end of the scene and you never see how Afin fared being shot by his own gun. There’s no visible ‘holes’ in either of them, they just seem to get dirty.

239 3/18
Matoi is in the ruins trying to calm down.
She sits, looking like she feels bad. You startle her when you approach after she says she hopes “its” calmed down. How long have you been standing there?

Are You Ok?
Don't Strain Yourself

If you ask Are You Ok? She'll say she's just fine, her body is fine its just that she's scared. She feels she's absorbed something else. She doesn't feel herself, like something is rampaging and it's scary. But, if she waits quietly for a while, her mind calms down. If she thinks of you while she waits, she feels calmer. That's why she was surprised, when she opened her eyes, you were really there.
It's like you came from within the dream, hee hee. But now that we've rested, about fighting Double, we should try to see Sukuna Hime she'll get going...and she does. You close your eyes and shake your head, as this is bad news.

Obviously this is PD acting up within “Matoi Container” due to all the fighting/trials etc. that she’s done, likely also aggravated by Double eating her into the other dimension or whatever it was. Now that Xiao has confirmed that "ARKS bodies slowly neutralize darker junk" is a real truth, Matoi is confirmed to be "container" that slowly disinfects. The problem is if it's really PD, it could take multiple lifetimes to disinfect.

239 3/18
Persona sneaks up on you in Shironia to warn you.
He tells you to 'stop tormenting her because no matter what you do it's always useless because her end is always catastrophic. No matter what you do, the end is the same. If you really care, just kill her without hesitation. He then vanishes.

This is exactly the same thing he always is up to these days. He’s really not smart because telling people the same thing over and over while acting sneaky and evil doesn’t make them change their mind. If he would sit down and explain things to literally ANYone he might have a chance to make a change.

239 3/20
You can come upon the conversation of Matoi, Sukuna & Kotoshiro.
Sukuna asks if you've come to talk about the strange children too. (Matoi made good on her ‘go there right away….ish as this is 2 days after she said she’d do it) She explains they've consumed the Kuronites without exception, including the Kuron king. (If she is right, the Kuronians are now 100% extinct as a race/species.) The remaining Kuronites are running amok in various places. (So, she contradicts herself here)

 If she knew earlier, she could have moved faster to stem the destruction, her most humble apology to the Kuron king, also to her Father, and that the incident will be engraved on her own heart. As the maiden of the world she has to clean the mess, for the Kuronites' sorrow. Kotoshiro says he'll contact the Shironian king with the events unfolding as they are now, he'll have to agree (to do something). She says no though, because it would mean unneeded sacrifices.(If he did something and sent shironians to fight Double)  It's not needed cause she won't require help. He wants to accompany her though...but she says no, as her guardian, she has a special task for him instead. The Magatsu force, who has been resurrected must be contained hither, by protecting the shrine. Kotoshiro should already know this, though. But...he protests. She understands, but doesn't want to increase the damage that's been done beyond.

Don't Be Rash Now
We Want To Help

If you say We Want To Help She says your concerns are enough, you should be more cautious about yourselves. It might not sound sincere, but you did save me before, so please don't worry about me now. But recall, who do you think I am, Sukuna Hime of all Harkotan, so please leave it to me. She then goes away, into her ash wind. Matoi calls after her to no avail. So, she turns to Kotoshiro who won't disappear so easily, yelling at you and him that we need to go after her. He says he's ordered to protect the shrine, and as guardian, he has to follow the order.

Is it really all right?
What Order!

If you ask Is It Really All Right? Matoi asks orders? Why were you looking for Sukuna Hime when we first met, Kotoshiro? Before we met...she's sure his duty was protecting the shrine at that time too. So now...why is that?! He doesn't really have an answer, so she comes back with that he can't let her alone all by herself. To her, isn't he the only one she's got left? He thinks about this, and gets up. He says there's still time to reach her before she reaches the enemy side, so you go on ahead because there's something he's got left to do, for his foster mother. He looks at the palace in the distance.

Matoi is stirring up something bad here.
If "the shrine" that the Miko is so intent on protecting houses another of those runed light-pillars like what was found outside of town that Double messed with, leaving it alone unguarded is a bad idea. Matoi is bad/dumb to seed aggravation upon Kotoshiro to convince him to leave it alone & unguarded. The smart move would be to gather other ARKS you can call upon and form a party to go after the Miko, leaving Kotoshiro at the shrine if it is ACTUALLY important. The problem is, WE don't know and SHE doesn't know, yet she's making a move anyway by luring him away from it on purpose.

Contradictory Kuronians:
Chances are, all the Kuronians who keep showing up in Shironia are fakes that Double made. So you're not killing anyone / anything. This still doesn't explain the 'wacky monsters' they look like, aside from the Ogars. The Miko saying 'double got them all' but then 'double didn't' is just confusing. Does she not know? How do you tell apart a real from a fake? Even the Miko couldn’t tell the king wasn’t real until he literally dissolved into dust.

Miko Ego?
The Nice Guys ARKS saving her is great, but she probably feels bad, as the goddess of the world not being able to fix stuff, especially with the current Kuron king getting eaten by Double. Even though the Kuronians are egomaniacs/rash/crazy/warlike/non-listeners according to her, she still feels responsible and wants to make it personal vs. Double. Plus, what kind of a Miko lets ARKS do everything?

You can easily see why she'd rush to go. The REAL question is, how great are her powers now that she (presumably) "Rested", whatever that means. Remember, at the start she was "Sleeping at all times" and "Slumbers" much it was her biggest feature. She's sure pretty active now, so what is the slumbering really?

You can spy on Zeig & Regius talking far away.
Regius thanks Zeig for creating his new Genesis, and hopes it wasn't too much trouble. He says whenever Regius or Maria makes a request, he knows the risks involved. Regius agrees, so Zeig begins to reminisce that it was 40 years since he last looked at his weapons, and it brings him Regius claims 40 years ago was an unpleasant memory. Alma...the original Claris Claes, he never forgot.

It was the first sighting of White Tin Clarissa, the first in ARKS history, and the strongest technique user...that's all Zeig knows, because he never met her, only heard stories. Regius explains that her body was frail, so he repeatedly asked her to lay low. But, she was strong, so much so that she could seal Elder, and keep an eye on Luther. In exchange for the safety of all ARKS she sacrificed herself, when there wasn't much time left he wanted to be her strength so he became one of the 3 heroes, to support her. He shakes his head sadly, still regretting that he did not concern himself enough to stop and try to protect her. He couldn't protect her, he was only able to discipline or obey. Only defend the twisted order born from her sacrifice. Who did Regius have to obey? It is obvious Alma killed herself in sealing Elder down on Naberius.

Zeig looks sad about this (remember, neither of them have a face, though Regius does have eyes) and asks him if he's told him about the inscription on the new Genesis. He asks if it's not "World Ender" (Which is what it used to be) So Zeig gets mad, calls him a fool, and asks why he'd give his child someone else’s' name? What parent would do that? He tells him it's "World Creator" as Zeig pulls out...a small, apparently bladed-edged flat palm-size metal disk with 'starry black' region in its center that also glows blue/haze. Regius inspects it, confirming this, and says that the inscription is too heavy for Zeig tells him that it says what it means. Zeig reminds him he's got to shoulder it though, as if he's destroyed the world once, he simply needs to create it again. If he can go that far, strengthen his heart and be proud of Alma, then, he can recreate the world. As a weaponsmith, it will give him sustenance in continuing his work. He then appears to laugh silently. Regius only says "Well Said"

The disk must represent the weapon in a “put away” state (presumably like the ‘special weapon’ boxes)
“Sighting” of White Tin Clarissa? Weapons have to be created, so they probably refer to it as a ‘sighting’ because Xion is the one who made it & gave it to Alma somehow without anyone knowing. It talked to early Matoi too, so it was likely also chatting with Alma (Xion pulling the strings upon it, of course)
What ‘world’ did Regius destroy?
Zeig having a literally silent laugh is interesting for an android

239 3/21
You & Matoi go running at the gate.
Xiao blocks you so Matoi yells that she's in a hurry. He knows you're going to Harkotan to help Sukuna. But, as ARKS admin, he orders you to stay here. She asks but why. He asks her if she's fighting too much...not just Darkers but Elder, Loser, Apprentice & Double. And by doing that, you've absorbed their darkness, it could burst out at any moment. She gets mad and yells back, so he shouts but you could DIE! Don't you understand?

So You Want Us To Abandon Them?
You Want Them To Die Not US?

(This is a VERY TRICKY question: Remember: It's MATOI who is in danger here because everyone knows PD is in there. If she "Breaks", it could kill literally EVERYONE that's why Xiao freaks out as much as he is.)

NOT Going though, would likely give Double a win on Harkotan, so either way everybody loses because if they ‘win’ and eat Harkotan/the Miko or whatever they’re trying to do it could be enough to…bring back PD? Throw a copy of Harkotan on every other habitable planet until none are left?

Xiao is probably also flipping out because Matoi's secret has to be kept from HER too, so he's trying to spread the 'blame' and ‘risk’ onto you. Matoi is forcing Xiao to be 'the bad guy' here by making two rotten questions to force him to let her go. She doesn't say "Then Send the 6 Heroes & I'll stay here" or something reasonable. She preys upon his morality.

If you say So You Want Us To Abandon Them? He'll get sad, and claim that saying it that way is unfair. She thanks him for his concern. But we need to help Sukuna and stop Double. You & Matoi run past him, so he says he'll not be lenient, even during an emergency so remember that....please be safe. He then vanishes.

Actual Solution:


There is NO EXCUSE for sending stupid Matoi on this quest when there's the WHOLE COUNCIL OF SIX where he could pick one or two and send it with you. Nobody ever mentions what these guys are doing, so it's glaring plot hole that someone like Huey couldn't go, or Regius or even sneaky old Casra. Pick Quna & Sara even! If they were mentioned to all be 100% devoted to some huge impossible task during this time, then FINE but nobody ever mentions anything like that. Hell, send THEODORE even...he's powerful but in an administrative position where you could ditch him for half a day throwing explosions down on Haroktan. Just tell Matoi she's sick and have Philia knock her out till it's done & she'll never be the wiser & Double won't get the win.
It’s a gigantic plot hole opening up that he doesn’t mention the “All powerful council 6” are somehow “can’t come”. Remember: Double is LITERALLY the only big-bad left—there’s nothing powerful enough to warrant every single council member being “Too busy” to go to a planet for 1 day and get rid of the biggest villian in the entire universe right now. Especially in light that MATOI is now the biggest danger around as she contains PD & therefor must be kept super safe.
Also he has time shenanigans NOW he can pull because Xion is dead and can’t interfere with him. He can yank/teleport out people if it gets too hairy. He acts like he has no powers, and that you & Matoi are the only ARKS who actually exist & it feels really fake that he’s supposed to be this “all knowing thing”.

Story Quest Protecting Those You Hold Dear

Now, you’re in the Kuronian side of Harkotan. It’s full of red leaf trees, giant statues, palace like structures, scary faces carved into cliffs & broken architecture. It's all on a very large and grand scale, because these people are huge. There are no houses or antyhing else to be found, it seems like all paths through a huge carved mountain temple & some caves. Much of it seems to be atop very tall mountains. The sky is perpetually gray/stormy, though it does not seem to rain.

239 3/21 at 1100
Matoi  is with you, and says Kotoshiro didn’t arrive yet, but Sukuna’s on her way still so we have to hurry. Thus begins the story chapter:

Could I Save You

Kotoshiro's at the palace yelling at it after stabbing his sword into the ground. He tells everyone, including the white king that the real foes are the devoured Kuronites, and the miko is over there alone, going against them. Even while keeping the Magatsu in check. A fool could see that these are bad odds. He asks if the king understands, she goes to protect us. The citizens look up as they hear his amplified voice. She went to protect all you, who sits on their hands and complains. They’re taking it for granted that she protects, so white king, why do we study tradition? Why do we study when she is alone and weeping? Gods and men should help one another as guardians, why has it been forgotten? Even as he yells though, there is no answer. (This is shown via a cut scene, since you are not present)

Your goal is to try to catch up to wherever Sukuna Hime has gotten to, inside this giant environment of caves and halls. Matoi is doubtful about the Godoni Agrari with their ‘shining part on top’ (they are an upside-down floating lamp demon) She thinks the Itagi Zakri look fast (They are snake like creatures with demonic faces & large single point bone claws for arms). She’ll remind you that the broken statues look like they could crumble and hit an enemy. (And indeed they can) She thinks Oro Ogars, with their tall horns are strong looking, and encourages you to go faster. If you can beat them all…

Many types of Ogars are squaring off against the miko who blows them away with her fan. However, just as quickly more appear out of thin air. No doubt this is Double's doing, they're wearing her down with endless enemies. She’d thought the military wasn’t a match for her…but they use arts that are distasteful. (She means the electro charge & some ice magic that some of the centaurs use, as well as the Gam's wind/lightening) She knows they’re not genuine Kuronites but if its true...An Ado Ogar is able to blast her with the flaming rock shooting gun, she says its not difficult to feel the "dry sorry she felt at the time when she died and was reborn". It was the hour of all Kuronites and Shironians casting mother and father aside, it’s nostalgic. Well, she thinks, whatever the scenario that time was worse, when everything had been a foe. The Oro ogar goes to chop her, but you can block it, but she shouts "why did you idiots come here she said no!" But, Matoi turns it back on her, saying she’s the dumb one, we came to save the Miko! She says your bodies are close to the limit, any more and…

That’s Also Our Line
Who Is Near Their Limit?

If you say That’s Also Our Line Matoi will agree, saying Sukuna should feel exhausted at levels that aren’t human. (Why? She’s some magic creature) She realizes they were ‘fashionably late’, but should she just have been standing there confused? (While the giant Oro Ogar was going to chop her with the giant axe, she was indeed not really acting right. Also her fan power is clearly diminished, she could do whole fields of enemies to 'blow away' and now she has trouble with like 8 Ogars.) Sukuna says Matoi’s gotten quite talkative.
They’ve no time to argue though, because still more ogars appear and begin battling right away. You can save her from another gun blast, but another swings a log forcing you to roll out of the way. More antagonize Matoi, so the Miko’s getting worked up, trying to do an ash wind when she feels an ‘ash transfer’. It’s Kotoshiro! And he fights every ogar, killing them and making them vanish. (Because they were not real, they're Double's eaten manifestations) She asks why he’s here…

He says it’s the secret art of the white king, as she said before he’s a coward but his spells are reliable. She knows, she taught him it, she wants to know why he’s here, but as she yells, she faints. (So, she means she taught the White King the Ash Transfer spell of teleportation, thus confriming it's reliable. It can be assumed that his yelling outside the palace got him an audience with the king, where he was taught the spell. He used it immediatly to teleport to the Miko here) He catches her and calls her "mother", which she agitates at a little bit, in this place. He has a message from the white king, that "we shironians are weak but stand by the miko". She says that’s stone-headed of them, but the presences she feels outside are shironians. They’re sending troops and will hold the line.

Matoi chips in that it’ll be all over once we reach and Defeat double all the way in the back. Matoi tells him to take her and retreat. Sukuna wants to go too. Matoi reminds her that ‘shes too exhausted so she’ll get in the way'. Sukuna says that’s harsh she’ll be mad if you leave. Matoi agrees that it might be so…but it’s not the main reason she has in mind. It’s really that Double is something ARKS has to defeat ourselves. Sukuna Hime gets upset and yells "whatever", she wont allow you to die, so come back safe. Kotoshiro then picks her up, and runs off into his own ash wind. Matoi urges you to hurry on toward double, and you race off to…

Area 2

Double really tries to throw the book at you here. The map is pretty straightforward, but bunches of every type of enemy native to Harkonan appear, as well as their Bikuda Rabbita, Marda Tocatta, and Orota Biketta. As you climb a hill, an Anjandu Lili will also try to roll right in.

At the top of the hill a Bol Ogaki Baru will appear. This centaur like creature manifests a force field but also ice spires which you can climb to enter the feild and knock it down.

At 1200
Double will appear and say you came ARKS, you came, you monsters. They didn’t think you could make it passed all that. Girl is upset because their stomach is now empty, feels bad and makes noises. It’s the first time they’ve been frustrated, like that, made to feel like that, then they agree with eachother.
Matoi closes her eyes. They say she’s quiet, did she get scared? Did she lose her will to fight? But no, she’s thinking, concentrating. She wonders why she feels she’s been through it before. Like she should know what to say in times like these, it’s strange. Finally, she remembers and shouts "She didn’t come here to fight she came to kill Double!" She draws down on them with Clarissa. They say that’s interesting, and agree. They think its good they waited this long for a big battle, it’s the most interesting thing ever said since they were born. They say let’s do it, agree and become monsters, no hard feelings, between monsters who fight.

They become short, somewhat abstract 'clown like' monsters with one claw and one 'gobbling sleeve' each. They're garishly colored with abstract 'scary faces'. They waddle around doing strange attacks like throwing explosive balls, gobbling with the sleeve, and hula-hooping a sharp ring. If you can defeat each one, they shout "Its Time To Eat!", and combine with each other in a swirl of darkness to form a larger, combined monster. This has two faces, a skull in a split in the larger face. It has different attacks including setting off a giant floor trap, and summoning spikes.

If you can beat them at 1300

The combined form collapses, and laughs saying ‘see that was it’. Matoi asks it whats so funny? They tell her that its something to be laughed at, are you 2 trying to be arks you’re just arks? "You’re trying to embrace that much darkness? We understand after fighting you that you absorbed Elder and Losers power". Matoi tells them to shut up. That’s why, they now realize, that after eating them they couldn’t become PD. "We get it, so here’s a reward." The comebind thing struggles to stand and says it’ll give you itself. You block it from Matoi, but it says "either one works". Either one is good you or me whoever dies the result is the same. At any rate its finished…it laughs as it vanishes away as the power sparkles upon you. You are unable to do anything or move as the purple crackling darkness power is on you, now that Double gave it up.

Profound Darkness is generated

Matoi is shocked, it’s the result Xiao said! She protests at you, though you can't move "No you can’t, it’s not your duty", she gets upset saying as the pink light tries to consume you. She calls upon white tin clarissa to save the most imprtant person she loves. The rod flies up spins and hits the power, as you fall to the ground. The spark of badness comes out and goes into the hand of Matoi. She’s now got the pink cloud upon her. She asks if you’re tired, so take a good rest, as you struggle to rise, but can't.

Sara arrives…but it’s too late for Matoi. She’s dressed different now. She asks if Sara can take you with her. She apologizes saying Xiao was right. Nothing can be done for her. She wears a weird scaly suit now. It has strange black scales for her ‘bikini’ and prickly sleeves with pointy clips for her looped hair. There’s a weird skirt thing and odd leg/boot/shoes. She doesn't seem to have "the apprentice pink thing" going on with hair nor clothing.
She tells you that it’s ok, she’s done so much she wanted to do. Sara asks if her memories returned. She seems thoughtful, as though they have. She grows strange dark wings/points from her back and flies up into the air.

Sara calls "Big Sis" after her, and this reminds her that ‘shes the girl from that time’. Matoi says it’s good, she’s turned out pretty, she had such regrets about her. (Remember, Sara was the little red haired girl that Matoi saved from Apprentice Woman in the city, by telling the Clarissa to go with her. She was subsequently taken away by Luther) Sara shouts that it doesn’t matter we need to save her it can’t happen twice. Matoi agrees its painful for it to happen twice but its ok. This big sister will protect you all. So thank you…she received so much precious things from you. (as you lie on the ground not awake) she says she’s alone is enough so now…goodbye…and disappears into a darkness whirl. Sara rushes to where she was, then, fruitlessly, goes to you.

Too bad she turns away from the clarissa that has fallen…as Persona appears by it and takes it

3/23 at 1000
Xiao is talking with Sara in the recovery room where you awake. Philia is there too. You can look around from the medical table you are on.

Where Did Matoi Go?
What Happened?

If you ask What Happened? Xiao closes his eyes sadly, as does Sara.

The End

End Notes:
Another pretty straitforward chapter.
1. It ends up not mattering that Kotoshiro left the shrine he was to guard. Without double, no one will attack it to set loose any Magatsu or whatever.
2. Persona now has what he's always been after since day 1: White Tin Clarissa. Remember, you only encounter him because he was looking for the pieces originally on Naberius, and only through time shenannigans could Xion force you to make him not get them.
3. Double actually got clever for about 1 second when they threw their power at Matoi hoping to over-load her, they'd always been fuming that eating various things was "never enough to bring out pd" and after losing the fight they figure out why: Matoi was hoarding it all.
4. The Shironians amassing at the border will do nothing, because without double there's no more fake Kuronians to fight. We also know that Kotoshiro & the Miko are safe & he 'leveled up' with a new big spell.
What is Persona going to do with the Clarissa rod?
Why did Matoi dissappear in a darkness whirl?
What's her plan to get rid of the dark overload? What is the point of vanishing?
Why didn't Xiao interfere with anything here? He can manipulate time/send people back in time so....?
We still don't know if suicide is the right answer for Matoi. If she can dark-warp, can she do it into the center of the sun to insta-incinerate herself? (Or would this set loose PD?)
Why is Matoi's outfit really strange now?
Is Double really dead?
Who WERE the Double twins before they got corrupted?
Now that Double is 'gone' what happened to their 'stomach dimension'? Did it obliterate too?