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The story of PSO2 has many chapters & is very long.
This isn't meant to be a substitute for the game, or as a transcript of the entire script/plot, but rather a way to understand, read-up-on, speculate, analyze & get a really good idea of what's going on in the game.
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239 3/24
Whenever you return to the fountain area of the lobby, Xiao will come out and inform you that Matoi 'disappeared', and they're searching for her. But, even if she's found, there's nothing anyone can do. He asks you to please take a rest, it's all you can do at this time, and you are sad & go away. He shakes his head as you leave, scratching at his hair, and says it's too painful when you're too close to people.

239 3/24
Persona is calling

Persona calls you up on your ear communicator, when you reach the lobby after a quest. He tells you only you can hear his message. At Naberius, he'll be waiting so come alone. This unlocks episode 3 quest

Judgment Day

239 3/24 at 1200
You can find Persona right away in the forest, as soon as you leave the camp ship. He says that “In the end, you didn’t manage to save her either”. The outcome is inevitable and he knows why, it’s because…He’s the shadow of you who failed to save her in the past. At this, he ‘ghosts’ your face onto his, and some of your outfit parts, regardless of whether you’re a girl a boy or an android. He says that there’s nothing anyone could do to stop her becoming PD. See? Her only salvation now lies within death, so we can still kill her if we hurry. Come with me, o, past self, we may grant her the merciful end.

You can only Nod at him.
(Though, perhaps you seem doubtful?)

3/27 at 1200
You go running up through a dead field of grass alongside Persona to weird looking outfit Matoi. She now has a solid metal plate red mask over her eyes & nose. She has the ‘darkness speckles’ around her and is levitating. The area looks like “Corrupted Ultimate Naberius”.


If you say Matoi….Persona says nows’ the chance to grant her desire while she holds PD at bay. Persona gets his purple sword ready to go, so she summons giant swords in both hands to fight you.

Battle her: Matoi Viel
She’s a rough fight, as she has unique attacks which are PA like in nature. She can spin a huge laser, make pink explosions from corrupted/energy ground, do usual double handed sword attacks, shoot darkness ‘bombs’, something similar to Over-End, as well as teleporting and fighting normally. She likes to pick on Persona though, which can give you a chance to hit her more. She’s got quite a bit of HP, and the ability to strike hard with her darkness attacks.
If you can knock her down…

3/27 at 1300
She’ll land and zap persona who runs at her. She sends blasts at you. But as you raise a sword to hit her, she calls your name,(thus making you pause) Persona grabs her, from behind calling for you to grab a sword and stab both to set them free. Sadly, you actually do it. She’s freed from the tragic cycle and PD will cease to exist, says Persona. They stand sadly. He says it’s been so very very long…red energy crackles around them, and he fades away into nothing leaving Matoi alone with a sword through her.

She asks you to forgive her for causing you great trouble and many painful memories. But, this is for the best. Our wishes were granted, PD defeated and the universe will find peace. She cries black and red blood as she says no more sadness, only joy. But she has one last request, please don’t cry, please smile for her…

As you try to go to her as she staggers to fall, she evaporates into a pink mist and vanishes. The sword used to stab her clatters to the ground. With nothing left of her, you close your eyes (if you have them) and look up at the corrupted color sky.

Credits For The Episode Roll

Now, the sword you threw through both of them still lays on the ground as you look up. But, as it lays, it takes on a purple darkness hue. More darkenss gathers upon your hand. You walk away from the scene of the fight, letting it continue to gather. Raising it to your face you apply it…and it becomes the mask of Persona. Now, you have become a human male with hot pink darkness hair, trench coat & Apprentice Wear, ready to carry the purple sword into the past again. Persona was destroyed and now it is recreated again.

Xions voice appears from no-where, saying that ‘this too is a single answer, but the answer is not always singular’. Karmic destiny has been interwoven, a new answer lies ahead.

A message (That isn’t translated) will appear saying that because new possibilities were created the quest Episode 3 Date of Decision has appeared.

A very short chapter.
That still doesn’t answer the “Matoi is a container & breaking it destroys the contents” OR “Matoi is a container & breaking it sets the contents free”, one of the longer-standing questions since uncovering what Matoi was up to.
WHY is it still unanswered?
Because a real defeat of PD would have taken ALL DARKER energy away. It clearly didn’t because there was enough to corrupt the sword into being purple, and enough to create the “fake you = Persona” with the obvious darker look, darkness cloud & then send it back in time to do shenanigans. Everyone always says how PD “is the source of it all”, so…..there’s clearly something left.
What did Persona do with Clarissa? Why’d he take it? He never used it.
How is Xion’s voice still going?
Why did Persona want Clarissa in the first place? (Looking for parts at start of story)
Where is the Clarissa now?

3/24 at 1200
This does NOT complete this quest. You must actually play it again, the note wasn't really right (on screen) because simply playing it again is what will advance the plot. At the previous "NOD" point, you can now "Refuse". At this you shake your head at him, and he yells that you intend to prolong her suffering, and reiterates her only recourse from the cycle (time cycle) is death. Any claim of another way is nothing more than a fanciful dream. Just as it was 10 years ago, she'll eventually be PD. The universe will be destroyed, its the opposite of her wish to protect everything.  How do you think she'd feel, you who has been at her side all the time would surely understand, he demands, as he walks sullenly. He will kill her, he must, to save her from the despair. He raises a clawed hand

It's Too Early to Give Up
...I Understand

If you say you understand, everything will re-progress as it did before, and nothing will work. If you say It's Too Early To Give Up, he'll get mad and yell do you have any idea how much harm your indecisiveness brings her you bastard? Talking to you is a waste of time, he decides, so you block him from leaving the clearing. He says if you intend to stop him from leaving, he knows he should have killed the past self when he first saw it. He proclaims he's DF the Persona, who exists to erase PD from existence and destroy everything in his way. And ultimately kill her.

Fight Persona

He has changed his sword out for a purple double saber. Of course, his attacks are darkness based & a bit unusual. He can do an AOE slam that you can't block because it hits the ground under you, shoot bits of darkness a medium distance, do the Waber Whirl to a degree, and create a hexagons dome which absorbs your strikes/bullets/magic. He can also somehow use the dome to heal himself, so if you see him domeing, let him alone. He has teleport & power jump as well. Keeping him at a bit of a distance is for the best. If you go far from him, he'll have to run like a normal person to chase you. The big tree in the area also seems to baffle him a little.

at 1300
You're both tired from the fight so he demands why do you insist on fighting, she wishes her own death he knows cause he ended her life a decade ago. But You-me are still saying to not give up on her.

I will never give up!
I will save her!

If you say I Will Save Her! He says that you can see the end in sight and spout nonsense while pointing at you with the blade. Hoping to save her one fool stumbled through time, failing over & over the fool is me, the fool is you, my wishes amounted to nothing I don't have the power to save her, only the power to kill her. He then claims he can read his own mind, he too refused to give up --which is why he waited until now, which is the very last moment. Knowing well he could never succeed holding out, how foolish he's been.

What if We Combined Forces?

This is just a question you get to ask, it isn't particularly an option, which is fine. He asks about saving her together, saying it’s a stupid idea. He remembers the idea, and says its nostalgic. No matter what happens, no matter the cost you're willing to save her? Let's see how it goes, fighting until the bitter end is true to myself. He claims you've filled him with determination. So...let's bring her home. He disappears into a darkness ball, and you look up, nod, and close your eyes before walking off.

Matter Board: What Lies Beyond That Day

This is fairly revealing, but only UNDER the surface.
Because "Killing Matoi" DOES NOT destroy all darkness like the Persona believes, HE HIMSELF is darkness based. Persona is a corrupted bit of "will power" that your character let off during the Matoi Viel battle. Because it was darkness based, it (OF COURSE) is all corrupted & wants the solution to be 'kill'. It's likely also corrupted because it's some random mid-size normalman in a 'apprentice-wear' suit even if you're actually a small girl wizard. Or a giant robot.

Why the "will power fragment" corrupts into a normalman, is unknown.
Why persona doesn't realize he's darkness based/fueled is also probably an effect that he's corrupted.
His inability to understand (basically himself of the past) 100% will never stop trying to save Matoi/everyone is also evidence he's corrupt/dumber than you
The 'no matter the cost save her/bitter end' thing should not even be remotely surprising to him, but he's corrupt, so it is a surprise.

Persona has to exist:
He's a time loop function. He never kills his past self, because he'd erase himself out of existence, like the "Time travel shoot grandma" conundrum. You shoot yourself out of existence, vanishing the moment grandma dies of the "bullet from nowhere".
Normally, that's a paradox.
There CAN actually be a 'bullet from nowhere' in this universe, and it's not a paradox here remember, because Xiao & Xion can do time tricks and actually tinker with stuff and have it stick. It's the basis of the matterboard anyway.
It’s the same way he goes ‘oh this idea is nostalgic’, when you “magically think of saying combine forces”, on this, the 2nd trip through this particular time & interaction with him.
He only remembers the idea once you have it for literally the first time at that very moment. THAT idea-having is the ‘grandma bullet from nowhere’, that exists because of Xiao & Xions time-messing ability. He can also persist to exist even if, at some point, SOME version succeedes at killing off PD but not Matoi by the same Grandma Bullet exception. If it didn't he'd snap out of existance the moment someone thought of a solution, thus being a guarenteed success indicator.

IO is in the forest:
Io says she's heard a lot about the disappearance of “mr matoi” (She seems to call everyone ‘mr’, even herself) & it's circumstances. To fight someone...she wonders how it feels. When she talked to Matoi it was like a 'pretext' and at the time she didn't understand it, and even now she still doesn't. But she looks at the face of upperclassman and may understand, that the left side was angry. She wants to say a word, while not in the party, especially if it is a senpai? That's why she has to get mad at Matoi. Do not become selfish or selfishly satisfied, a conclusion she can't admit...that this is the conclusion that she is disappointed in the end, that she is bad.

Yeah…this one doesn’t work out too well. Maybe she’s mad at Matoi for attacking you? Why does Io think Io is bad? It’s pointless to speculate on what Io may or may not know because the text is too obtuse.

Echo & Zeno are in the forest
Echo approaches, saying she doesn't know what to say to you. Zeno tells her that anything she says with such a spicy face will be just a hassle. Matoi is a PD, she changed, disappeared, and that’s it. She tells him to take care a little bit. He tells her it's ok with the fact confirmed, if you're a dentist here goes the fact: He has plain things to do, so there's no time to look back...don't you think so?

You nod at this.

He confirms your nodding reminds him of his 'old master'...and of course...But before he can finish Echo disrupts him saying 'its the seniors helps the juniors: 'The Council 6, the whole of ARKS, doesn't he have to wait for policy decisions? He says she's such a fool to not know that it is his responsibility to become 'a junior force', does she not know? She just says if she leaves Zeno it'll be annoying plus you have lots of care. Zeno says no matter what happens, you can do as you like & Echo encourages you to do anything for a friend.

Well sure everything’s ok if you’re a dentist!
This is probably her telling him to broach the subject that your new ‘best pal’ Matoi is now basically the universe-wrecker with a little tact, while he argues about it. They then encourage you to (probably save her) in whatever way.

239 3/30
Patty & Tea want Matoi back
After their usual greeting, they want to know if you’re going after Matoi. If you’re going after her, please listen to our story, they ask of you, then reveal that while there is ‘much searching’ for her, the location is already known. Patty can’t grasp the ‘concrete answer’ but Xiao said it was long ago. Tea doesn’t want to acknowledge the answer and ‘put it all on hold’ to look for alternative means.

Xiao is desperate, so the ‘info blockade’ is full of holes. Patty emphasizes that he is desperate for another solution, but that’s no good, they can’t forgive to hide information and work alone. They can’t block unjustifiable information because…they are Patty & Tea the info brokers!
But, there was a 3rd version of P&T, but ‘that child’ is now missing. (They probably mean when Matoi was ‘working with them’) They say that there would be a reward from them surely, for finding her which is…a lifetime of their info.

This one's pretty obtuse too, but it seems like it would be important. Why isn't it a gold color tablet?

Katori & Saga are likely encouraging maybe
Katori rushes up with her usual vigor. She acknowledges the hard times of the disappearance of Matoi. Though it’s painful, don’t give up, her experiences show that this is the truth. If you do what you need to do the road will be opened, and you’ll find a powdery strength.

Saga acknowledges that what Katori says is ‘hot’, but it is right because if you do nothing, the possibility is 0, but by doing something possibilities are born. It is doubtful if Katori is useful for things but he won’t spare cooperation. Katori’s response is to fret, cough, and say she would get on a big boat.

What’s a powdery strength?
This one is probably just attempting to be encouraging in their dysfunctional way. Why get on a boat though?

Xiao & Sara are meeting in the lobby
239 3/25

Xiao says have you tried smiling? You & Sara look frightened a lot lately. She demands to know why he informed the entire ship about Matoi & has everyone looking for her. And, more importantly, what will he do to her after he finds her? Kill her. That's what Xion would do*, whatever it takes to destroy it, even if that means unsealing & resealing. All his calculations end with "Matoi Death" as the best solution. Because there's still time, we can finish it before it’s too late. Sara gets mad and goes to flail at him, but he says that he was created as Xions backup, maybe even an inferior copy.

Even with his abilities, he can't BE her. But, he has something better than her. And that is understanding the hearts of others. “Let's kill matoi, you should kill her, kill it now”...If he was merely a backup, he'd say those things without compassion. But his heart says he doesn't want this. Don't kill her. Sara is confused, so he turns away to wipe a tear, he asks what's with wasn't the logical thing to do, he's unfit to be administrator. But...enough chit-chat there's matters to attend.

*Xion MAY have known and sure didn’t kill her at any ‘time’
*He clearly doesn’t have the whole ‘understanding hearts’ thing down. At all.
He asks if you’re fretting too much at the start, then reveals 1 sentence later he can’t wait to murder your pal Matoi. At the end, he calls the whole thing ‘chit chat’, as if planning murder of Sara’s hero right in front of her, and telling her there’s a death warrant out for her via all ARKS is a ‘chitty chatty matter’.

Does Xiao know Persona slipped you a matterboard?
How did Persona make a matterboard? Isn’t that exclusive to ‘administrator’ entities?
How much time control does Persona have & where’d he get it?
Does Xiao know about the Matoi Viel fight?
No. Because PERSONA helped you un-arrange time without Xiao’s help & make that fight NOT HAPPEN. So, Persona has “reset everyone” to the point where she’s still “disappeared” from when she up and vanished in Kuronia. Nobody ever encountered her again, thanks to Persona. (The Io bit where she mentions fighting is untranslated, it’s NOT CLEAR whether Io somehow knows about Matoi Viel, or is speculating about fighting Matoi if she’s found.)
Telling Xiao would either be helpful (his Kill-plan won’t work because Persona persists to exist) or dangerous (he’ll do time stuff and whack her earlier) or he won’t believe you about Persona. Is keeping Persona a secret for the best? Persona basically educated you on what to do/what would happen if no ‘last ditch efforts’ are made with the Matoi Viel fight. You & it alone have this educated stance.
How does Xiao intend to re-seal PD?
It’s always taken someone killing themselves to do it before, even Elder required a death.

239 3/28
Xiao is upset.
He asks if you want to know why he’s here and not at the mothership. He likes looking at people who are doing what they do best. When he looks at people, he feels alive too. Also, Matoi used to come and see him there, carefree and alive. You can see his memories of watching the various characters as they go about their day on the ship. He never understood how she could be so pure and innocent despite whatever trouble she’d bring onto herself, which is something he never tired of seeing. She keeps trying to do her best since 10 years ago, he knows because he’s seen it. We…and Matoi have gone through so much he won’t let it be the end.

Philia vs Azanami in the Medical Area
Philia will approach you and say she’s sorry to stop you properly but if she had stopped sortieing she never would have done such a thing. *This probably means if she had stopped Matoi going down to the planet, knowing what would happen, she’d of never done such a thing. At this you can

A statement
A statement with less words

If you ‘say the statement with more words’ she will yell “But!”
Azanami Approaches and says oh yea she does not care, even if you care about what happened. This shocks Philia who says “what”. She says she does the best she thought of, now that this is the result there is no such thing as ‘if’ or ‘even’, and even you don’t regret what she did, right?

What did Azanami even DO?
She hasn’t been in the plot for ages.
You nod here.
Azanami reminds that it’s not over yet, or everyone is going to keep it from finishing, though it’ll be a tough fight and lots of injured people will appear. It will be serious if a person who cures it is not solid, ok Philia?

Philia closes her eyes at this.
She says it’s right, to scold her for returning Matoi for a long time she has to be firm.

The translation here is enough that you can get the gist of it which is Philia seeming to regret sending Matoi, Azanami being mean/confusing to Philia at first, then saying it’s not over so Philia needs to stay strong to heal others & her agreeing with it. But why wander up and talk about not caring, and then ask you if you regret or not what Azanami did? What did she do?

You can find Ohza & Marlu on Kuronia
Ohza says you’ve become a serious thing, Marlu has heard of the situation and wants to cooperate. Ohza pledges that he & her will do their best for you despite ARKS policy, Marlu agrees that because you’ve been bothering her for a long time she wants you to return that grace. Ohza agrees that you took care of him many times, so this time it’s the number they’ll return, let her use her power for you. Ohza doesn’t know how much of their power will be useful, but it should do as much as a “charge of inward payment”. Marlu asks you to not forget that you’re not alone, while Ohza says their hearts are like you too, never give up.

Quna & Casra
Finding Quna in her usual lobby spot, she ‘…’s a lot, then says she doesn’t even have to ask, let her also cooperate, even if it’s for you she is regrettable. Casra walks up, and tells her it’s not a rare thing to say that ‘living is not regrettable’, then calls her “Mr. Quna”.
Skeptical right away she asks ‘for what purpose?’. (Is he here, probably) He explains that he thought about morality too. She denies this with a ‘ha ha’, and asks if he can hear morality or instead crisp irony? He counters with "shall we tell the facts rather than the morals?" With you, many people come and arrange their shoulders to fight together, but there is only one person who will welcome, encourage and inspire everyone who is battling, it is a rare existence, but unfortunately he won’t say he’ll go to the battlefield from himself.

She asks him for what purpose because he is "tightening the irony", as usually he’s a dark and disgusting guy. He tells her that the meaning of it was good, and he’s glad she said it. She asks you what do you think? What should I do?

You can
Say a phrase
“……………” Do dots only

If you say the phrase, she seems fine with it. She says yes she knows, she knew and heard. With me who no one knows, but everyone knows her, she knew from the start what she should do, that’s right be Quna, she wanted to say it, but didn’t say it to you.
Casra says to do as she likes, if the result is the same, he’s not particular about the process, there was also a hand to attack Quna from the direction of the lack of ability, but it was ok as a result. Likely ignoring this, she tells you there’s always a single word ‘you!’, when all ends and comes back you can definitely live a memorial.

This seems to boil down to Quna asking how she could/should help, and thinking about helping, then Casra showing up and basically telling her that her Idol Work is what's the most important thing she can do at this time. It's a LOT of banter for that to be the gist of it but...

They really had a lot to say here but the translation once again seems not quite sufficient.
At first, she seems to want to volunteer her help, but Casra reminds her that she’s an idol of encouragement, and he can’t/won’t go to the battlefield. When she tries to offend him, he says she must have got the meaning, asks you what she should do, and makes the decision. Casra appears to give his ‘ok’ to whatever her plans are, she encourages you, and that’s it. So, maybe Casra telling Quna where she’ll do the most good for everyone is with her inspirational songs rather than on the field

239 3/29
Lisa is very atypical on Kuron

As you close your eyes on Harkotan, Lisa appears, saying you’re pretty tense. (This of course, comes as a surprise because Lisa still likes sneaking up on people) She says that from prosperity there’s always darkness, a society thriving across the universe, the larger the darkness. She can’t imagine how many photons would be needed to purify such darkness. If asked if we would win, she’d say it’s impossible. But ‘it has become different from before. The photoners believed that by sacrificing just 1 person they’d save the world. The ARKS on the other hand is united everyone to save a single person.

To be ordered into doing something ridiculous and inefficient, Lisa likes this sort of situation. If we had to repeat history, there would be disillusionment, however that didn’t happen, yes we succeeded. Lisa dislikes darkers but also doesn’t like the photoners as well. Even so everyone likes each other in ARKS, even you as well.  Therefore, please help her for me. She closes her eyes and thinks.

When she opens them again she says
Oh oh oh?
What’s wrong are you ok? You look odd? Are you so odd? Lisa was saying odd things? Where did this come from? Lisa has always said weird things since the beginning, didn’t you know? Hee hee hahaha?

Well isn’t this interesting.
Lisa appears to be….possessed! By something sane instead of something insane! That’s quite reversal of how possession usually goes. This raises loads of questions like:
Who is she possessed by?
Is that “her special princess child brain” that’s starting to actually remember & act like how she was before they let her die/killed her & pulled her brain out and put it in the Lisa body?
Why is it only turning up now?
Which one is the real Lisa if it’s not an outside entity doing this?
Adding to the issue is that the "calm Lisa" or whatever this is going to be called, is ALSO still "lisa like" as in, using 3rd person, enjoying illogical stuff, hating darkers/other things, sneaking up on people,

Ulc & Theodore are planning
Ulc greets you saying that her face is getting stronger after what happened, but she has to relax more to do what she can do. Theodore is skeptical of the statement, saying ‘it’s a scene that doesn’t make much appreciation now. She says Theodore is also harder to look at, why are you so nervous?
He’s nervous because ‘the other party’ is PD and its prime body is Matoi.
Ulc seems to reassure him by saying you’re going, so it’ll be ok, and she & Theo can afford to “afford” Matoi, so at this time all of ARKS she is working on cooperation with. He tells her she’s positive.

She uses this to get an idea, which is she can only go for the best result, will greet everyone coming home with a smile, and the fight is only over when everyone comes home safely. So perhaps…when they do we’ll have a festival throughout the ARKS with a celebration party where everyone can smile and create a messy dragon. So, come back with everyone and not don’t.

239 3/31
Xiao asks that you still want to know where Matoi is now, but, everyone’s still looking and he’ll let you know if anything crops up. He’s looking for a way to restore her, but anyway you should rest. Ulc appears and contradicts him, surprisingly! She accuses him of lying, saying he’d promised her 6 months ago that he’d ‘stop with all the lies’. She then reveals to you that Matoi was spotted on Naberius standing in the ruins and not moving. Xiao acts startled and points at her. She tells him that it’s the obligation of the Administrator to ensure there’s no confusion and lies being sent out, so he can’t be angry. Besides, isn’t he looking for a way to undo it? Perhaps you can find something. She then asks if you have something in mind.

I Don’t Have Anything, But I Want To Help
I’m Always Willing to Help

If you say I Don’t Have Anything But I want to Help, she’ll ha-ha at you and tell you it’s an unacceptable answer. But, that answer is certainly an ARKS answer. Because she wants to protect that person, she’ll defend, because she wants to help, she will. Everyone’s feelings are the same deep down. 

She turns to Xiao and says if photons were negatively charged from strong negative will that created PD…if you were to correct the photons…Maybe you could oppose PD using a strong, dedicated positive will? You nod at her plan, and turn to Xiao too

I Want You To Have Faith in Me
I Want You To Trust In Me

If you say I Want You To Trust In Me He gets flustered, scrubbing at his head, and says he’s not qualified as an observer, it’s not a logical choice. But perhaps it could draw out a conclusion for him. He’ll leave it up to you. Using the full strength of ARKS he’ll send you to Matoi, he doesn’t know the results of the calculations, and even if omniscience becomes unnecessary, he’ll leave the future in your hands.

On the surface her ‘plan’ seems flimsy.
Because it’s the creation point of basically anything that ‘takes in’ whatever ‘charged photons’ to become whatever it is. So far, anyone’s only seen bad things actually work. Nothing good has literally ever happened 'just out of photons'. They're always used to kill stuff, break stuff, spawn darkers or do weapons. She appears to be saying here that if everyone’s really positive about stuff instead of being a batch of “Negative Nancys” like the photoners were maybe all the happy-juice will fix Matoi & erase PD.

Xiao doesn’t know what the word Omniscient means, it means ‘all knowing’ and in his previous sentence he reveals that he doesn’t know something. “It works 100% of the time except when it doesn’t” ISNT A THING, XIAO.